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Payson High School’s Hagen Wright Signed By Snow College Basketball

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailEPHRAIM, Utah-Snow College has signed Payson High School guard-forward Hagen Wright per a late Wednesday statement.The 6-5 195-pound Wright had his announcement confirmed on Twitter Thursday.We are excited to announce we have signed Hagen Wright!— Snow Basketball (@SnowBasketball) May 28, 2020Wright last played at Payson High School during the 2017-18 season. His senior year for the Lions saw him average 20 points a game while shooting 85 percent from the free throw line and 48 percent from the field. May 28, 2020 /Sports News – Local Payson High School’s Hagen Wright Signed By Snow College Basketball Written by Tags: Hagen Wright/Payson High School/Snow College Brad Jameslast_img read more

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Worcester victorious at Corpus Tortoise race

first_imgLast Sunday saw Corpus Christi’s annual Tortoise Fair take place. The event, this year attended by thousands of students and residents of Oxford, centres around a thrilling and surprisingly fast paced inter-collegiate tortoise race.Corpus JCR voted to donate all proceeds to Oxford’s Mind Your Head campaign.Worcester College triumphed in this year’s race, with Zoom and Shelly taking first and second place respectively. The duo had previously come second and third last year.“Zoom had a lot of pressure on him with a name like that”, explained one observer, “but he handled it well.”Hopes of a home victory were dashed as the race officials announced Foxe, Corpus’s entrant, had been “disqualified for assaulting another tortoise”.Corpus Christi President, Richard Carwardine, acted as head official and took charge of the proceedings.Worcester’s Tortoise Representative revealed to Cherwell, “Any talk of a steward’s inquiry is just hot air… The competition just wasn’t that good to be honest”.“It’s disappointing that he let his frustrations out in the race”, explained Corpus Tortoise Keeper Arthur Harris of Foxe’s actions. “But hopefully next year it’ll be his year.”Second year lawyer Aled Jones revealed a potential source of Foxe’s problems. “Unfortunately Foxe’s partner Oldham died over the summer”, he explained. “It was terribly sad.”The competition, which some sources have claimed traces its origins back to the 1920s, also saw the debut of Hope and Faith, tortoise siblings of around five years in age. The Oxford-based sisters faced competition from reptiles as old as eighty and based as far away as London.Alex Doody, a first year at Exeter, expressed his admiration for the participants. “They were so quick”, he said. “They were like Tort-athletes… One of them was like Usain Tortoise Bolt!”Corpus Christi college itself was shell-shocked earlier this year when Oldham, the Corpus Tortoise, died in late August.The tortoise had a long battle with ‘fly-strike’, whereby a wound in his carapace became infested with fly eggs and maggots, weakening him severely.The news was broken in an email from the JCR President to all Corpus student. “Oldham, one of our favourite tortoises died over the summer… I don’t really know how to handle the news.“This will be discussed at the first JCR meeting of term and if anyone needs to talk to someone please look towards the peer supporters, who are there for these moments.”last_img read more

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Less than half of students registered to vote

first_img“The new system has some advantages over the old one, but it would be terrible if it led to young people’s views being ignored.”Andrew Smith, MP for Oxford East, stated to Cherwell, “The government moved too fast introducing single voter registration and the outcome has been a catastrophy, with over a million voters falling off the register. In my constituency of Oxford East, we have been especially hit as the seat has one of the largest student populations in the country. The government should have put in more provisions to prevent this disenfranchisement.“In this climate, it’s especially important that students and young people make their voices heard. I encourage students to check they are registered, and if not, do so.”Smith, a former Work and Pensions secretary, also recommended making student enrolment and registration concurrent.Luke Miller, St Peter’s JCR president, told Cherwell, “The changes to the voter registration rules have had a terrible effect on students nationwide and it is a scandal that the government has cynically allowed this to happen. St Peter’s students have clearly been hit hard by the changes.”OUSU VP for Charities & Communities Ruth Meredith said at the OUSU Student Awards, “Not being registered to vote and not voting keeps us quiet. It allows a minority to decide on what should be important, instead of hearing a diverse cacophony of voices.”The government, though, remains committed to the reforms. A £10m fund was announced in December 2014 to tackle low student voter registration. The Cabinet Office told Cherwell, “It’s more important than ever that students take ownership of their own vote. If you want to vote in the constituency where you study, you will have to register at The Government is working with the NUS and other student organisations to help spread the message about the importance of being on the register, and how to do it.”A spokesperson for the Deputy Prime Minister told Cherwell that the data published by OUSU failed to take into account students who may have registered at home Less than half of all Oxford University students are registered to vote in the May General Election, according to data published by OUSU.Only 44 per cent of students have registered to vote across all colleges, meaning that 11,420 university members will be able to cast a ballot in May. 19 colleges have fewer students registered than the University average and only seven have more than half enrolled.These poor registration levels will have spurred OUSU on in its voter registration week at the start of February. The worst ranked college was Green Templeton, with only 13 per cent of students registered. Wolfson topped the enrolment table with 65 per cent. Worcester led the pack of colleges with JCRs, as 55 per cent of its students signed up. Other high enrolling colleges were Somerville, Merton, and New, each with 53 per cent.Opposition politicians, student leaders, and higher education experts have all criticised the government’s registration reforms. Critics argue that the changes, requiring every student to self-enrol online or through the post, have disenfranchised the young. The new individual voter registration system came in after the May 2014 local election under the coalition government. Previously, all eligible voters had to be registered by the ‘head of the household’ in which they resided. Colleges would undertake this for students, guaranteeing 100 per cent registration.A BBC study in December 2014 suggested that though 87 per cent of voters have been automatically transferred under the new system, of the 13 per cent who have not the majority are students. Oxford is one of the areas in the UK worst affected by this, with 60 per cent of voters in Holywell and 40 per cent in Carfax no longer registered to vote.Nick Hillman, director of the Oxford-based Higher Education Policy Institute, told Cherwell, “Students have as much right to be on the electoral roll as everyone else. It would be a tragedy if the new registration system weakened their voice to a whisper. Some universities have built electoral registration into their enrolment processes and some have found ways around the requirement for students to provide a National Insurance Number when registering. Such initiatives need to be spread more widely.last_img read more

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Merton disciplinary measure declared unconstitutional

first_imgThe Merton decanal team has come under fire over an amendment to its disciplinary measures.The amendment comes in response to what the College perceives as an increase in the number of students smoking in their rooms.An email sent on Tuesday from Merton’s Deputy Principal of the Postmasters (Junior Dean) to all JCR and MCR members stated, “The College takes this matter very seriously because smoking creates a fire hazard and a health hazard, for you and also for all the people living in the building.“Owing to this increasing number, we have decided to be extra vigilant to this matter, and also to change the discipline measures; a smoking offence will now attract on top of the fine a four week ban to the college bar and the next bop, and on repeat offences can lead to students not being offered college accommodation in the future.”According to some students, this change to the disciplinary measures runs contrary to regulations set out in the College handbook.Particularobjections were raised at the fact that the JCR and MCR presidents had not been consulted in advance. Article 26.2 of the handbook states, “Any proposed amendments will be discussed with the Presidents of the JCR and MCR and reviewed and approved by Warden and Tutors’ Committee and Graduate Committee.” In addition, article 28.7 of the handbook states that suspension from college premises and facilities “is a precautionary and not a disciplinary sanction, and may continue during the investigation of any such allegation and any subsequent disciplinary proceedings”.One student, who wanted to remain anonymous, told Cherwell, “Clearly they are trying to use it in a disciplinary way. We also dispute that a bop is a college facility. It’s a JCR-run event, the only way they could justify that move would be by banning people from use of the Sports Pavilion [where Merton bops are held] at all times.” Jonathan Thacker, Senior Dean at Merton, said, “Smoking in rooms is an issue that the college takes very seriously as it is a fire hazard. The measure reflects the increase of such events being discovered in college rooms this year, and it is based on a course of action which has proven effective in the past in various discipline contexts. “It is not, however, a suspension from college, as described by paragraph 28.7, it is a restriction to the use of college facilities which is covered by 28.3, ‘The Principal of Postmasters and the Deputy Principal of Postmasters are empowered to impose fines up to and including £250 and to restrict access to College facilities.’”Daniel Schwennicke, Merton’s JCR President, commented, “I was surprised by the increased penalty on smoking in College accommodation, as I had expected that the JCR would be consulted about the problem in advance. While smoking indoors is completely unacceptable, the College’s decision is disproportionate and unprecedented. Additionally, there are substantial doubts about its legitimacy with respect to College regulations, any amendment of which must be discussed with the JCR and MCR Presidents and approved by several College committees. The JCR intends to fight restricting offenders from the college bar and bops, and a first meeting with the Principal of Postmasters has indicated that our concerns will be heard.” Chris Pike, OUSU VP for Welfare & Equal Opportunities, said, “As a student union we believe in the fundamental principle that students and their representatives (in this case, their elected common room officers) should be consulted on any changes of this nature.“I have no issue with action being taken to prevent students smoking in their rooms. It is, however, often the case in scenarios like this that a proper discussion between students and the college will solve more problems than simply using threats of harsh disciplinary action.”last_img read more

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Bayonne Little League Major League Softball games of May 4

first_imgCWV beat FMBA, 15-6. CWV: Caitlin Gaetani-three hits, Keely Gorrell-two hits, Bella Coppola, Annie O’Neill and Emma DeStefano-one hit each; FMBA: Eva Reynolds-two hits, Maddie Diaz-double. Control Services defeated Stop and Shop, 12-2. Emma and Gabby Flores-three hits each, Samantha Boehm-two hits, Maddie Ashe, Emily Matos and Megan Beebe one hit each; Stop and Shop: Kylie Skowronski-two hits, Kelly Hester, Jayden Bailey, Grace Mulcahy and Jaleah Porch-one hit each.last_img

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Dick Richards, 91, to Rock the Mr. Mature Pageant on March 28

first_imgDick Richards (center), 91, will perform with his Rockers at the second Mr. Mature Pageant on March 28 on the Ocean City Music Pier.Dick Richards, the Rock’n Roll Hall of Fame drummer and original member of the legendary “Bill Haley’s Comets,” will be a guest performer at the Mr. Mature America Pageant in Ocean City on March 28.The 91-year-old musician, a resident of Ocean City, still tours with a new edition of the Comets. He has also formed a local group, “The Ready Rockers,” who play oldies concerts throughout the area.Richards and his Rockers will perform “Shake, Rattle and Roll” at the pageant. The rock classic will feature a rousing, drum solo by the durable musician.Not only is Richards a great musician, but he was a Broadway actor and also performed in more than 40 movies and soap operas, such as “One Life to Live.” A graduate of West Chester University, he excelled in sports and is a member of its Football Hall of Fame.The Mr. Mature Pageant honors the talents and achievements of men 55 and older. It is the only event of its kind in the world. Mr. Mature America debuted to an enthusiastic audience last year. The second annual edition is set for 7 p.m., Saturday, March 28 at the Ocean City Music Pier, Boardwalk and Moorlyn Terrace.“This will be a unique opportunity to enjoy seeing an American rock ‘n roll legend perform,” said Mark Soifer, founder of the pageant. “We are fortunate to have such a renowned and generous musician living in Ocean City.”Richards and his band mates are performing free. Pageant proceeds, after expenses, will benefit the Ocean City Ecumenical Council Food Cupboard. Last year, the pageant donated $2,000 to charities.Another stellar senior performer, Herb Birch, aka Bubba Mac, founder of the popular Bubba Mac Blues Band, will donate his services. Birch has championed blues for many years and is renowned throughout the East for the quality of his music. He will perform solo._____Sign up for free breaking news updates from Ocean City.Get Ocean City updates in your Facebook news feed. “Like” us._____Pageant contestants will dance to “It’s Raining Men” to kick off the show, choreographed by Jessica Albertson, who produced last year’s popular opener.Contestants will also perform a talent, plus talk about their favorite “Memories” and be judged for an on-stage question. To enter the pageant, call (609) 399-6111, ext. 9300 or email [email protected]          “Memories” is the theme of the pageant and the event will feature a display of “Memories Memorabilia” by area residents. This will include keepsakes that folks especially treasure and would like to show the public. The exhibit will be located in the back of the auditorium. It will be open at 6 p.m., one hour before the pageant and for a period of time afterwards. Those interested in showing their memorabilia should call (609) 399-6111, ext. 9300. They will receive a free ticket for the evening.Pageant tickets ($10) are now on sale at the information center on the ground floor of City Hall, 9th Street and Asbury Avenue, or can be acquired by accessing Tickets will also be available at the door. Call 609-399-6111 Ext. 9300. All seating will be reserved.— News release from Ocean City Public Relations Director Mark Soiferlast_img read more

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Snarky Puppy’s Michael League Talks GroundUP Festival, New Projects And More

first_imgEarly next month, Grammy-winning jazz-funk collective Snarky Puppy and GroundUP Music will host the first-ever GroundUP Music Festival. The festival will take place on the waterfront in sunny Miami Beach, FL from February 10th – 12th, and with a diverse lineup of performances and only 1500 tickets being sold, the inaugural event is sure to be a unique, intimate, and unforgettable experience.Snarky Puppy was formed in Denton, TX in 2004, and has since grown into a one-of-a-kind musical enigma, defying conventions every step of the way. What genre are they? Tough to say: there’s elements of jazz, funk, fusion, pop, world, soul–it’s all of these genres, and none of them. Who’s in the band? Well, that depends on the night: they draw from an ever-growing pool of virtuosic musicians from every corner of the globe, changing the lineup for each performance. Aside from the fact that they are all incredible musical experiences, no two Snarky Puppy shows are quite alike.The one constant in the world of Snarky Puppy is bassist, composer, and bandleader Michael League. From steering the Snarky ship, to running the band’s label GroundUP Music, to producing and promoting new artists from around the world and across the musical spectrum, this incredible artist is in a league of his own. We spoke to the maestro about Snarky Puppy, his loaded new band Bokanté, and all the reasons that the inaugural GroundUP Music Festival is not to be missed.***You can find tickets and more information about GroundUP Music Festival here!***Live For Live Music: Considering the overall collective, collaborative nature of Snarky Puppy and GroundUP Music, it seems like it was only a matter of time before a festival like this was organized. Can you tell us how this new event came to fruition? How long has this idea been in the works? And how did you decide on the intimate Miami Beach location?Michael League: The idea of starting a music festival has been in my mind for many years, but I never really thought of it as realistic until Andy Hurwitz, who’s the president of our record label GroundUP Music, suggested it last year. He seemed confident and comfortable and felt like this was the right moment in the band’s career where we could host something like this. So, I rolled with it. We don’t know exactly how it will be other than there will be a lot of great music, but we will do our best to create the perfect environment for this kind of event.It was our Executive Director Paul Lehr’s idea to do the festival in Miami Beach. We wanted to do it in the off season and in a warm, beautiful place for people to escape the cold winter months. Paul is from Miami and very plugged into the scene and of course it’s always best to have someone on their own turf to enhance the festival experience. The weather’s perfect, it’s right on the beach, we have Miami super-chef Michelle Bernstein doing all the food, we have great music in an intimate setting with great acoustics–I think he’s done a beautiful job of organizing it all. Hopefully it will provide this kind of musical paradise in a beautiful climate for people who are trying to escape the cold or locals just wanting a great musical experience unlike any other, we hope.L4LM: Of course, the centerpiece of GroundUP Music Festival is three nights of Snarky Puppy on the beach. Do you have anything special planned for these shows? Which members of the Snarky family will be on hand that weekend?ML: Pretty much every member of Snarky Puppy will be at the festival, so about 20 people. The cool thing about the Snarky Puppy performances during this festival is that each one will feature a different lineup. So you’ll see Snarky Puppy play three nights in a row, but it will be a different drummer each night, a different percussionist each night, a different guitar player each night. We have so many members in the band that we can actually turn it over three times. It’s really fun, I think, for us not only to keep the lineup different so the music stays fresh, but also for the guys in the band to see how the other guys in the band play. It’s just going to be a big hang for us, and we’re really excited about that.  L4LM: Artists like David Crosby, John Medeski, Esperanza Spalding, Chris Thile and so many more are sure to make this an eclectic, diverse weekend of music. How were you able to put together such a well-balanced lineup? What acts are you most excited about?ML: Our listening tastes are so diverse, so it was very easy to put together a lineup of artists from all over the world that are playing different kinds of music. It’s not like we had to stretch ourselves to create a balance diet for the listener. It was more like we had to cross names off of a list. We couldn’t invite everyone we wanted to the party, but I think the balance in the schedule will keep the listeners stimulated throughout the whole weekend and always hearing something fresh.Watch Snarky Puppy And David Crosby’s Magical Musical Fusion On ‘Somebody’s Home’Because we handpicked every single artist on the festival, I would say that I’m equally excited about everyone. I’m not just saying that to be diplomatic. The thing that all of these artists have in common is not only are they great musicians, but they’re great live performers. I think there are a lot of different ways of making music, you know? You could be great at making records but not great at playing live. All these artists are so great live and there really isn’t anyone that I’d rather see more than anyone else. I think for me, it’s all just great music. L4LM: One of the most exciting things on the docket for GroundUp Music Festival is the live debut of your new project Bokanté which, in true GroundUP fashion, boasts a pretty mind-blowing lineup. Tell us about this new project! How did it come together? ML: Bokanté is a band I just started that features musicians that I’ve met throughout a variety of settings of my musical life. From Jamey Haddad, who has been playing with Paul Simon for decades, to André Ferrari from the Swedish band Vasen, to Malika Tirolien who was on [Snarky Puppy’s Grammy-winning 2013 album] Family Dinner – Volume 1. Then there’s Roosevelt Collier who we have been playing with at jam band festivals for years, and two guys from Snarky Puppy. It’s a very cumulative project for me, and we have our very first performance at this festival, so I’m very excited about that. Watch Roosevelt Collier Lead Members Of Snarky Puppy, Dopapod, & Kung Fu At Brooklyn Comes AliveL4LM: Do you have further plans for Bokanté in 2017 beyond GroundUP Music Festival?ML: Yes, absolutely. We are going to Australia in March to play The WOMAD Music Festival. We’ll be playing in North America and Canada in June, as well as possibly Japan. We’ve got some really great shows set up in the US including Red Rocks with Umphrey’s McGee, and also some major festivals that we can’t announce just yet. In July, we’re spending the whole month touring the European festival circuit. There’s also the possibility of a South American tour in the end of August, so it’s going to be a busy first year for the band–all of this following the release of the band’s debut album in May, which is called Strange Circles. L4LM: What else do you have in the works (with Snarky Puppy, Bokanté, GroundUP, and beyond) that fans can get excited for as we dive into 2017?Oh man, there are so many great records coming out on GroundUP Music this year. We have the newest one from Becca Stevens, Regina, and from Banda Magda, Tigré. We also have Bokanté’s debut album Strange Circles, a new record from FORQ, two records from young vocalists Alina Engibaryan (who won the Montreux Vocal Jazz Competition in 2015) and Tippan Phasuk (who’s a half-Swedish, half-Thai singer). I’m doing a lot of producing–I’m producing those records, I’ll be producing Roosevelt Collier’s record, and I’m producing the newest record from guitarist and singer Eliades Ochoa. So really, it’s just a lot of music, a lot of producing, a lot of records coming out and a lot of gigging. It’s going to be a really fun 2017. I’ll have to do something to stay cheerful, I think.With all the incredible music on its way from League, Snarky Puppy, and the rest of the GroundUP family, music fans surely have plenty to be cheerful about in 2017. Find more info about the upcoming GroundUP Music Festival here.Enter to Win Tickets:last_img read more

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Students fast for fair food practices

first_imgMichael Yu | The Observer Junior Tommy Clarke leads a prayer service to begin the hunger strike.“They have not signed on to this fair food program that a whole bunch of other incredibly big fast food chains have bought on to … that ensures better wages, human rights, a lot of awesome things,” he said.In response to Wendy’s not signing on to this fair food program, 19 students at Ohio State fasted for seven days to protest their school’s contract with Wendy’s, which has expanded into a “rolling fast” campaign throughout the country, Clarke said.“Since Wendy’s hasn’t signed on, these students got their administration to promise to cut the contract, but just recently they extended their contract with Wendy’s,” he said. “And so they decided that the best way to protest and make their voices heard was to fast. So they fasted for seven days, they went without food somehow — I don’t know how — and then a whole bunch of other college campuses around the country have been taking up [the cause].”Clarke said the movement is drawing attention to poor labor standards for workers who grow and collect this food.“There are still injustices that are happening out in the fields,” he said. “There are abuses, there’s sexual violence, there’s wage theft — there’s still a lot of problems out there, but we have a chance to make our voices heard and to get justice for a lot of these farm workers.”Over spring break, Clarke traveled to Florida with 10 other students as part of a seminar sponsored by the Center for Social Concerns, where he had the opportunity to speak with these workers directly.“We actually got to meet a lot of the farm workers that are actually going out,” he said. “ … We talked to these people and heard some of their stories, and just heard how tough this labor is, how tough this work is, but yet how much pride they have about their work as well as joy of life.”The 19 students who fasted at Ohio State have offered advice to participating students from other universities, Clarke said.“I’m trying to cut down on a lot of my food intake,” he said. “My meals are getting smaller so I can try to shrink my stomach a little bit so I won’t be as hungry, as well as, I’m just trying to eat less to kind of get the feeling of hunger, and so I’ll be a little bit more used to it when it comes. … Obviously safety is of the utmost importance to us, so if anybody is in need of food, absolutely we’re going to try to honor that and support those people.”Clarke said the participants are encouraging community members to become involved by attending a documentary screening about fair labor standards in the Andrews Auditorium on Thursday evening, as well as fasting for a meal on Friday.“If you give up your Friday lunch swipe, we encourage you to still use your lunch swipe if you have it, go in to the grab and go, grab some non-perishable items,” he said. “We’re going to try … to have tables outside on Friday for lunch, and we encourage people if they want to still use their Friday lunch swipe to donate some food that we’ll take to the Northern Indiana Food Bank.”The group’s dedication to this cause is an inspiring demonstration of student power, Clarke said.“The people who are actually fasting are just awesome people and willing to sacrifice their bodies for this cause,” he said. “And I think that says something about how much this means to us and how much it should mean to everyone else, because we’re not going to go silently. We are hungry for justice for farm workers and we’re willing to go hungry to make that point clear.”Tags: fair food, fasting, labor conditions, Ohio State, Wendy’s Lent may be over, but a group of five University students are embarking upon another fast, giving up food for one to two days beginning Wednesday afternoon.The students are fasting as part of a movement to put pressure on Wendy’s to sign a fair food program that ensures participating fast food restaurants and grocery stores pay an extra penny per pound of tomatoes to contribute to fairer wages for farm workers, according to junior Tommy Clarke.last_img read more

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Three New York Premieres Set for Primary Stages 2015-16 Season

first_img Further information, including dates, cast and creative team, will be announced at a later date. View Comments Informed Consent is based on a landmark court case between the Havasupai tribe and the University of Arizona and follows a woman as she attempts to answer the mysteries of science and her own life. The Body of an American, set to begin performances in February 2016, tells the true stories of a friendship between two men: a war photojournalist and a playwright. Exit Strategy, which will begin the following month, explores the future of public education through the lens of the final days of a Chicago public school.center_img The Primary Stages 2015-16 season will kick off this July with the New York City premiere of Deborah Zoe Laufer’s Informed Consent. Performances will begin on a date to be announced in July at off-Broadway’s Duke on 42nd Street. The season will also include the New York premieres of Dan O’Brien’s The Body of an American and Ike Holter’s Exit Strategy, as well as a yet-to-be-announced fourth production for this fall.last_img read more

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Online help wanted ads decline in Vermont, US

first_imgOnline advertised vacancies declined by 101,800 to 3,363,000 in September, according to The Conference Board Help-Wanted OnLine Data Series (HWOL)(TM) released today. September losses partially offset the larger August gains (+169,000), leaving labor demand up by 67,000 over the past two months. Since the low point in April 2009, labor demand is up by 201,000, showing a modest upward trend following a five-month period of steep losses.”While the trend has been modestly upward and averaged 40,000 per month over the last five months, the labor market continues to have a hard time gaining momentum,” said Gad Levanon, Senior Economist at The Conference Board. “The Conference Board Employment Trends Index, which has been basically flat for three straight months, also helps highlight the difficulty the labor market is facing. With a growing consensus of a weak recovery, businesses seem to be slow to boost advertising for vacant or new positions.”Regional and State HighlightsLike the national data, the September state declines partially offset the larger August gains, leaving state trends basically unchangedIn the South, September online advertised vacancies fell by 45,400 following a 60,800 August gain. Texas dropped by 18,700 in September, partially offsetting the state’s gain of 21,900 in August. Florida, which in August had risen 15,700 to 181,400, declined by 9,400. The only large Southern state with an increase in job demand in September is Georgia, up 3,300. Among the less populous states in the South, West Virginia decreased by 7,900, Louisiana decreased by 1,200, Alabama decreased by 1,100, and Arkansas and Oklahoma decreased modestly (500 and 400 respectively). Kentucky increased very modestly (100) in September.In the Northeast, Pennsylvania showed the largest decrease, down 7,900 to 126,000, in September. New York’s September decline was 5,900 after it had risen by 11,100 in August. Massachusetts decreased by 2,600 to 105,100 following an increase of 7,500 in August. Among the more populous states in the Northeast, New Jersey was the only state to increase in September, up 3,800 to 130,900. Among states with smaller populations, several posted modest gains in September including New Hampshire, 400; Maine, 300; and Connecticut, 100. Rhode Island and Vermont declined by 300 and 200 respectively.In the West, after having risen 26,700 in August, California fell by 21,200 in September. Arizona and Washington dropped 1,400 and 1,000 respectively in September while Colorado remained unchanged. Among the states with smaller populations, New Mexico and Hawaii rose by 800 and 700 respectively, while Nevada fell 1,700 in September.In the Midwest, states held on to more of their August gains than in other regions. Illinois, which had gained 7,600 in August, was relatively unchanged in September. Ohio, which increased by 6,700 in August, lost 1,900 in September. Michigan, Missouri, and Wisconsin all lost about half of their August gains.The Supply/Demand rate for the U.S. in August (the latest month for which unemployment numbers are available) was at 4.31, down slightly from 4.39 in July and indicating that there are now about 4.3 unemployed workers for every online advertised vacancy. Among the states, the highest Supply/Demand rate continues to be in Michigan (10.21), where there are over 10 unemployed people for every advertised vacancy. Other states where there are over 6 unemployed for every advertised vacancy include Kentucky (7.51), Mississippi (7.44), and Indiana (6.66). Alaska (1.65) and Nebraska (1.70) have some of the lowest rates.It should be noted that the Supply/Demand rate only provides a measure of relative tightness of the individual state labor markets and does not suggest that the occupations of the unemployed directly align with the occupations of the advertised vacancies.OCCUPATIONAL HIGHLIGHTSAdvertised vacancies in Healthcare professions continue to increaseLabor demand continues to remain well below year-ago levels for most occupationsHealthcare Practitioners and Technical occupations, the largest category in terms of volume, rose 28,000 in September to 605,900. “September was also the second month in a row that advertised vacancies in these occupations were significantly above levels this time last year,” said Levanon. Labor demand for Healthcare Support occupations has also continued to be strong, although it dipped 3,900 in September to 114,200. Individual occupations showing increases included registered nurses, physical and occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, and physician assistants.Healthcare is a broad field, and the relative tightness of the labor market varies substantially from the higher-paying practitioner and technical jobs to the lower-paying support occupations. In August, the last month for which unemployment data are available, for every unemployed person looking for work in a practitioner or technical occupation, there were 2.9 advertised vacancies and the average wage in these occupations is $32.64/hour. In healthcare support occupations, where the average wage is $12.66, there were over two unemployed for every advertised vacancy.Advertised vacancies in Management occupations had trended upward since May, but in September dropped 12,900 to 414,800. The number of unemployed exceeds the number of advertised vacancies, and in August there were almost two unemployed (1.8) for every online advertised vacancy in the management field.Among the top 10 occupations in September with online advertised vacancies, Computer and Mathematical Science dropped 4,000 to 402,300; Sales and Related occupations declined 14,300 to 366,400; and Office and Administrative Support decreased by 12,200 to 333,900.Supply/Demand rates indicated that, among the occupations with the largest number of online advertised vacancies, there is a significant difference in the number of unemployed seeking positions in these occupations. Among the top ten occupations advertised online, there were more vacancies than unemployed people seeking positions for Healthcare Practitioners (0.3) and Computer and Mathematical Science (0.6). On the other hand, in Sales and Related Occupations, there were over four people seeking jobs in this field for every online advertised vacancy (4.1) and there were nearly five unemployed looking for work in Office and Administrative Support positions for every advertised opening (4.8).METRO AREA HIGHLIGHTSLike the nation, September declines for many metropolitan areas partially offset August gainsRiverside, California posts a modest over-the-year gain of 400 in SeptemberIn September, only 1 of the 52 metropolitan areas for which data are reported separately posted an over-the-year increase in the number of online advertised vacancies. Riverside, with 24,500, gained 400 vacancies. Among the three metro areas with the largest numbers of advertised vacancies, the New York metro area was about 13 percent below its September 2008 level and the Los Angeles metro area was 23 percent below its September 2008 level. Washington, D.C. was down 500, or 0.3 percent, from last year’s level.The number of unemployed exceeded the number of advertised vacancies in all of the 52 metro areas for which information is reported separately. Washington, D.C. and Salt Lake City were the locations with the most favorable supply/demand rates, where the number of unemployed looking for work was only slightly larger than the number of advertised vacancies. On the other hand, metro areas in which the respective number of unemployed is substantially above the number of online advertised vacancies include Detroit, MI, where there are 13 unemployed people for every advertised vacancy (13.0), Riverside (11.0), Miami (6.9), Sacramento (5.9), Chicago (5.7), and Los Angeles (5.7). Supply/Demand rate data are for July 2009, the latest month for which unemployment data for local areas are available.PROGRAM NOTESThe Conference Board Help-Wanted Online Data Series(TM) measures the number of new, first-time online jobs and jobs reposted from the previous month on more than 1,200 major Internet job boards and smaller job boards that serve niche markets and smaller geographic areas.Like The Conference Board’s long-running Help-Wanted Advertising Index of print ads (which was published for over 55 years and discontinued in August 2008 but continues to be available for research), the new online series is not a direct measure of job vacancies. The level of ads in both print and online may change for reasons not related to overall job demand.With the October 1, 2008 release, HWOL began providing seasonally adjusted data for the U.S., the 9 Census regions and 50 States. Seasonally adjusted data for occupations was provided beginning with the July 1, 2009 release. This data series, for which the earliest data is May 2005, continues to publish not seasonally adjusted data for 52 large metropolitan areas, but it is The Conference Board’s intent to provide seasonally adjusted data for large metro areas in the future.People using this data are urged to review the information on the database and methodology available on The Conference Board website and contact the economists listed at the top of this release with questions and comments. Background information and technical notes on this new series are available at: is external).The underlying data for this series is provided by Wanted Technologies Corporation. Additional information on the Bureau of Labor Statistics data used in this release can be found on the BLS website, is external).The Conference BoardThe Conference Board is a global, independent business membership and research association working in the public interest. Our mission is unique: To provide the world’s leading organizations with the practical knowledge they need to improve their performance and better serve society. The Conference Board is a non-advocacy, not-for-profit entity holding 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt status in the United States.WANTED Technologies Corporation.WANTED is a leading supplier of real-time sales and business intelligence solutions for the media classified and recruitment industries. Using its proprietary On-Demand data mining, lead generation and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) integrated technologies, WANTED aggregates real-time data from thousands of online job boards, real estate and newspaper sites, as well as corporate Web sites on a daily basis.WANTED’s data is used to optimize sales and to implement marketing strategies within the classified ad departments of major media organizations, as well as by staffing firms, advertising agencies and human resources specialists. For more information, please visit: is external).Source: NEW YORK, Sept. 28, 2009 /PRNewswire/ —last_img read more

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