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Dean Ween Recruited 30 Of His Favorite Musicians For A New Solo Album

first_imgAfter a weekend spent jamming with Les Claypool and Sean Lennon, beloved Ween guitarist Mickey Melchiondo Jr., aka Dean Ween, has made an exciting announcement. Deaner will release a new album on October 11th called The Deaner Album, according to a post he made in the WEEN Appreciation Group.Watch Dean Ween Join Claypool Lennon For The Best ‘Southbound Pachyderm’ EverThe Deaner Album is a 15 track, 57-minute album, which features “everyone in the entire world that i ever wanted on my album… like 30 people.” Little else about the album including its artwork and contents, has been revealed.Check out Dean Ween’s statement about his new solo release, below.i have a new album coming out on ATO Records on October 11th called “the deaner album.” no artist, no title. it is 15 songs and 57 minutes and it is awesome. i don’t wanna share any of it for once—not even the artwork, which is super-dope.everyone in the entire world that i ever wanted on my album plays on it. like 30 people.last_img read more

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EU shareholder rights directive ‘could fail’: Hermes

first_imgMember states and relevant regulators also had “more work to do on understanding and implementing the directive”, according to the manager.“In our view this research illustrates a disconnect in some European countries and, as a result, investors across the continent are in the dark and unable to start addressing compliance gaps,” Hermes stated.SRD II introduces rules relating to asset managers, asset owners, companies, and proxy advisers. The deadline for member states to pass implementing legislation is 19 June.Hans-Christoph Hirt, head of Hermes EOS, Hermes’ engagement provider, said the directive was misnamed, being more about shareholder obligations than rights.In his view, the most important pillar of the legislation was the measures encouraging long-term engagement and transparency of stewardship activities. The directive will require asset owners and asset managers to have a shareholder engagement policy and report on their activities – or explain why they have not done so.Also bundled into SRD II are rules to make it easier for shareholders to exercise their rights and subjecting proxy advisers to transparency requirements.The European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA) previously said some parts of SRD II overlapped with legislation such as the UCITS directive, which it believed would lead to “incoherence of legislation and unnecessary duplication of duties for asset managers”.Mixed picture across EU German respondents to Hermes’ survey showed the highest levels of awareness of SRD II at 88% – although 70% believed their organisation did not fully meet the requirements.According to the asset manager, the surveyed German investors indicated that the most important outcomes from SRD II would be increased transparency from companies on the process of exercising shareholder rights.This was also among the top priorities of outcomes for surveyed Dutch and Italian investors.According to Hermes, respondents from the Netherlands showed a high awareness of the directive, at 79%, but many did not understand what was expected of them: 51% of asset managers and 41% of companies said they did not know how to meet the requirements.The manager found that 93% of Spanish respondents were unsure of the steps they needed to take to comply with SRD II.In the UK, awareness of the directive was surprisingly low, at 45%, said Hermes. Only 8% of respondents believed their organisation already met the requirements and 46% did not know either way.Hermes suggested this could be because regulators had only recently clarified what was covered by the country’s stewardship code and what needed to be added to meet SRD II’s requirements.Last month the Financial Reporting Council launched a consultation on a proposed new stewardship code and the Financial Conduct Authority launched a consultation on measures to implement SRD II.According to Hermes, the Dutch, German and Italian governments have issued draft legislative texts to implement SRD II. A public consultation on the directive was held in Spain last year.Hirt said the UK would have to implement SRD II if it agrees to a withdrawal deal with the EU for its departure from the bloc. EU legislation aiming to increase the stability and sustainability of European companies “could fail” because of a lack of awareness and readiness on the part of investors, governments and regulators, Hermes Investment Management has suggested.It commissioned a survey of European institutional investors to gauge levels of awareness and preparedness for the revised Shareholder Rights Directive (SRD II), and found that out of 175 respondents, 42% had not heard of it.More worrying, according to the manager, was that only 3% believed their organisation already met the requirements of the directive. In a paper, Hermes said this suggested that “significant and rapid strategic business changes will be required”.“There is a real danger that the lack of understanding and awareness reported in our survey will result in the directive failing,” it added.last_img read more

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Silly Stories Demean Science

first_imgIf science had an icon like the Statue of Liberty, she would be hanging her head in disgrace for what passes for science these days.It’s hard to know whether to laugh or cry at the following sorry excuses for scientific research and reporting. For those who care about the reputation of science in society, perhaps outrage would be a more appropriate response.Men may have evolved better ‘making up’ skills (BBC News). This notion (hard to call it a scientific hypothesis) follows from observations that some men will hug longer after a boxing match or other contest than women will. It’s based on a “scientific” paper published by Cell Press in Current Biology, “Cross-Cultural Sex Differences in Post-Conflict Affiliation following Sports Matches.” The two authors (a man and a woman) claim that “After sports matches, male opponents engage in friendly touches longer than females,” and “Male winners and losers make more friendly touches than their female counterparts.” It’s hard to imagine how such things could even be measured by any objective standard. How many sports matches would a scientist have to watch to conclude this? From how many countries? For how long a time period? What constitutes a “friendly” touch, on what kind of an objective scale? What if one of the men is a transgender? (We throw in that idea to be politically correct.)Even more ridiculous is to claim that men evolved this skill. Was it a mutation on the Y chromosome? Or did the female get it on her mitochondrial DNA? How could a behavior this vague be tied to an objective change in the genes? How did it spread through the population? Don’t men and women exchange genes every time they have children? We have not even begun to ask the multitude of questions raised by this hypothesis. Even more alarming is the reckless reporters and editors at the BBC who let this silliness pass without any critical analysis. On the contrary, they say: “Other researchers say that this is an ‘impressive’ study.” Impressive in its ineptness, perhaps. A suitably trained philosophical gadfly could undermine the whole premise with a counter-proposal: “Scientists may have evolved better ‘making up stories’ skills.”Where there’s smoke — and a mutation — there may be an evolutionary edge for humans (Science Daily). This idea makes one wonder if the geniuses at Penn State were imbibing certain hallucinogenic fumes when they dreamed it up. “Aha!” they must have said under the influence of something. “Now we know how we moderns defeated the Neanderthals!” It doesn’t seem to matter to them that Neanderthals were cooking with fire for possibly 200,000 years or more (so says the consensus) before moderns came on stage. According to this new story, “A genetic mutation may have helped modern humans adapt to smoke exposure from fires and perhaps sparked an evolutionary advantage over their archaic competitors” — notice the high perhapsimaybecouldness index there. Surely the astute science guys at the BBC News will bring some sense into the smoke-filled room. “Tolerance of smoke may have given us an edge over Neanderthals.” Guess not.A quick Google search shows over 200,000 hits on “smoke Neanderthals” but no obvious critical responses, except for ours and one at Uncommon Descent. Colin Barras at U.D. had some laughs, having seen this kind of campfire story before:This theory is possibly 27 minutes in the queue with: Neanderthals were inbred, A different theory puts it down to the fact that Neanderthals chewed more. And another one has it that they did not eat enough rabbits. A paleo-psychoanalyst claims they had large eyes and might have been weird loners. And, oh yes, of course, climate change killed them.All the others in the internet echo chamber just repeated the theme with minor variations to the headline, such as, “Can’t Quit Smoking? Blame Neanderthals.” It gave them an excuse to trot out all the stock photos of Neanderthal reconstructions housed in museums. Of course, everybody should know this theory is untenable.Parkas helped early humans survive (Live Science). Let’s see if we can get this one straight. Neanderthals survived for nearly 500,000 years in all kinds of climate, but then lost out to modern humans who came on the scene late with new tailoring skills. Because the “moderns” knew how to sew parkas, they survived while their brethren froze.  “The reason for the clothing difference between Neanderthals and early modern humans is yet unclear.” That’s for sure; no clothes were found! The scientists only found animal bones “whose skins may have been used to produce clothing.” In a blatant example of historical racism, the reporter suggests that “the Neanderthals were not intelligent enough to manufacture garments of the same thermal effectiveness as those used by early modern humans,” or else it was a cultural thing. But they survived for half a million years! Good grief; if the environment drives evolution, why didn’t they just evolve body fur in all that time?Birds of a fibula (PLoS Blogs). Emphasize the fib in Jon Tennant’s headline, because it starts with an imaginary dino-chicken in the artwork. Then he shows baby chicks strutting across the stage in an animated loop. To give an appearance of empirical validity, he shows a bunch of femur bones side by side. Running evolution divination on them, he comes to the conclusion that birds are dinosaurs. In a trance, he shouts ecstatically, “Eagles are dinosaurs. Pigeons are dinosaurs, annoyingly. Even penguins are weird, swimming dinosaurs.”How well does Jon know this to be true? His last paragraphs leave some room for distrust after he pronounces his oracle.This means that dinosaurs and early birds shared the same or similar pattern of fibula development, reflected in their evolutionary relationships and through time.The reason why this happens though remains a bit of a mystery. Modern birds of different sizes and ecologies all show evidence of this fibula reduction. This suggests that it is what is called a ‘non-adaptive’ process, as it is highly unlikely that such a feature would play a part in such different roles.We’re only just beginning to unlock the molecular links between dinosaurs and birds, and this represents a really neat glimpse into the future of this research field. Stay tuned!What channel are we tuned into, again? Is this Comedy Central?Folks, we try to bring you the news about evolution objectively, but it’s extremely difficult to be charitable when reading some of it. Please forgive us. (Visited 23 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

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Good show in doubles aids singles too: Sania

first_imgWhile it may be a fact that Sania Mirza’s biggest success so far this year have come in doubles, her singles career has also come back on the rails in a big way, and the Indian ace believes both aspects are feeding off each other very well.The WTA rankings bear testimony to that – having spent a major part of the last couple of years outside the top 100, Sania is now 60th in the world in singles and 14th in doubles.”It probably works both ways. The doubles helps your singles by adding to your confidence and improving certain aspects of your game and wins in singles help you in your doubles as well,” Sania told MAIL TODAY.It has been more than a week since she lost the opportunity to become the first Indian to win a women’s doubles Grand Slam when she and her partner Elena Vesnina lost to Andrea Hlavackova and Lucie Hradecka in the French Open final. But Sania is still thanking her stars that she is playing at all.”I’ve had a wonderful half year in 2011, moving up more than a 100 spots in singles and I’ve been fortunate to do well in doubles as well. I feel blessed that I was able to come back from a career threatening injury — I have always maintained that if I could stay away from injuries for a prolonged period of time, everything else would fall into place and by the grace of the Almighty I have managed to play without a break for one full year,” she said.advertisementThere are a few milestones that Sania considers most memorable as she strives to make it back into the top-50 in the world.”I played the quarter-finals in Guangzhou (International Women’s Open) in September 2010, a few months before I won through the qualifying and reached the last- eight stage in Charleston in April.”Before that I played the semi-finals in Osaka (October 2009), semis in Birmingham (June 2009) and was runner-up in Pattaya (Feb 2009). I also played the quarter-finals in Hobart in 2008.”I think I am getting back to playing at my best now after my most recent comeback. I feel privileged to be currently the highest ranked Asian in doubles. I had achieved the honour of being the highest ranked Asian in singles a couple of years back and these are personal milestones that inspire me to work harder,” Sania said.Talking about her preparations for the women’s doubles at Wimbledon, which begins next week, Sania said: “Vesnina and I have had a phenomenal half year on hard courts as well as clay and if we continue to do well and both stay away from injuries, we could keep playing together for a while.”But nothing comes easy in a truly global professional sport and past records don’t count for much once you enter the court, particularly in a Grand Slam. But I think we are good enough to have at least an even chance against any doubles team in the world.” Asked about her expectations from the singles, Sania downplayed her chances.”My expectations for every tournament have constantly remained the same over the years! I expect myself to give my best and leave the rest to God,” she said.Wimbledon is also going to be the venue for tennis at the London Olympics next year, where mixed doubles makes a return.And in preparation, she will team up with Rohan Bopanna for the mixed doubles this year. “I am a Grand Slam winner in mixed doubles and I love to play in the event whenever my ranking is good enough and when I’m feeling fit enough to compete in three events,” she said.last_img read more

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Gov’t Committed to Strengthening TVET – Terrelonge

first_imgStory Highlights He said that this disconnect “has been thrown into sharper focus in recent years, with the integration of recent technologies in almost every sphere of professional activities”. The Education State Minister said that Jamaica is among the many countries globally that have moved TVET into the mainstream of the education system. State Minister in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, Hon. Alando Terrelonge, has reiterated the Government’s commitment to strengthening its policy and regulatory framework on technical and vocational education and training (TVET).He was speaking at the Fourth International Conference on TVET in the Caribbean at the Hilton Rose Hall Resort and Spa in Montego Bay on May 22.The Education State Minister said that Jamaica is among the many countries globally that have moved TVET into the mainstream of the education system.“This paradigm shift is driven by the recognition that, over several decades, there has been a disconnect between the skills imparted by national education systems and those demanded by the workplace,” he noted.He said that this disconnect “has been thrown into sharper focus in recent years, with the integration of recent technologies in almost every sphere of professional activities”.State Minister in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, Hon Alando Terrelonge (left), greets Pro Vice Chancellor and Principal of the the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Professor Dale Webber. Occasion was the Fourth International Conference on TVET in the Caribbean at the Hilton Rose Hall Resort and Spa, Montego Bay, on May 22.center_img State Minister in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, Hon. Alando Terrelonge, has reiterated the Government’s commitment to strengthening its policy and regulatory framework on technical and vocational education and training (TVET). In this regard, he said that the Government has “moved expeditiously to close the gap” on education and training and the world of work, given the potential economic and social benefits to be derived from having a skilled and flexible workforce.“Employers are now demanding that workers for the 21st century must possess knowledge, technical skills, and soft skills to function effectively and be competitive in the workplace.“To attain this level of competitiveness, workers must, therefore, be lifelong learners, who will continue to increase their knowledge and update their skills for upward mobility in the workplace,” Minister Terrelonge said.last_img read more

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Brookfield and the Caisse buy automotive battery business from Johnson Controls

first_imgMONTREAL — Brookfield Business Partners LP and the Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec, together with a group of institutional partners, have signed a deal to buy Johnson Controls’ power solutions business for US$13.2 billion.The business produces batteries for automakers and aftermarket distributors and retailers.The companies say it is well positioned to benefit from the growth in demand for advanced batteries, including those used in electric vehicles.“We are excited to grow our business with the acquisition of power solutions, a global market leader which generates consistent cash flows and profitability,” said Cyrus Madon, chief executive of Brookfield Business Partners. “We look forward to partnering with the management team to continue growing this world-class business and build on its track record of innovation.”George Oliver, Johnson Controls chairman and chief executive, said the deal was a significant milestone in the ongoing transformation of the company.“The sale of our Power Solutions business will create value for investors by streamlining our portfolio and giving us increased financial flexibility to strengthen our balance sheet, return capital to shareholders and create optionality in our buildings business,” Oliver said in a statement.Johnson Controls expects net cash proceeds from the deal to be US$11.4 billion after tax and transaction-related expenses.It expects to use $3 billion to $3.5 billion to repay debt.The transaction will be funded with approximately US$3 billion of equity and about US$10.2 billion of long-term debt financing.Brookfield Business Partners, the main business services and industrials company of Brookfield Asset Management Inc., expects to fund approximately 30 per cent of the equity, while CDPQ will fund about 30 per cent. The balance is being funded by other institutional partners.The deal is expected to close by June 30, 2019. Companies in this story: (TSX:BBU.UN, TSX:BAM.A)The Canadian Presslast_img read more

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EU top court adviser Google can limit right to be forgotten

first_imgLONDON — An adviser to Europe’s top court says Google doesn’t have to extend “right to be forgotten” rules to its search engines globally.The European Court of Justice’s advocate general released a preliminary opinion Thursday in the case involving the U.S. tech company and France’s data privacy regulator.The court ruled in 2014 that people have the right to control what appears when their name is searched online. That decision forced Google to delete links to outdated or embarrassing personal information that popped up in searches.The two sides had sought clarification on a 2015 French decision ordering Google to remove results for all its search engines on request, and not just European country sites like www.google.fr .The Associated Presslast_img read more

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RCMP on scene at a residence in Chetwynd

first_imgCHETWYND, B.C. – RCMP are currently at the scene of a residence in Chetwynd.According to Cpl. Madonna Saunderson, there is currently an unfolding event with a heavy police presence at a residence in Chetwynd.Saunderson says there are very little details on this incident at this time but she can say that the RCMP were called to the residence at 1:43 a.m. on Thursday morning and that the incident is believed to be isolated to the one specific residence. RCMP will release further details when more information becomes available.last_img read more

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Madonna announces new album

first_imgLos Angeles: After months of hinting that new music was on the way, singer Madonna has finally revealed the name of an upcoming project. She has given her fans a sense of what her new tunes may sound like via some tantalising social media posts, reports forbes.com. The singer uploaded a video to both Instagram and Twitter on April 14, in which she shared that she has decided to name her new album Madame X, though she doesn’t state when it may arrive. Also Read – I have personal ambitions now: PriyankaThe name seems to refer to a character, or perhaps an alter ego that Madonna has created, who she describes as “a secret agent / travelling around the world / changing identities / fighting for freedom / bringing light to dark places”. Madonna then shares a list of descriptions that seem to fit this Madame X character, including calling her “a cha cha instructor, a professor, a head of state, a housekeeper, an equestrian, a prisoner, a student, a teacher, a nun, a cabaret singer, a saint and a prostitute”. The first list of descriptors was posted on April 13, while a handful of videos, including the one where she shares that Madame X is indeed the name of what will be her next full-length, went up on April 14. The visual is soundtracked by what is likely a song featured on the album, where Madonna sings: “The thing that hurts the most / is that I wasn’t lost,” with autotune added for special effect.last_img read more

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No inquiry ordered against editors in Assam says MHA

first_imgNew Delhi: The Ministry of Home Affairs Friday said it has not asked the Assam government to conduct any inquiry against some editors in the state who have opposed the Citizenship Amendment Bill, terming the information as “absolutely baseless” and “mischievous”.In a statement, the ministry said it has been reported in a section of media that the MHA has asked the Assam government to take action against some editors opposed to the Citizenship Bill. “This is absolutely baseless and a mischievous interpretation of facts. This is to clarify that the Union home ministry has not asked the government of Assam to initiate any enquiry against any editor or member of the press/media,” it said. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM'”The factual position is that one Vinay Joshi, with the address of Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, sent a public grievance petition to the Home Ministry on the Centralised Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System (CPGRAMS) on February 14, 2019 related to the issue of Citizenship Amendment Bill- 2016 stating that the issue has been exploited by different militant groups like ULFA and the media has propagated militant ideology to give fresh boost to the militant groups,” the statement said. Also Read – Farooq demands unconditional release of all detainees in J&KA very large number of such petitions and grievances on a host of issues are received in the ministry on a daily basis on CPGRAMS. The annual figure being 33,000 for the year 2018. Every such petition is routinely forwarded to the ministries and states concerned. “Following this standard practice, the petition of Vinay Joshi was routinely forwarded to the Government of Assam. No enquiry of any kind has been ordered by the ministry. No report has been called from the Government of Assam in the matter,” the statement said. It is “mischievous” to suggest that the Centre has asked the Assam gto initiate action…, the ministry added.last_img read more

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