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What to Watch for in the March for Science

first_imgBig Science and Big Media will undoubtedly give positive coverage to the March for Science on Earth Day. But will they provide critical analysis?The ‘March for Science’ scheduled for April 22 (“Earth Day”) is bound to strike many as a wonderful thing. Who could be against science? It would be like taking a position against motherhood and apple pie. Look at all that science has done for the planet: smartphones, the space station, vaccines. So join the scientists and march for Darwin! and global government! Wait a minute… What’s going on here?About the only ones opposing the March for Science are those labeling it a March for Scientism instead of science. Scientism is a philosophy about science, not a science itself. Scientism teaches that the scientific method is the best (or only) way to generate reliable knowledge. But it’s self-refuting, as many have pointed out; you can’t get scientism out of the scientific method, so scientism is not reliable knowledge.Moreover, much of what the ‘science’ being marched for this weekend seems political. The idea came out of the election of Donald Trump and the March for Women that followed. As we have shown repeatedly, academia is plagued with a huge imbalance in favor of liberals and Democrats (see Prager U video), as Nature will confirm (below). And if the marchers view ‘science’ as equivalent to the ‘consensus’, then it’s likely the event will be another whine-fest for Big Government funding of academia’s pet projects.For a taste of what to expect, here are recent news reports. Watch for mentions of climate change, inclusivity, and Trump.March for Science Organizers to Kickstart New Social Movement (Space.com). This article, coming out of Climate Central, takes it for granted that “solidarity with the global science community” is a good thing. Remember when Michael Crichton preached to Caltech that the “consensus is not science, period” and told the students that all it takes is one maverick to be right? The marchers apparently forgot. When science becomes a global movement of largely left-leaning political groups, they have ceased speaking for science. One of the organizers says, “After April 22, we’re transitioning from organizing marches to a global organization focused on science education, outreach and advocacy.”March for Science: Share Your Sign (Science Magazine). The AAAS is behind the march, promoting these things marchers can put on their placards. They’re encouraging scientists to tweet their favorite lines with #ScienceSigns on Twitter. Any hints which way these slogans tilt on the political spectrum so far?The new E = mc2: Emissions = more climate changeI came, I saw, I concurred: Evidence breeds consensusEvidence-based science for evidence-based legislationPublic health: for liberty, for justice, for allFund American science, or we’ll make other countries greatDefunding science defunds our futureUnlike science, tweets aren’t peer-reviewed!Fund basic science! Exploration saves livesPolitics: Candidate science (Nature). The Brits see this march through the lens of politics, too. “President Donald Trump’s rise to power has been prompting scientists to explore possibilities for political action,” Virginia Gewen writes. Let’s see; would she mean action against Trump or in support of Trump? One clue is the photo in the article that shows angry scientists protesting “in the face of presidential actions” with artistically-preprinted signs, “Stand up for Science.” Gewen is clearly glad about the April 22 March for Science as a good example of activism.How the March for Science splits researchers (Nature). Erin Ross set out to ask “members of the scientific community whether or not they plan to march on 22 April — and why.” One young postdoc out of eight respondents appears to be the lone conservative: “I am not going to the March for Science, because some people in America view science as leftist,” Nathan Gardner opines. “….I think it could easily politicize science because, even though the march’s mission statement isn’t anti-Trump, the marchers seem anti-Trump.” All the others are either going or supporting the march, because either they are concerned about the “anti-scientific stance of the Trump administration,” think science needs more government funding, or want to “fight to hold this administration accountable about the truth and, specifically, climate change.” One respondent doubted she will come unless the march is “inclusive” enough.Republican scientists negotiate the Trump era (Nature). Here’s an unusual piece. Sarah Reardon finds some rare Republicans in science as if curious these rare breeds in academia. “Conservative academics face a growing tension between their politics and the liberal atmosphere on many US campuses,” she begins. Reardon acknowledges that academia is a hard place for Republicans to show their faces, but her liberal bias shows up between the lines:Republicans’ anti-science reputation seems to have deepened under President Donald Trump, who has embraced ‘alternative facts’ and proposed steep spending cuts for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), among others. On 22 April, thousands of protesters are expected to attend the March for Science in Washington DC. Organizers describe the event — one of more than 500 planned for around the globe — as non-partisan, but it has sparked concern that it could politicize science and alienate Republican politicians.Reardon interviews Republicans (and one Christian) who explain how difficult it is for them. “What you believe has come to be a stand-in for whether you are a good person,” one says. To her credit, Reardon ends by pointing out Republican leaders like Reagan and Gingrich who strongly supported science funding. But the overall tenor of the article is that Republicans feel like members of a minority group who have difficulty sharing their views in their academic environment, and prefer not to talk about them. This gives an idea of what kind of scientists will be marching and “protesting” this weekend.The CriticsAbout the only ones vocally opposing the ‘March for Science’ are conservatives at The Stream and intelligent design supporters at The Discovery Institute. It’s not that they oppose ‘science’ per se—far from it—but they see the event as a ‘March for Scientism’ and a political stunt by left-leaning special interests. At The Stream, Jonathan Wells says the “March for Science Is Really a March for Conformity.” The Stream posted additional articles by John West, Stephen Meyer and others, and will be keeping an eye on the March with daily updates. The Discovery Institute’s news site Evolution News & Science Today posted a video of a April 19th panel at the Heritage Foundation featuring Meyer, Wesley J. Smith, Jay Richards and Marlo Lewis with their views about what the ‘March for Science’ is really all about.Another view earned a page in Nature. Nancy Knowlton is not against the March for Science, and most probably, as an environmentalist, is no supporter of intelligent design. But in a “World View” opinion piece, she speaks out against the “doom and gloom” posture of many environmentalists. Recalling the doomsday predictions she lived through in the 1970s and 1980s, she says it’s worth remembering that researchers “rebounded a bit” from those alarms. “As a community, we seem to be addicted to despair,” she says. No Pollyanna herself about the problems facing the planet, she has gotten better results motivating people with the positive approach, having learned that “unrelenting doom and gloom in the absence of solutions is not effective.” Students respond better to stories of environmental successes, she says, and there are many great success stories that are virtually unknown.So here’s what to watch for: If it’s almost all anti-Trump rhetoric, calls for more government funding (remember, funding equals taxpayer earnings confiscated by force), screams for ‘diversity and inclusion’ and political correctness, if the marchers equate consensus with science, and if talk of ‘evidence-based facts’ equates to fighting global warming, it’s not really a March for Science. It’s just another leftist political stunt. Count how many pro-Trump, conservative, or Republican marchers show up, standing tall. Count the Darwin skeptics and climate skeptics. One hand’s worth of fingers will probably be enough, especially if you know how to form a zero with your thumb and index finger.Update 4/22/17: William M. Briggs called the march a “dud” in his article on The Stream. (Visited 267 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

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Bharat Army’s song for Rishabh Pant: He’ll hit you for a six, he’ll babysit your kids

first_imgRishabh Pant, scored his second Test hundred and became the first Indian wicket-keeper to do so, on the second day of the fourth and last match at the Sydney Cricket Ground on Friday.Pant who will be remembered in context of the 4-match Test series against Australia for his chirps behind the stumps, let the bat do all the talking on day 2 in Sydney.Pant whose previous best in the series was 39 that he scored in the Melbourne Test, came out all guns blazing on Friday. Pant took the attack to the Australian bowlers as he kept dancing down the pitch to hit the Australian spinners over the infield for boundaries and runs.Before the start of play Pant was helped by Virat Kohli, as the Indian skipper gave the keeper a few throw downs.Kohli to Pant – Just helping out his mate go through the drills #TeamIndia #AUSvIND pic.twitter.com/BkCvdpqAslBCCI (@BCCI) January 3, 2019Pant even inspired the Indian fans to sign his name from the stands in a special chant.”We’ve got Pant… Rishab Pant… I just don’t think you’ll understand… He’ll hit you for a six… He’ll babysit your kids… We’ve got Rishab Pant”- The Bharat ArmyPant has been involved in a banter fest with his opposite number from the Australian team, Tim Paine. The Australian captain has had plenty to say to Indian batsmen in the ongoing Test series. Not one to take a backward step, Pant has also given it back to the Australians.advertisementIn Perth, Paine provoked Pant with a dig that was caught on the stump microphone: “Tell you what big MS is back in the one-day squad. Should get this bloke down to Hurricanes… They need a batter. “Fancy that extend you Aussie holiday, beautiful town Hobart too… get him a waterfront apartment. Have him over for dinner.”Do you babysit? I can take my wife to the movies while you watch the kids.”Sure enough days later, Pant accepted the challenge and was photographed with Tim Paine’s wife and their two kids. The Indian and Australian cricket teams had been invited to the Australian Prime Minister’s house on January 1.Also Read | Pujara’s mammoth 193 sixth highest score by an Asian in AustraliaAlso Read | Clarke, Hussey weigh in on Vihari’s controversial dismissal: Don’t think he was outAlso Read | Siddle, Lyon and Khawaja back as Australia announce ODI squad for series vs Indialast_img read more

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Klopp urges UEFA to act against clubs that break FFP rules

first_imgLiverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has urged UEFA to take action against clubs if they break the rules on Financial Fair Play.German magazine Der Spiegel claims Sheikh Mansour’s City regime added multi-million-pound sponsorship deals with Abu Dhabi companies and using their owner’s fortune to meet UEFA’s Financial Fair Play (FFP) stipulations.Last Friday, the Football Leaks emerged with allegations that City were given an FFP settlement when they received sanctions for overspending by UEFA in 2014, and although the club declined to comment on what was called “out of context materials purportedly hacked or stolen from City Football Group and Manchester City”, it claimed “the attempt to damage the club’s reputation is organized and clear.”On his own, Klopp feels UEFA should take appropriate actions when clubs breache the rules, stating that the rules are a good thing for football when enforced.“I heard about the Der Spiegel story, but I didn’t read it so far,” Klopp said as quoted by Goal.divock origi, liverpoolReport: Origi cause Klopp injury concerns George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Divock Origi injury in today’s game against Newcastle is a cause for concern for Jurgen Klopp.Perhaps with one eye on Tuesday’s trip to Italy…“It’s really difficult to comment but what I can say in general is that FFP is a really good thing. But we always thought that.”“If it’s in place, they (UEFA) have to do something with it. I have no clue what happens, I know it is about Paris obviously and Man City,” he said.“I’m not sure if other clubs are being talked about as well. That’s all I can say. I think FFP is a really good thing because it sets the rules and stuff like that.”“If everything is fine, then everything is fine. If not, then somebody should do something.”last_img read more

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JU sorts out admission imbroglio to hold tests for six humanities subjects

first_imgKolkata: The impasse at Jadavpur University (JU) got resolved on Wednesday, with the varsity deciding to conduct the admission tests for six humanities subjects at the undergraduate level.The university also announced that a certain percentage of marks in Higher Secondary or equivalent examination and a certain percentage of marks in the admission test will be taken into account, before preparing the final merit list for admission.The university had temporarily postponed the admission tests on Monday, following which a section of Arts students had gheraoed the vice-chancellor and executive council (EC) members. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flights”We had sought legal opinion on the matter and the state Advocate General submitted a report on Tuesday night, on the basis of which the EC meeting was convened. We have decided unanimously that the admission tests for all the six subjects that were notified earlier, will be held. But there will be a change in the dates. The faculty council of the varsity will sit for a meeting on Thursday, following which the dates will be announced,” JU pro V-C Pradip Ghosh said. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killedThe dates, according to an EC member, will be deferred by only a few days. The admission tests of six subjects- English, Bengali, Political Science, History, Philosophy and Comparative Literature, were earlier scheduled to be held from July 3 to 5.An EC member assured that the classes for undergraduate humanities students will begin as per schedule and there will be no delay in that respect.”The final merit list for admission will be prepared on the basis of 50 percent of the total marks secured in HS or equivalent examination and 50 percent of the marks secured in admission tests for History, Political Science, Philosophy and Comparative Literature. For English, 50 percent of the candidate’s marks in English in HS or equivalent examination and 50 percent of the marks secured in admission tests will be taken into account, while for Bengali, 50 percent of marks secured in both Bengali and English and 50 percent of the marks in admission tests will be tallied for admission,” an EC member said. The EC has also decided that the Admission Committee of the university will monitor the admission process and there will be no role played by any department in the admission.The members of Arts Faculty Students’ Union (AFSU) called off their agitation, immediately after the EC decision was announced. The agitation had been continuing since 8 pm on Monday, after the university temporarily postponed the dates for admission tests, over difference of opinion among EC members.last_img read more

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BJPbacked goons rough up TMC workers at Nandagram

first_imgKolkata: Many Trinamool Congress activists received injuries after they were attacked allegedly by a group of BJP-backed miscreants. Some of the injured persons have been undergoing treatment in a nearby hospital.The incident, which took place at Nandagram village of East Burdwan district on Monday morning, has triggered tension among the local residents. Incidentally, it may be mentioned that elections were conducted at Burdwan East Lok Sabha constituency on the same day. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataThe district Trinamool Congress leaders have alleged that some BJP-backed goons tried to influence the voters at Nandagram village on Monday morning, when the Trinamool Congress workers intervened. As they tried to dissuade the miscreants, it led to a heated altercation between the TMC workers and the BJP assisted goons. The miscreants soon overpowered the Trinamool Congress workers and beat them up. They fled immediately after the incident, before the local residents could reach the spot. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateThe injured victims were rescued and rushed to a nearby hospital by the local people. Senior TMC leaders later visited the hospital to see the injured workers, who are stated to be in a stable condition now. In another incident, a party office of Trinamool Congress at Joynagar in South 24-Parganas was set on fire by some miscreants. The district party leaders of TMC have accused BJP of setting the party office on fire, which was badly damaged in the incident. The BJP leaders from the district have, however, denied the allegations.last_img read more

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Nightmare on street Another woman faces horrific experience

first_imgKolkata: Two days after a celebrity model-actress was harassed on Kolkata street, a 23-year-old woman had torrid times when a man driving a car passed remarks, chased and tried to block the app cab she had hired in South Kolkata.After the woman lodged a complaint with a police patrol party, the accused was arrested. According to Alipore police station Assistant Sub-Inspector Biplab Kumar Das, he and his colleague were out on night patrol near the zoo around 3.45 am (on Wednesday), when he saw a car screeched to a halt before them. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: Mamata”The woman in the app-cab told us that a car blocked her way on Burdwan Road, and was chasing her cab. “After some time the car came to the area, but seeing us, the driver fled with great speed. Then it took a U-turn and came to the spot again. We tried to intercept the vehicle, but it managed to flee again. By that time we had got the car number. We chased the car, but could not reach it. “I lodged a complaint at my police station with the car number. And the duty officer arrested the driver and impounded the car,” said Das. The police are examining the CCTV footage of the area to ascertain the details. Cases on relevant Indian Penal Code (IPC) sections dealing with molestation, forcible blocking of way, chasing a woman have been slapped against the accused. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateRecently, former Miss India Ushoshi Sengupta shared her horror experience on social media and narrated her ordeal on June 17 night. She was allegedly chased and harassed by unidentified miscreants when she was returning home from work. Ushoshi had taken an app-cab from the 5-star hotel around 11:40 pm in Kolkata and was accompanied by her colleague. While on her way home, her cab ride turned out to be a traumatic one after a gang of boys rammed into her taxi and also harassed them, besides beating up the driver. All the accused in connection with the incident have been arrested. With agency inputslast_img read more

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