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Troop deployment plan stokes fear of return to hard tactics, Dwifungsi

first_imgSuch a move could also potentially undermine the military’s main duty to safeguard against national security threats or threats to territorial integrity, said Amnesty International Indonesia executive director Usman Hamid.“We do not need military personnel to remind the public to wash their hands properly or to practice strict social distancing – we have health officers or the Public Order Agency [Satpol PP] to do that,” Usman said in a statement to The Jakarta Post.“Involving military personnel to enforce health protocols will in fact undermine their primary role to maintain security; we need to remember that this is a health emergency, not a civilian one.”Read also: Civil emergency measures will not be implemented to fight COVID-19: MahfudJokowi floated the idea of declaring a civil emergency in March but backed off following pushback from critics. Many of them argued that imposing a civil emergency could undermine human rights and that was not suited to the current circumstances. Government Regulation in Lieu of Law (Perppu) No. 23/1959 on civil emergency stipulates that the President has the authority to declare a state of civil emergency, which would allow for the wider mobilization of security assets, among other things.Usman also expressed concerns over the implied return of Dwifungsi, a New Order-era policy under which the former Indonesian Armed Forces (ABRI) were allowed to take on civilian roles in government.Read also: Mixed response to new rules on TNI engagementThe Jokowi administration has seen the return of more TNI officers and retired military generals to public office, facilitated in Presidential Regulation (Perpres) No. 37/2019 on functional positions for TNI personnel.The President’s flirtations with the nation’s security apparatuses have alarmed rights activists and victims of past trauma, many of whom fear a return to draconian New Order practices. Critics have also pushed back against the security approach that Jokowi seems to prefer when dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak.The military deployment plan follows another plan to legally involve troops in the fight against terrorism, long considered to be the domain of the police as stipulated in the 2018 Terrorism Law.Read also: Plan to expand military role in fight against terrorism raises red flag, againJokowi has also called for the active involvement of the TNI and Polri in the fight against forest fires, and had even gone on record to say that he would replace the top brass at the local and provincial levels if they could not quell the fires.Defense analysts have questioned the TNI’s latest deployment plan, arguing that while the military could be involved in non-combat assignments, the executive order still lacked clear boundaries. Military operations other than war (MOOTW) are usually temporary in nature, experts insist.According to Paragraph 3, Article 7 of the 2004 TNI Law, the President holds the authority to use the military’s forces in war operations and MOOTW with approval from lawmakers.“This [deployment order], meanwhile, is a decision that is conveyed verbally. Who can guarantee the limitations of the operation?” said Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) researcher Diandra Megaputri Mengko.Diandra urged the government to follow existing regulations before deploying military forces as part of “new normal” protocol.Presidential spokesman Fadjroel Rachman did not immediately respond to the Post’s inquiry about the policy.Last Tuesday, the President instructed the military and the police to guard public places in DKI Jakarta, West Java, West Sumatra and Gorontalo and 25 cities to get them to obey health protocols.Read also: Jokowi deploys TNI, police to enforce ‘new normal’TNI commander Air Chief Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto said personnel from the joint TNI-Polri operations would guard 1,800 spots around the country, including in malls, traditional markets and tourist attractions, among other places.TNI spokesman Maj. Gen. Sisriadi said the military had 150,000 troops and the police had 190,000 officers on stand-by, although he insisted that only 20,000 military personnel had been deployed to select areas to enforce the rules.Topics : The government’s decision to prepare hundreds of thousands of Indonesian Military (TNI) officers for deployment to help enforce pandemic health protocols has drawn criticism among defense analysts and human rights experts for its nod to past military practices.President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo announced last week that the Indonesian Military (TNI) and the National Police would work together to guard crowded places in preparation for the so-called “new normal” of living alongside COVID-19.As many as 340,000 troops have been on stand-by to deploy across more than two dozen cities to oversee enforcement of measures aimed at curbing transmission of the disease, as the country gears up for the eventual easing of restrictions on movement and travel. Read also: COVID-19: Health minister issues ‘new normal’ guidelines for workplacesBut the move risks inviting people to rise up against a possible “hard” security approach to compliance, said security expert Anton Aliabbas, as the economy fumbles and incomes dissipate as a result of the viral outbreak and the ensuing restrictions.“The problem is whether ‘disciplining’ the public requires the TNI [to step in]. If people refuse to obey, will [troops] become coercive?” asked Anton, who is a researcher from security reforms and human rights watchdog Imparsial.Taking a hard approach without discretion, he said, could “trigger greater resistance amidst the surge of unemployment and peoples’ frustration”.last_img read more

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Unofficial 2014 IMCA Speedway Motors Weekly Racing National Point Standings; point standings become official at noon CST on Monday, Oct. 27.

first_imgTies are broken by (home region where applicable) 40-point finish totals, then 39-point finishes, 38-point finishes, etc., in drivers’ first 55 startsIMCA Xtreme Motor Sports Modifieds – 1. Zane DeVilbiss, Farmington, N.M., 1,233 (includes 36 bonus points); 2. William Gould, Calera, Okla., 1,227 (35); 3. Keith White, Little River Academy, Texas, 1,222 (40); 4. Chris Abelson, Sioux City, Iowa, 1,219 (25); 5. Christopher Fleming, Union Springs, N.Y., 1,219 (26); 6. Cory Sample, Winnemucca, Nev., 1,218 (32); 7. Jesse Sobbing, Glenwood, Iowa, 1,217 (31); 8. Troy Cordes, Dunkerton, Iowa, 1,216 (36); 9. Ricky Thornton Jr., Chandler, Ariz. 1,197 (40); 10. A.J. Ward, Ionia, Mich., 1,188 (38); 11. Brandon Beckendorf, Danube, Minn., 1,177 (32); 12. Josh Vogt, Santa Maria, Calif., 1,177 (34); 13. Ronn Lauritzen, Jesup, Iowa, 1,174 (18); 14. Josh McGaha, Abilene, Texas, 1,166 (32); 15. Johnny Saathoff, Beatrice, Neb., 1,162 (34); 16. Dean Abbey, Waco, Texas, 1,152; 17. Jimmy Gustin, Marshalltown, Iowa, 1,148 (20); 18. Jeff Waterman, Quincy, Ill., 1,142 (29); 19. Matt Cole, Binghamton, N.Y., 1,139 (12); 20. Cayden Carter, Oskaloosa, Iowa, 1,139 (20). IMCA Eagle Motorsports RaceSaver Sprint Cars – 1. Clint Benson, Papillion, Neb., 790 (includes 20 bonus points); 2. Kyle Jones, Kennedale, Texas, 788 (18); 3. Jeb Sessums, Burleson, Texas, 788 (20); 4. Chad Wilson, North Richland Hills, Texas, 746; 5. Chase Brewer, Springtown, Texas, 745; 6. George White, Fort Worth, Texas, 744; 7. John Ricketts, Burleson, Texas, 740; 8. Marcus Thomas, Corsicana, Texas, 705; 9. Dustin Woods, Forney, Texas, 704; 10. Brett Allen, Gaylord, Minn., 698; 11. Justin Fifield, Mesquite, Texas, 688; 12. Ryan Hall, Midlothian, Texas, 683; 13. Michael Stien, Ceylon, Minn., 680 (12); 14. D.J. Estes Jr., Mansfield, Texas, 672; 15. Shayle Bade, Lincoln, Neb., 624; 16. Bruce Allen, Mankato, Minn., 623; 17. Doug Lovegrove, Waverly, Neb., 617; 18. Herbert R. Wood, Kennedale, Texas, 616; 19. Tony Dowd, Mansfield, Texas, 615; 20. Dustin Sargent, Cleveland, Minn., 597. IMCA Sunoco Stock Cars – 1. Mike Nichols, Harlan, Iowa, 1,240 (includes 40 bonus points); 2. Matt Guillaume, Haslet, Texas, 1,225 (31); 3. David Smith, Lake City, Iowa, 1,210 (24); 4. Rod Snellenberger, Pulaski, Wis., 1,207 (39); 5. Damon Murty, Chelsea, Iowa, 1,203 (15); 6. Jeff Tubbs, Colby, Kan., 1,198 (32);7. Travis Van Straten, Hortonville, Wis., 1,197 (18); 8. Donavon Smith, Lake City, Iowa, 1,194 (18); 9. Keith Cagle, Odonnell, Texas, 1,193 (36); 10. Jason Batt, Harker Heights, Texas, 1,187 (26); 11. Dan Mackenthun, Hamburg, Minn., 1,185 (16); 12. Derek Green, Granada, Minn., 1,182 (13); 13. Devin Smith, Lake City, Iowa, 1,182 (17); 14. Charles Cosper, Belton, Texas, 1,175 (24); 15. Brian Blessington, Breda, Iowa, 1,170 (11); 16. John Heinz, Green Bay, Wis., 1,166 (15); 17. Kevin Opheim, Mason City, Iowa, 1,165; 18. Jim Larson, Rushmore, Minn., 1,161 (17); 19. Jason Rogers, Selden, Kan., 1,159 (13); 20. Nick Tubbs, Colby, Kan., 1,158 (12).IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stocks – 1. Shannon Anderson, Des Moines, Iowa, 1,235 (includes 39 bonus points); 2. Adam Armstrong, Beatrice, Neb., 1,225 (39); 3. Cory Probst, Worthington, Minn., 1,212 (36); 4. John Watson, Des Moines, Iowa, 1,202 (39); 5. Justin Nehring, Storm Lake, Iowa, 1,197 (39); 6. Justin Luinenburg, Reading, Minn., 1,195 (20); 7. Brad King, New Town, N.D., 1,193 (39); 8. Cody Nielsen, Fort Dodge, Iowa, 1,191 (17); 9. Benji Irvine, Stanley, Iowa, 1,189 (26): 10. Brandon Nielsen, Spencer, Iowa, 1,184 (20); 11. Tiffany Bittner, Norfolk, Neb., 1,174 (24); 12. April Phillips, Abilene, Texas, 1,160 (7); 13. Eric Stanton, Carlisle, Iowa, 1,159; 14. Colby Langenberg, Norfolk, Neb., 1,154 (14); 15. Justin Lathram, Hobbs, N.M., 1,153; 16. Austin Luellen, Minburn, Iowa, 1,152; 17. Brock Beeter, Minot, N.D., 1,148 (20); 18. Dustin Griffiths, Ottumwa, Iowa, 1,147 (23); 19. TeJay Mielke, Norfolk, Neb., 1,144; 20. Austin Hauswirth, Havelock, Iowa, 1,143 (19).Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMods – 1. Matthew Looft, Swea City, Iowa, 1,228 (includes 40 bonus points); 2. Clinton Luellen, Minburn, Iowa, 1,225 (33); 3. Kyle Prauner, Norfolk, Neb., 1,224 (34); 4. Bryce Garnhart, Shannon, Ill., 1,210 (35); 5. Chad L. Dolan, Gibbon, Neb., 1,203 (28); 6. Tony Dunker, Quincy, Ill., 1,201 (33); 7. Tyler Frye, Belleville, Kan., 1,197 (20); 8. Ben Kates, Tonganoxie, Kan., 1,195 (20); 9. Nick Spainhoward, Bakersfield, Calif., 1,190 (14); 10. Brett Lowry, Montezuma, Iowa, 1,184 (34) 11. Shane Swanson, Forest City, Iowa, 1,182 (20); 12. Austin Moyer, Dubuque, Iowa, 1,175; 13. Rick Diaz, Los Banos, Calif., 1,175 (29); 14. Jenae Gustin, Marshalltown, Iowa, 1,170; 15. Daniel Gottschalk, Ellis, Kan., 1,168; 16. Doug Smith, Lanesboro, Iowa, 1,162 (17); 17. Bryan Herrick, Curtis, Neb., 1,154 (27); 18. Clay Money, Penokee, Kan., 1,153; 19. Lucas Lamberies, Clintonville, Wis., 1,151 (14); 20. Ethan Dotson, Bakersfield, Calif., 1,151 (7). Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center Southern SportMods – 1. Chad Hertel, Abilene, Texas, 1,215 (includes 37 bonus points); 2. Julie Boettler, Farmington, N.M., 1,212 (36); 3. Jake Upchurch, Grand Prairie, Texas, 1,203 (39); 4. Cory Williams, Slaton, Texas, 1,178 (38); 5. Jon White Jr., Red Oak, Texas, 1,141 (17); 6. Allen Montgomery, Fort Worth, Texas, 1,111; 7. Brian J. Carey, Aztec, N.M., 1,106; 8. Jeffrey Abbey, Comanche, Texas, 1,098 (12); 9. Garett Rawls, China Spring, Texas, 1,095; 10. Justin Long, Haslet, Texas, 1,091; 11. Sid Kiphen, Gatesville, Texas, 1,087 (20); 12. Kevin Green, Robinson, Texas, 1,084; 13. John Freeman, Runaway Bay, Texas, 1,049; 14. Gabe Tucker, Carbon, Texas, 1,043; 15. Robert Scrivner, Woodway, Texas, 1,042 (19); 16. Cody Shoemaker, Paradise, Texas, 1,027; 17. Justin Shaw, Sweetwater, Texas, 1,026; 18. Jacob Pirkle, Venus, Texas, 1,018; 19. James Guyton, Moody, Texas, 1,012; 20. Jarrett Roberts, Temple, Texas, 1,008. Mach-1 Sport Compacts – 1. Nate Coopman, Mankato, Minn., 1,231 (includes 31 bonus points); 2. Ramsey Meyer, Pierce, Neb., 1,210 (19); 3. Austen Becerra, Carthage, Ill., 1,209 (25); 4. Jay DeVries, Spencer, Iowa, 1,187 (11); 5. Ryan Bryant, Mason City, Iowa, 1,165 (20); 6. Bill Whalen Jr., Riverside, Iowa, 1,155 (21); 7. Shannon Pospisil, Norfolk, Neb., 1,151 (29); 8. Cody Thompson, Sioux City, Iowa, 1,148; 9. Tyler Thompson, Sioux City, Iowa, 1,140; 10. Megan Lappegard, Spencer, Iowa, 1,136 (7); 11. Terry Blowers, Waseca, Minn., 1,122; 12. Kimberly Abbott, Camp Point, Ill., 1,115; 13. Jacob Kofoot, Bode, Iowa, 1,113; 14. Brooke Fluckiger, Columbus, Neb., 1,112; (7); 15. Art Herzog, Hays, Kan., 1,107 (10); 16. Kaitlyn DeVries, Spencer, Iowa, 1,106; 17. Stephanie Forsberg, Slayton, Minn., 1,095 (4); 18. Michael Smith, Stockton, Kan., 1,094; 19. Drew Johnson, Sioux City, Iowa, 1,081; 20. Kiowa Higdon, Hays, Kan., 1,061 (9).West Coast Super Stocks – 1. Lonnie Welch, Bakersfield, Calif., 452; 2. Tim Randolph, Santa Maria, Calif., 436; 3. Steve Nash, Pahrump, Nev., 368; 4. Billy Simkins, Bakersfield, Calif., 359; 5. Chad Weber, Santa Maria, Calif., 258; 6. Brady Bell, Bakersfield, Calif., 254; 7. Wayne Coffman, Bodfish, Calif., 235; 8. Johnny Bedingfield, Bakersfield, Calif., 235; 9. Clay Daly, Watsonville, Calif., 234; 10. Jon Blackford, Nipomo, Calif., 224; 11. Toby Randolph, Nipomo, Calif., 173; 12. Dustin Chastain, Tonopah, Nev., 132; 13. William A. Stevens, Bakersfield, Calif., 132; 14. Alex Williams, Pahrump, Nev., 130; 15. George Bradburry, Pahrump, Nev., 125; 16. James C. Wulfen­stein, Pahrump, Nev., 105; 17. Donald W. Riley, Pahrump, Nev., 99; 18. Daniel Vlaszof, Las Ve­gas, Nev., 72; 19. Dale Daffern, Las Vegas, Nev., 71; 20. Rob Gilbertson, Orcutt, Calif., 69.last_img read more

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New BVI Premier Andrew Fahie says relationship with UK needs urgent…

first_imgTORTOLA, British Virgin Islands, CMC – Newly elected Premier of the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Andrew Fahie, says the island’s relationship with the United Kingdom “needs some urgent care and attention.“We value our relations with the UK, and we do hope that Westminster values and understand the special circumstances of small island territories as ours; that they are sensitive to our culture, customs and values which have been fashioned by history and geography, and our faith in God,” Fahie said at a special Thanksgiving Service, his first major national address since taking office last week.The BVI, like other Overseas Territories (OTs) are concerned at a recent report by the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee that wants all OTs to legitimize same sex marriages.In its 44-page report titled “Global Britain and the British Overseas Territories: Resetting the Relationship,” the Committee is also calling on the British government to urgently address concerns in the OTs about the issue of citizenship by descent and anomalies in the British Nationality Act that have taken too long to resolve.It suggests that London should initiate a consultation with the elected governments of the OTs and work with them to agree a plan to ensure that there is a pathway for all resident UK and British Overseas Territory citizens to be able to vote and hold elected office in territory.In his statement, Premier Fahie said that the BVI is also concerned at the new policies outlined by Britain and European countries regarding the financial sector in the Caribbean. Regional countries have voiced their displeasure at the polices saying that the intention is to damage their thriving financial sectors.Fahie said as far as overseas territories are concerned, “we call for dialog among equals on this issue; not mandates issued by masters over servants.“Our mandate is to protect and expand the livelihood of the people in these British Virgin Islands. Our mandate is to protect our way of life. For democracy to work anywhere – the people’s voice must be heard – and must be respected!”last_img read more

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Rob Gronkowski has no intention of coming out of retirement

first_imgRob Gronkowski felt nostalgic as he found himself back at Gillette Stadium this weekend, but not enough to consider a comeback.While fielding questions Sunday after participating in the 10th annual One Mission Buzz Off for kids with cancer event in New England, the retired tight end was asked if he would put the rumors of a return to rest once and for all. Lions running back C.J. Anderson found his fit in Detroit “I just did . . . yes (I’ll put them to rest),” he said playfully. “I’m feeling good, I’m in a good place. It’s great to be back (at Gillette), though.”Even after closing the door, his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, had left the door open at the time of his retirement. Gronkowski acknowledged New England is still important to him and always will be.“I love the New England community. They’re something special. The support, not even on the field, but off the field, too, New England will always be special,” Gronkowski said.“It will always have a big part in my heart and always have much love. All the people around in the New England area, and here today, just the support and love they show is something special. That’s why it’s great to continue this, and continue the relationships, and keep giving back.” Packers coach Matt LaFleur throws out first pitch at charity game in walking boot “Oh man … whatever I say, it doesn’t matter,” Gronkowski told the Boston Herald. “It will always be crazy out there. You (the Herald) can put them to rest.”The newspaper threw the question back at Gronkowski and once again asked if he would set the record straight. Related News NFL free agency rumors: Baker Mayfield recruiting Gerald McCoy as decision looms Gronkowski retired after nine seasons in March before celebrating his 30th birthday in May.A second-round selection of the Patriots in 2010, Gronkowski finished his career with five Pro Bowl selections, four first-team All-Pro honors and three Super Bowl victories. He also remains New England’s leader in touchdowns and is tied for the second-most receiving scores in postseason history.He is also the NFL’s postseason leader among tight ends in catches (81), receiving yards (1,163) and receiving touchdowns (12).last_img read more

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Wellington police notes: Monday, Dec. 24- Tuesday, Dec. 25, 2012

first_imgWellington police notes for Monday, Dec. 24 and Tuesday, Dec. 25, 2012: Wellington Police notes for Monday, December 24, 2012•10 a.m. Zach A. Conrad, 21, Wellington was issued a notice to appear charged with dog at large.•11:45 a.m. Officers investigated a theft in the 1700 block N. C, Wellington.•11:57 a.m. Officers investigated a domestic violence battery by a known suspect in the 1000 block W. 8th, Wellington.•4:35 p.m. Officers took a report of a mental subject in the 900 block N. C, Wellington.•5:20 p.m. Officers took a report of a suicidal subject in the 1200 block. N. Blaine, Wellington. Tuesday, December 25, 2012•2:25 a.m. Daniel B. Gressel, 23, Wellington, was arrested and confined on a State of Oklahoma warrant for embezzlement in the 1100 block N. A, Wellington.•9:23 a.m. Officers investigated violation of protection order by a known suspect in the 200 block. W. 2nd, Wellington.•12:01 p.m. Officers investigated contempt of court by a known suspect in the 900 block. N. C, Wellington.•4:50 p.m. Non-Injury accident in the 100 block. E. Maple, Wellington involving a vehicle operated by Katelyn E. Edwards, 20, Wellington and a parked and unoccupied vehicle owned by Tabatha K. Campbell, Wellington.last_img read more

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