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News story: Standards Coaching Team making strides in 10 prisons

first_imgPrisons Minister Rory Stewart has met specially-trained prison staff to congratulate them on their efforts to support officers in some of the country’s most challenging jails.The Minister spoke to members of the Standards Coaching Team (SCT) and the officers they are supporting about their work in the jails which are the focus of the 10 Prisons Project.The project was launched last year to bring down violence in some of the most challenging jails, and as part of this SCT was created to provide advice and encouragement to officers in the 10 prisons.At the event in Parliament he thanked members of SCT and the officers they are supporting for their energy and commitment to the 10 Prisons Project.Following a two-week training course at the prison service training college at Newbold Revel, the teams have been working on a rotation around the 10 prisons.Seven weeks in, the first group of prisons to be visited have seen encouraging results. With prison officers feeling more confident, relationships with offenders have improved and staff feel the environment on the wings is calmer and more stable.There have also been physical improvements, with damaged furniture being replaced and cells equipped to a decent standard.Prisons Minister Rory Stewart said: Prison Officer Craig said: It’s been an important step in building the skills and confidence of both our new staff and those who have been in service for some time. They’ve helped drive up standards across all the wings to increase consistency. positive impact already felt across prisons hosting the teams part of wider £10 million strategy to reduce violence and drug use while improving decency at 10 of the most challenging prisons The Standards Coaching Team is a fantastic innovation – putting training of the highest standard at the heart of healthy prisons. I am really impressed by these officers – drawn from across the country – and they are making a rapid visible difference in all the prisons they visit.center_img Governor Sara Pennington said: The two-week package at Newbold Revel has emphasised the importance of pointing staff in the right direction and being a presence to support them. It’s been a really positive experience with a massive impact, staff now have the confidence to challenge and positively engage with the prisoner population. The 10 Prisons Project has seen £10 million investment in some of the most challenging prisons to curb the flow of drugs and phones, while also improving conditions and leadership at those jails. The prisons will serve as models of excellence, with good practice to be spread across the prison estate.The project is part of a multi-million-pound drive to improve security and safety. This includes £16 million to improve conditions for prisoners and staff and £7 million on new security measures, such as security scanners, improved searching techniques, phone-blocking technology and a financial crime unit to target the criminal kingpins operating in prisons.This has come against a backdrop of rising prison officer numbers, with more than 4,700 additional officers now recruited since October 2016 and staffing levels at their highest since 2012.last_img read more

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Maroon 5, Travis Scott, & Big Boi Confirmed As Super Bowl LIII Halftime Performers

first_imgSports fans across the country have enjoyed another full weekend’s worth of games as part of the ongoing NFL playoffs as the 2018-2019 season begins to come to its climactic end. While games were being played on Sunday, the NFL took advantage of the busy day to announce the confirmation that Maroon 5 will indeed be one of their featured performers for Super Bowl LIII at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta on February 3rd, along with rapper Travis Scott and Outkast‘s Big Boi. Maroon 5 had previously been rumored to be part of this year’s big sporting event, but it wasn’t until the NFL’s confirmation early Sunday afternoon when those speculations became official.The league’s announcement on Sunday also put an end to the reports that other high profile artists ranging from Jay Z to Rihanna had also been in the running to perform at some point, but withdrew their interest due to the NFL’s fumbling (plenty of pun intended) of how they failed to positively work with the player protests originated by former Super Bowl XLVII participant, Colin Kaepernick.The confirmation of Travis Scott should come as no surprise. The rap star has emerged as a headline-caliber performer over the last few years thanks to big record releases like 2018’s Astroworld, as well as his affiliation with pop culture personas like the Kardashian family. Scott’s participation in the upcoming mid-game mini-concert didn’t come without some requests from the rapper, however. Earlier in the day on Sunday, it was reported that the NFL would have to make a joint donation to Dream Corps, an organization fighting for social justice, in order for Scott to play ball, so to speak.Related: Foo Fighters And Run The Jewels To Play Pre-Super Bowl Concert At Pop-Up Atlanta Concert Venue [Photos]“I back anyone who takes a stand for what they believe in,” Scott said in a statement about his agreement to perform. “I know being an artist that it’s in my power to inspire. So before confirming the Super Bowl Halftime performance, I made sure to partner with the NFL on this important donation.”Maroon 5’s participation is somewhat of an anomaly considering there are so few rock-based acts who have that kind of mainstream drawing power anymore due to the undeniable emergence of EDM and commercial hip-hop as America’s most bankable music genres at the moment. A big reason for group’s longevity in pop relevance can be credited to their lead singer, Adam Levine, who’s been one of the stars of NBC’s The Voice since 2011.Fans can watch this year’s attempt at a concert when the Super Bowl airs on February 3rd via CBS.last_img read more

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Madden 21 must be joking with its QB ratings of Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady

first_imgJust two QBs over a 95. Rodgers outside the 90s club.Here are the top 10 Madden QB ratings. Thoughts? 🤔 pic.twitter.com/EkAeCYawiz— ESPN (@espn) July 13, 2020MORE: “Madden 21” rookie ratingsHere’s a look at the numbers between Rodgers, Brees and Brady:PlayerGQBrecCmp%YdsTDRateLngIntY/ADrew Brees118-3-074.3297927116.36147.9Aaron Rodgers1613-3-062.040022695.47447Tom Brady1612-4-060.840572488.05986.6Fans made sure to call out EA Sports after the ratings reveal:lol rodgers should never be below a 90 wtf— Pete (@LejionHoops) July 13, 2020The disrespect to Rodgers is unreal— Taco TJ 🌐 (@TacoTjYT) July 13, 2020Brady higher than Rodgers is laughable— Sam Oakley (@soakley24) July 13, 2020Good lord. The disrespect to Aaron Rodgers, DeShaun Watson and Carson Wentz. All 3 should be MUCH higher in rating and higher on this list. pic.twitter.com/Eh7xwKkRDZ— Faizan Qurashi (@FaizanQurashi) July 13, 2020Aaron Rodgers isn’t a 89 🤦🏾‍♂️ madden is terrible https://t.co/YAG7OMGPZY— Errol Rogers Jr. (@cantguarde) July 13, 2020 There’s a good case for Brees to have a better rating than Rodgers given his success when healthy in 2019, but a four point difference might be too extreme and it’s likely a drop-off in play is imminent. Brady though? That’s a joke. EA Sports disrespected Aaron Rodgers in its initial “Madden 21” ratings reveal this week, giving him an 89 overall mark just behind Tom Brady (90) and significantly behind Drew Brees (93).The Packers quarterback is six years younger than Brady and four years younger than Brees, and he worked behind a worse offensive line last year while outplaying TB12 and showing more durability than Brees. He also posted the best regular season record and reached the NFC championship game.last_img read more

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