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Fishing the North Coast: Slow start to the steelhead season

first_imgIt’s been somewhat of a sluggish start to the winter steelhead season on the North Coast, and it’s hard to put a finger on exactly why. All of the coastal rivers saw a good rise onChristmas Day, but that influx of water didn’t bring much in the way of steelhead numbers. Granted, a handful of steelhead have been caught on all of the rivers, but not nearly as many as there should be considering the conditions of the rivers.Could this be the year we really feel the effects of the most-recent …last_img read more

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The 22X Fund and Democratizing Startup Investment

first_imgTags:#22X Fund#500 Startups#artificial intelligence#engagement#Fundraising#ICOs#ReadWrite Labs#Silicon Valley#tokens Shaun Moore Editors Note & Disclaimer: TrueFace.ai & its parent company Chui are alumni of the ReadWrite Labs accelerator program.  Tradition leads you to believe: start a company in a garage or basement, find a few people to tell you it’s a good idea, raise a small bit of money from your friends & family, move to Silicon Valley, raise more money from a well known VC and become a technology rockstar.  Well those of us that are living and breathing this perceived narrative know that it is mostly untrue.  As the founder of Trueface.ai a face recognition startup, I am overwhelmed with how often people just assume ‘the valley’ is throwing money at any face recognition or artificial intelligence (A.I.) company.  It’s just not the case as the venture world has shifted their risk profile to focus more on growth investing.  The history of raising money has always positioned the venture capitalist in the position of power, dictating to the market which companies have a higher chance of success.  But how investors make the decision to invest is unpredictable and not always backed by real expertise in building companies.  Now that’s changing. New types of funding like ICOs and equity crowdfunding, accelerators and corporate venture arms are giving startups more options to raise funds. The newest and most exciting of these new investment vehicles are “security tokens.”Security tokens are backed by real-world assets such as equity in a company. Like “utility tokens” they are tradable on exchanges. They allow many investors globally to buy into a promising project whether that’s investing a group of startups or a real estate project.The game has now changed for investors thanks to tokens and how they can allow for someone to instantly diversify.  I can remember back to a finance class in college; we learned all about modern portfolio theory and diversification to reduce unsystematic risk.  We’ve been taught, broadly speaking, to invest in the minimum number of companies necessary to drive your exposure to unsystematic risk to near zero.  The number of which is accepted is 30 companies in multiple industries and different levels of risk associated.  This theory is what has me incredibly excited about securitized tokens and specifically 22X Fund. The 22X Fund is the first security token of its kind – a founder-organized initiative of 30 companies from the most recent batch of 500 Startups (Batch 22), one of the best technology accelerators in the world. The startup founders of 22X joined forces to revolutionize the way we think about fundraising. The securitized token represents up to 10% equity interest in each company, providing investors with access to Silicon Valley’s best and brightest with one single investment. The batch of 30 companies was vetted by the 500 Startups organization and had previously raised over US$ 22,000,000 in capital to get to the stages they are at today.Investors within the 22X Fund gain access to 30 high growth companies with one investment and can reduce their overall risk while having access to liquidity by trading the token as they see fit.There are incredible benefits to both sides here – the founders of the companies have access to global capital ranging from smaller private investors overseas, to family offices to traditional institutional funds.  The 22X Fund empowers its founders to spend less time raising money and more time focusing on how to grow their business and be successful.  Although I still believe the venture capitalists play a critical role in the ecosystem, it reduces their power to be the final say about who has an opportunity to be successful. It democratizes startup investment.   The long-term implications for the relationship between traditional venture capital and founders are still up in the air, but I think for the community this is an incredible step forward.  Silicon Valley is known for its forward-thinking, risk-taking and against the grain mentality. This new type of fundraising is precisely what should be expected from incredibly driven, determined and bright founders who are willing to take risks. Related Posts AI: How it’s Impacting Surveillance Data Storage A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… China and America want the AI Prize Title: Who … AI Will Empower Leaders, Not Replace Themlast_img read more

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How Not to Use LinkedIn for Sales

first_imgThe image below is from an InMail I received today. The person sending it is inquiring about my need for help with sales. He believes he can help me “increase revenue and reduce my turnover with his award-winning sales optimization.” “The best part,” according to the sender, is that “over the past 25 years,” they’ve “helped hundreds of company turn their sales teams performance around.”As is customary from the innumerable LinkedIn spammers clogging up the inbox you never requested, the sender has included a link for me to schedule a meeting with him directly, as if somehow this pitch should cause an irresistible urge to add myself to his calendar.  His pitch promises nothing of value in trade for my time, is devoid of any insight that might pique my curiosity, and offers me nothing more than a chance for him to pitch me, under the tenuous disguise of “see how I can help.”The oblivious sender also demonstrates an unawareness of the fundamental that is doing the minimal viable research before sending an InMail or making a call. Worse still, the idea that this is the right prospecting approach in the 21st Century is an indication that the sender is so out of touch with sales as it is practiced today as to believe that spamming people on LinkedIn is a growth strategy. A glance at his calendar is an indication it is not, as there are plenty of times available, all of them are grouped tightly together without an intervening appointment, indicating no one has scheduled a meeting on the days he is available.Within an hour of receiving the first time-waster’s poorly conceived pitch for a meeting, a person with the title VP of Sales decided to steal my time (and likely hundreds more) by telling me how many qualified leads he created for “businesses like” mine, even though it is clear he has no idea what I do. If he had any awareness of what I do, he would not have written that one of his “clients got 131 clients in the first 5 months,” a clear indication he is looking for people who need help with transactional sales. Or, more likely, anyone who might be gullible enough to pay him for the experience in the picture below, which I suspect might be the CEO in the first image.Using the same lame line as time-waster number one, he writes: “The best part . . . If we don’t deliver, you don’t pay!” However, there is no best part.This is not prospecting. It is spam. It isn’t how you should use LinkedIn, and it isn’t how you promise to create enough value to compel your targeted dream client to trade you their time. Essential Reading! Get my 3rd book: Eat Their Lunch “The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

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LG G-Watch R smartwatch is round and retro

first_imgG-Watch RApart from the Samsung Gear S, on Thursday, LG officially unveiled its new smartwatch. It unveiled the G-Watch R,  which it teased last week. Unlike, its earlier attempt, the G-Watch, its latest smartwatch is round and has the timeless vibe of a retro analog wristwatch. In other words, it’s a beautiful looking smartwatch. Arguably, its prettier than Motorola’s Moto 360.It runs on Google’s Android Wear platform and it has a 1.3-inch plastic OLED screen, which is the same type of screen LG used in the G-Flex smartphone. LG claims, under direct sunlight, the watch offers great visibility and because the screen is made out of plastic it can stay submerged under a meter of water for up to 30 minutes.Unlike the G-Watch, there’s also a button which masquerades as the crown rotary nob of the watch. It can make things easier as the user does not need to rely on the swipe gestures of the OS to navigate everything.In terms of hardware, it retains the same internals as the G-Watch. This means there’s a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor clocked at 1.2GHz, with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage. There’s also a heart-rate monitor, which was not present in the G-Watch.Part of the charm that the G-watch R brings to the table is the stock watch face, which adds the vibe of a retro analog watch, which include a hand for seconds and internal dials, that are often found in sports watches.LG says that it will come in the fourth quarter of the year, and there is no word on price or India availability.advertisementAgain, it appears that all the major tech companies are rushing out and showing off their smartwatches, before Apple shows off its iWatch, which is rumoured to launch on September 8 alongside two new iPhones.Follow writer on Twitter @DigitallyBoneslast_img read more

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Cincinnati Open: Fatigued Rafael Nadal pulls out, Andy Murray returns to singles

first_imgWorld number two Rafael Nadal has withdrawn from this week’s Cincinnati Open due to fatigue, the tournament’s organisers said on Sunday.The Spaniard, Cincinnati champion in 2013, beat Russia’s Daniil Medvedev to claim his fifth Rogers Cup in Montreal earlier in the day.Cincinnati organisers also said Canadian teen Bianca Andreescu, who was crowned women’s champion at the Rogers Cup after Serena Williams retired in the final with a back injury, had also withdrawn because of a change to her schedule.Andy Murray has sharpened his game on the practice courts with some of the best players in the world but the Scot says now is the time to really test himself with a return to singles action at the Cincinnati Masters.Murray had hip resurfacing surgery in January in a bid to salvage his career and eased himself back into competitive action in doubles play.The 32-year-old is now ready to go it alone and will face Frenchman Richard Gasquet on Monday in what will be his first singles match since losing in the Australian Open first round to Spain’s Roberto Bautista Agut seven months ago.”The performances against top singles players in practises have been good,” said the three times Grand Slam winner, whose world ranking has slipped to No. 325″But at some stage you have to take the step to try and play. The quickest way to get up to speed is by being on the practice and match court with top players,” the ATP Tour’s website here quoted him as saying.advertisementNow with a metal covering on part of his hip, Murray says he is pain-free but knows it will take time to regain his agility and movement around the court.”I’m not expecting to move as well I used to, but I think I can move better than I am now,” he said at a news conference. “That will take some time since I only started playing singles a couple of weeks ago.”When you’re playing at the highest level against the best players, they hit the ball big and that takes some time to get used to.”Murray said he taken inspiration from doubles player Bob Bryan, who made a successful return from hip surgery.”I probably would have had the operation regardless,” he said. “But I’m not sure I would have tried to play if I hadn’t seen what he had done and heard everything he told me about. He’s been brilliant.”last_img read more

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