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Honeymoon in Vegas Stars Rob McClure & Tony Danza Visit Broadway.com!

first_img Honeymoon in Vegas You know the old adage, “What happens at Broadway.com stays at Broadway.com?” Well, we just can’t keep this news to ourselves! Honeymoon in Vegas stars Rob McClure and Tony Danza took a trip to Broadway.com’s New York City headquarters on October 1 to chat about the new musical by Jason Robert Brown and Andrew Bergman with the Group Sales team. Directed by Gary Griffin, the stage adaptation of the 1992 movie tells the story of Jack Singer (McClure), a regular guy with an extreme aversion to marriage who finally asks his girlfriend to marry him—but when smooth-talking gambler Tommy Korman (Danza) falls head over heels for Betsy, things get a little crazy. Honeymoon in Vegas begins performances November 18 at the Nederlander Theatre on Broadway! Star Files View Comments Related Shows Show Closed This production ended its run on April 5, 2015 Rob McClurelast_img read more

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Honduran Armed Forces Act with Transparency and Open Door Policy

first_imgBy Dialogo June 05, 2013 But if you analyze some Central American countries, such as Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, they make use of their Armed Forces with different strategies. In Nicaragua, for example, they are deployed in rural areas, unlike in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, which deploy in the main cities, to protect them from organized crime, common crime, and citizen insecurity. This and other issues were explained by General Osorio Canales, Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Honduran Military, during an interview with Diálogo in Panama City, during the Central American Security Conference (CENTSEC), in April. General René Osorio Canales: We have set our priorities based on the insecurity that the country is going through. We have focused on the strongest threats, such as drug trafficking, the insecurity generated by organized crime, and common crime. Diálogo: General Osorio, would you like to send a message to our _Diálogo_readers? In Honduras, we are supporting our National Police in prevention tasks and, obviously, in the fight against drug trafficking. In the Caribbean, we have the support of the Naval Force, which is the branch that has made the most seizures in 2011, 2012, and so far this year. The Honduran Air Force is collaborating by intercepting aircraft, and the Army is providing general help in land operations, together with the National Police. Interview with General René Osorio Canales, Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Honduran Armed Forces We have a good relationship with our neighboring countries in order to counter this scourge, as well as with the United States, through the military groups and the defense attaché detached throughout Honduras. We have aerial platforms that send us information of illicit aircraft, which is coordinated with our partners. In spite of budget cuts, the U.S. Defense has provided us training support and a light team. Diálogo: How can the cooperation and intelligence exchange contribute to Honduran forces and the rest of the nations in the region? Diálogo: Is it a crime to belong to a gang in Honduras? Has it become a public safety concern? Through the CFAC (Conference of Central American Armed Forces), our partner nations and neighboring countries are making sound information and intelligence exchanges, not only in the Armed Forces, but also in the Police, where the intelligence community gathers every month in order to exchange information. Within the framework of the CFAC, there is a close relationship between military commanders in the border areas of Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador to counter insecurity generated by gangs that smuggle weapons and drugs, especially in the Guatemalan territory, where cartels make their way towards Mexico, to meet with Los Zetas cartel in Sinaloa, as well as with all the parties involved in drug trafficking. In Honduras, gang implementation is driven by organized crime, which uses gangs for murders, with their same ideology and concepts of violence. They have been given a special treatment by law, and what the country is looking for is prevention and a way to reintegrate these young people into society. Both the Catholic and Protestant churches are working hard, as well as certain social ministries; in this case, the CONAVI (National Congress for Life and Social Justice), aimed at developing sport fields and recreational areas, so there can be spaces that help recover these teenagers. Logically, those who commit crimes must be punished. We are working on the law to lower the legal age from 18 to 16, so that those minors who are being used by organized crime and crime in general can be captured. These minors are led by heads that have been involved in this for years and are extremely violent, without any respect for the lives of citizens. center_img Gen. Osorio Canales: Well, Honduras is one of those countries. We support the Preventive Police, because insecurity has gone way over the line. Our president and commander-in-chief, passed an executive order through the council of ministers that empowers us to act as law enforcement officers in order to prevent crime. Gen. Osorio Canales: At the national level, there is an excellent relationship between judicial institutions. In this case, we are working closely and planning with the National Police’s general director. There is also good communication with the Supreme Court of Justice through national judges and with all prosecutors. It is a team that we have created through the National Defense and Security Council headed by the president, who is our commander in chief. Moreover, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Defense, and the Minister of Security are also cooperating with us, as well as the Head of Congress, of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the general director of the Police. Therefore, there are good internal relationships. Diálogo: What are the current security priorities in Honduras? Gen. Osorio Canales: Well, remember that there are minors within Honduran gang members that are exploited by organized crime, by criminals that are in prisons and take advantage of this situation to recruit minors to perpetrate crimes, while shielding themselves with the laws that protect them for being minors. Diálogo: How is Honduras using technology to counter organized crime? It has been a long, arduous struggle, but the Honduran Armed Forces have coordinated their efforts with all institutions in charge of preserving the state of law and order in the country. With cooperation and information exchange between partner nations, they have been deeply devoted to fighting organized crime, gangs and drug trafficking. Even though the light at the end of the tunnel is still small, Honduran Soldiers remain ready to fight. Diálogo: Some Latin American countries have considered conveying law enforcement powers to the Armed Forces. What is your opinion about this? We work in the major cities, in some departments; what we do is provide security personnel for prevention, catch criminals red-handed, and then we hand offenders over to the police, so they can continue the procedure through prosecutors with evidence, and obviously through the courts in charge of conducting the legal proceedings. Gen. Osorio Canales: I want to share with you that a State office for investigation and intelligence was set up last year with cutting-edge equipment, including a special system to monitor phone calls, and we have a law that supports it. Coincidentally, a national counter extortion unit was founded, integrated by security members, the National Police, the Armed Forces, judges and prosecutors, all of them certified. They have passed confidence tests, such as voluntary polygraph tests, toxicological screens; their socio-economic situations and assets have also been analyzed, and their personalities have also been examined through a psychometric examination. Fortunately, we have top-notch technology to do this. We are also working on other mobile platforms to be transported throughout the city, in order to trace phone calls. It is only one month old, and it has already yielded positive results. There have been 280 arrests, in addition to bringing down ten criminal gangs in less than a month. Gen. Osorio Canales: I would like to tell all Diálogo readers that the Honduran Armed Forces are doing a great job on prevention, with the support of our president. We subscribe to human rights and we respect the law. I request the Honduran people and all Dialogo readers’ confidence. This is an enormous task. It is a situation of insecurity confronting the country and the region. I ask you to trust the Armed Forces, who are acting legally, and are respectful of the law. Furthermore, our doors are open to any investigation, of any human rights organization, or any mass media source, either radio, print or TV.last_img read more

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Resurgent Biden makes Super Tuesday push to halt Sanders’ momentum

first_imgWhile campaigning in a diner in Oakland, Calif., Biden told a voter that “hopes are high” that he would meet the 15% threshold needed to collect delegates in liberal California. Failure to do so could cement Sanders’ lead in the race.Sanders, a US senator from Vermont who has vowed to make the wealthy and corporations assume a heavier tax burden, is hoping progressives, Latinos and young voters turn out to make his second bid for the Democratic nomination successful.But fewer than two of 10 voters in the Super Tuesday states are first-time primary voters, the polls showed. Sanders has argued his grassroots political revolution would ignite a surge of new voters.Sanders has heavily outspent Biden on ads and in building a campaign organization in the Golden State, where 415 delegates will be awarded. At least 1,991 delegates are needed to become the nominee at the party’s convention in July.The rush of primary elections on Tuesday, in which one-third of the delegates are up for grabs, may provide some clarity in a muddled race with several candidates rising and falling, leaving many Democratic voters torn and uncertain.Biden, who was President Barack Obama’s vice president, has emerged as a top threat since his South Carolina win on Saturday opened the floodgates on endorsements from Democratic officials worried that Sanders’ proposals to restructure the economy would doom the party’s prospects in November.Biden is trying to build a bridge between progressive Democrats’ desire for big structural change and more moderate Democrats yearning for a candidate who will be able to win over enough independents and Republicans to oust Trump.That effort gained fresh momentum on the eve of Tuesday’s voting as moderate presidential rivals Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, endorsed Biden after withdrawing from the race.Leslie Cohen, a retired teacher in Sacramento, California, said she had planned to support Buttigieg but would now vote for Biden.”Once he dropped out and Amy Klobuchar dropped out, my decision was made because I don’t want Bernie Sanders. I don’t think he can beat Trump,” Cohen said.Siphoning votes Biden’s goal on Tuesday will be to stay within reach of Sanders in the delegate count, giving him a chance to make up ground as the campaign possibly becomes a two-candidate race.Tennessee is one of the states where Biden hopes to do well on Tuesday. A powerful, killer tornado in the Nashville area delayed the opening of polls there by an hour, and forced officials to relocate some polling locations.The billionaire Bloomberg remains a wild card as he joins the competition for the first time. The moderate skipped the first four contests and spent more than $500 million of his own money to bombard Super Tuesday and later voting states with ads, but has seen his poll numbers slip after a poor first debate.Asked by a reporter in Miami if he thought he risked spoiling Biden’s chances of winning the nomination, Bloomberg responded: “You think I’m going to siphon (votes) from him? He’s siphoning them from me.”Jeff Sunderland, 39, of Arlington, Virginia, said he voted for Sanders because he believes more needs to be done to improve the plight of workers. “I think that the working people of this country deserve better from our government,” he said.Senator Elizabeth Warren, who was briefly the front-runner in the race last year, also remains in the hunt and hopes to score a victory in her home state of Massachusetts. Opinion polls show her trailing in other states.The pace of the Democratic race begins to accelerate after Super Tuesday, with 11 more states voting by the end of March. By then, nearly two-thirds of the delegates will have been allotted.Sanders lead Sanders headed into Tuesday with 60 delegates to Biden’s 54 in the state-by-state nominating fight. Sanders managed a virtual tie with Buttigieg in Iowa and wins in New Hampshire and Nevada.Besides leading in polls in California, Sanders also is ahead of Biden by a smaller margin in polls in Texas. Sanders’ strength with Hispanics should pay dividends in that state, where Latinos comprise one-third of the Democratic electorate.Biden, whose South Carolina win affirmed his popularity with black voters, hopes to win five states where African Americans make up at least a quarter of the Democratic electorate: Alabama, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee and Arkansas.Other states voting on Tuesday are Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, Oklahoma and Utah. The US territory of American Samoa was holding a caucus contest, and Democrats living abroad began voting in a primary set to run until March 10.The first polls will close in Vermont and Virginia at 7 p.m. EST (midnight GMT). The last will close in California at 8 p.m. PST (0400 GMT on Wednesday).The next contests, on March 10, will be in Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota and Washington state. Early exit polls by Edison Research showed relatively few voters in California and second-biggest state Texas, about two in 10, made up their minds in the last few days, which could minimize Biden’s recent momentum.But in Virginia and Massachusetts, about half of voters decided recently while one third of voters in North Carolina decided in the last few days, the polls showed.Voting on Tuesday was taking place against the backdrop of an escalating political and economic crisis over the global outbreak of coronavirus, which has infected some 90,000 people worldwide and killed more than 3,000, mostly in China.Super Tuesday voters named healthcare as their leading issues, and more than half support a government-run single-payer system, Sanders’ signature proposal, the exit polling showed. US Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden took his resurgent campaign to California on Tuesday in a last-minute push to blunt front-runner Bernie Sanders’ momentum as Americans voted in the largest round of state nominating contests.California, the most populous state, is a tantalizing prize in Super Tuesday elections in 14 states that are the first national test for candidates seeking the Democratic nomination to face Republican President Donald Trump in the Nov. 3 election.Biden aims to muscle aside upstart Michael Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor, and consolidate support from moderates. He has been re-energized since a blowout win in South Carolina on Saturday, and polls show him gaining in some states on Sanders, a democratic socialist.center_img Topics :last_img read more

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ASA bans Sky Bet ad after deeming it irresponsible

first_imgShare Share EFL urges government to rethink gambling sponsorship ban July 3, 2020 StumbleUpon A Sky Bet advert broadcast on 30 August 2018 has been banned by the Advertising Standards Agency after being deemed socially irresponsible.The advert, fronted by Sky Sports presenter Jeff Stelling, promoted the operator’s “request a bet” service to customers which would allow punters to place a combination of bets throughout a football match. In the advert, Stelling says: “Forget ‘anything can happen’, in sport anything does happen. But could it be better? With Request a Bet it could. Spark your sports brain and roll all the possibilities into one bet. “Three red cards, seven corners, five goals: lets price that up. Or browse hundreds of request a bets on our app. The possibilities are humongous. How big is your sports noggin? Sky Bet, Britain’s most popular online bookmaker. When the fun stops, stop.”The advertising watchdog received two complaints from individuals who challenged the idea that it was socially irresponsible due to its implication that individuals with thorough sports knowledge were likely to experience gambling success.Sky Bet was found to have breached BCAP Code rules 17.3 for its creation of “an unrealistic perception of the level of control consumers would have over betting success”.The ASA responded to the advertisement, upholding the ruling. The ruling detailed: “The ad contained a number of references to the role of sports knowledge in betting, such as “spark your sports brain” and “how big is your sports noggin”. “It also included a well-known sports presenter, who viewers would recognise as having a particular expertise in sports, and on-screen graphics used to depict brain waves and various odds.“The ASA considered that, taking all those elements into account, the ad placed strong emphasis on the role of sports knowledge in determining betting success. We acknowledged it was the case that those with knowledge of a particular sport may be more likely to experience success when betting.“We considered that the ad gave an erroneous perception of the extent of a gambler’s control over betting success, by placing undue emphasis on the role of sports knowledge. “We considered that this gave consumers an unrealistic and exaggerated perception of the level of control they would have over the outcome of a bet and that could lead to irresponsible gambling behaviour.”Gambling operators have previously come under fire for the promotion of gambling services during TV advertisements. The Committees of Advertising Practice, as a result, released a number of additional restrictions upon gambling advertisements in February 2018 especially restricting those that use celebrities and sports stars in their promotions. Related Articles BGC: Charities win big as bookies take beating in Britannia Stakes June 19, 2020 Submit PokerStars moves to refresh global appeal with ‘I’M IN’ August 18, 2020last_img read more

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Whicker: Frank Vogel finds himself a stranger in an increasingly strange Lakers franchise

first_img Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Error Vogel’s first day on the job was also sabotaged by Magic Johnson, who appeared on ESPN hours earlier to accuse Pelinka of back-stabbing him. Pelinka said he was “surprised and disheartened” to hear this.But then Vogel also ran afoul of Larry Bird, who hired Vogel in Indiana but never seemed committed to him and then disassembled the Pacers.So Vogel is wary of legends and myths, including those he now must revive.In the past six seasons, the Lakers are 166 games below .500 and the Clippers are 118 games over. Only the Lakers, Knicks, Kings and Suns have spent the past six years outside the playoffs.Kentucky won the NCAA championship in 1996. Since then Vogel’s wardrobe, car and portfolio have grown. In Lakerstan, so will the creature discomforts. Lakers, Clippers schedules set for first round of NBA playoffs EL SEGUNDO — Allen Edwards and the other Kentucky players lived at the Wildcat Lodge. Right across the street was Memorial Coliseum, where Adolph Rupp used to coach and where Rick Pitino’s offices were, in 1996.Edwards and friends would often be going out while a group of droopy-eyed coaches was just coming in. One was Frank Vogel.“I’d say, ‘Really? You’ve been over there all this time?’ And then he and the rest of them would go back early the next morning,” said Edwards, now the coach at Wyoming. “That’s basically all he did, work all the time.”Vogel was Pitino’s video man. He had come there after a couple of unfulfilling playing years at Juniata College in Pennsylvania. He just showed up one day, and the Kentucky trainer told him to get lost. He didn’t, and he wound up as errand boy, junior varsity player, movie producer. Lakers practice early hoping to answer all questions “On offense, we want to play inside out and use all that space to become a good basket-attacking team,” he said. “On defense, we want to play outside in, because protecting the basket is still the most important thing.”The Pacers pushed Miami to a Game 7 in 2013 but lost it 99-76 as James scored 32. James apparently gave his blessing to Vogel, but he clearly wanted former Cleveland coach Tyronn Lue. Vogel said he and Lue have the same agent and he doesn’t expect any friction with James.General Manager Rob Pelinka, in his first appearance since Magic Johnson quit on April 9, said the Lakers aspired to contend and maybe even win the NBA title next year, since they had a great young core and, of course, the “best player in the world.”Wow. A scoop. When did the Lakers get Giannis Antetokounmpo?Actually, James was putting up some shots after the formal press conference ended, but Antetokounmpo has become the Next Laker in the same delusional way Hakeem Olajuwon, Ralph Sampson, Larry Johnson, Tim Duncan, Kevin Lowe, Paul George, Kawhi Leonard and Anthony Davis were.The theory is that Jason Kidd, the assistant coach who was forced on Vogel, will lure Antetokounmpo to L.A. because he coached him in Milwaukee. When Kidd was fired, Giannis was so anguished he offered to call management himself. Much has changed since then, but Kidd’s hunger for power probably hasn’t.Related Articlescenter_img Trail Blazers, Grizzlies advance to NBA play-in game; Suns, Spurs see playoff dreams dashed AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREUCLA alum Kenny Clark signs four-year contract extension with Packers“This was maybe one step beyond VHS,” Edwards said, laughing. “But it was a tough job.  Coach Pitino didn’t want anything that wasn’t right. Plus, Frank was going to school, too.”Vogel got a degree in biology and a diploma in dungeon occupation. He is one of eight NBA coaches who (A) did not play in the NBA and (B) never was a head coach anywhere until his first NBA job. A guy like him, with the Pitino stamp and the willingness to work without sleep or money, is a commodity now.The Lakers hired Vogel last week and formally presented him Monday. He turns 46 next month and this is his third NBA head-coaching chance.  His Indiana Pacers took the Miami Heat, with LeBron James, deep into two Eastern Conference finals. His Orlando Pacers were too young even before Victor Oladipo was traded, and Vogel got new bosses halfway through a gig that lasted two bad years. He could sense what was coming.He spent his “sabbatical” season picking assorted brains throughout the NBA. Now Vogel coaches in a cellar amid the warlords of Lakerstan, a fallen kingdom with shadowy advisers bearing long knives. If a camel is a horse designed by committee, that committee has turned a camel into the Lakers.Vogel talked about process and culture, because of course he did. He also said players “who were worth a damn always want to be coached hard.” He said his Orlando years were a “laboratory” in which he grasped the new, bomb-launching NBA, and all the implications of a game conducted in space. How athletes protesting the national anthem has evolved over 17 years Trail Blazers beat Grizzlies in play-in, earn first-round series with the Lakers last_img read more

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Mirza Alibegović to play for Enel Brindisi

first_imgYoung 20 year old basketball player Mirza Alibegović signed a contract with Italian first league club ”Enel Brindisi”.Former basketball player of ”Čelik” and ”Bosna”, Alibogović comes to ”Enel Brindisi” from the club ”Pistoia” where his average was 3,4 points and 2,3 jumps in 15 played matches.Mirza used to play for Scavolini, and Pesara. He’s 197 cm tall.Enel Brindisi is currently 9th team of the Italian Championship with 10 victories and 10 defeats.last_img

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Harrogate Golf Club commitment to a more inclusive culture within golf

first_img Harrogate Golf Club in Yorkshire has become the latest English club to sign up to The R&A’s Women in Golf Charter.The club already has 85 women and girl members and it has committed to increasing that membership level by at least five per cent over the next three years.They aim to provide a welcoming environment to encourage more women and girls to enjoy the sport and to participate at every level.“Harrogate Golf Club has been at the forefront in golf since its inception in 1892 and is a founder member of The Yorkshire Union of Golf Club,” said club President, Alastair Davidson. “More recently, it was the first club in Yorkshire to gain Golf Mark accreditation, so it is no surprise the club is rising to the challenge of encouraging female participation in all levels of golf.“Over the last couple of years, we have introduced nine-hole Stableford competitions which are open to all genders and we have reviewed our competition structure so that seven-day lady members can play in the monthly medal competitions on Saturdays.“We have a thriving Mixed Section and run competitions such as Texas Scrambles where members from all sections (Men, Ladies and Juniors) play together in the same team. As part of our drive to be more inclusive we have also introduced a shorter 18-hole course called the Belmont which will soon be available for qualifying competitions.”Harrogate has named its immediate past captains, Maggie Gobbi and William Watson, as its Women in Golf Champions and both have already been working with the current Captains and Captains Elect to formulise the club’s commitment to the Women in Golf Charter moving forwards.Maggie, who has been a member at Harrogate for 12 years and has a handicap of 22, is working with the club’s professionals to promote a series of trial packages for beginner ladies and, with the support of the Ladies Section, is arranging social and practice sessions for the participants. 22-handicapper, William, a club member for 34 years, is helping the Junior Co-ordinator with efforts to build up the Junior Section.“It’s been fantastic to work with Harrogate on the Women in Golf Charter and to see how they have addressed a variety of aspects within the club from their initial recruitment campaigns through to the female representation on boards. We are looking forward to working with them over the coming year to ensure their commitments are a success,” said England Golf’s Women and Girls Manager, Lauren Spray.The Women in Golf Charter was launched last year to encourage more women and girls to play the game and to increase the number of job opportunities for women within the sport. England Golf was one of the first signatories to the Charter and subsequently more than 100 organisations have committed to it.For more information on the Women in Golf Charter please click here or get in touch with your England Golf Club Support Officer.Picture Caption (L to R) – Club President Alastair Davidson and its Women in Golf Champions Maggie Gobbi and William Watson. 16 Jul 2019 Harrogate Golf Club commitment to a more inclusive culture within golf Tags: The R&A, women and girls, Women in Golf Charterlast_img read more

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Ohio lawmaker proposes LeBron license plate

first_imgCleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James poses during NBA basketball team’s media day in this Oct. 3, 2009 file photo taken in Independence, Ohio. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak, File)CLEVELAND (AP) — An Ohio lawmaker wants to give the state’s motorists the chance to score a license plate honoring LeBron James.State Rep. Bill Patmon is planning to introduce legislation to permit the sale of a commemorative “LeBron James Witness 2.0” plate honoring the Akron native’s decision return to the Cleveland Cavaliers.“When LeBron came home, it was a big deal for us,” said the Democrat from Cleveland. “It might not be for the rest of the world, but it’s a big deal for Cleveland.”James, a four-time NBA most valuable player, was drafted by the Cavaliers in 2003 but left town for Miami after seven seasons. Last month, he announced he would re-sign with Cleveland.The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles offers more than 150 specialty plates, including one that Patmon pushed through the Legislature that honors comic book hero Superman. The Man of Steel was created by two Clevelanders, Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster, who grew up in the Glenville neighborhood that Patmon represents.“People from all over country and world called (the BMV) office about the Superman license plate,” Patmon said.Unfortunately for Superman’s out-of-state and international fans, they would have to register a vehicle in Ohio to get a plate, although Patmon thinks there’s an “after-market” for them as there would be for a LeBron James plate.The state currently does not offer any license plates commemorating a real person, dead or alive. Lindsey Bohrer, a spokeswoman for the Ohio BMV, is not aware that the state has ever had one.Ohio does have plates for more than two dozen Ohio colleges or universities, 40 with military themes, seven for professional sports teams and more than 80 others that tell let the motoring world know you are a prospective organ donor, an Eagle Scout or a “Friend of Coal.”The motor vehicle bureau charges $35 for most specialty plates plus an agreed-to amount that goes to charity. For example, a breast cancer awareness plate adorned with a pink ribbon, generates $25 for the Breast Cancer Fund of Ohio.Patmon wants the LeBron James Family Foundation to receive the additional cost those plates would generate. He said he has spoken to James’ representatives.last_img read more

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Census: Shore Towns Show Declines In Population

first_imgAccording to the 2010 U.S. Census, Monmouth has experienced some changes in population over the past 10 years, but some county and local officials are skeptical about the accuracy of the numbers.The data show that roughly 15,000 more people now call Monmouth County home than did so back in 2000, with the current population standing at 630,380.Most of the population growth occurred in the western party of the county, with Upper Freehold experiencing the largest increase.The population of Upper Freehold increased by 61.9 percent, bringing its total population to 6,902.Other communities with reported increases include Marlboro, Manalapan, Millstone, Tinton Falls, Howell and Holmdel.Red Bank showed a modest increase of 3.06 percent bringing that population to 12,206, while Fair Haven experienced a 3.10 percent hike, raising its population to 6,121,Approximately 50 percent of municipalities within the county showed marked decreases in population.The largest declines occurred in tiny seaside locations as Allenhurst and Loch Arbor Village, which saw drops of 30.92 percent and 30.71 percent, respectively, bringing their total populations down to 496 and 194.In general, shore communities appeared to be experiencing the most declines, with the population down Middletown, Keansburg, Atlantic Highlands and Highlands. In the two river area, Sea Bright had a significant drop with a loss of 406 residents, a decline of 22.33 percent, bringing the population of that coastal community down to 1,412.But some on the county and local levels are questioning the federal findings.“We’re actually not sure these counts are completely accurate,” said Russell Like, principal planner/section supervisor of research and special studies for the county’s Division of Planning.Like noted that the numbers seem to show there was an increase in the housing vacancy rate throughout the county. “And that does include the coastal communities,” he said. But he speculates that could mean, “A higher percentage of people who are using those as second homes.”“That is no means a certainty,” Like acknowledged, “just one possibility.”The Census is really intended as a “snapshot” of the population for April 1 of the year that it’s taken, Like explained. “The Census, while it attempted to be a 100 percent count is a model of the real world,” Like said. “And models are never 100 percent accurate.”Like has spoken to some local officials about the findings and, “honestly, they’re a little puzzled.”“So, I think there are some questions about these numbers,” he noted.Middletown, the county’s largest municipality, at about 40 square miles, saw a downward trend of approximately 0.29 percent, which translates into a loss of 195 residents.But like the county as a whole, Middletown has seen a reduction in household size and an increase in the housing vacancy rate. But the reasons why aren’t clear, said Jason Greenspan, Middletown’s planner. “Without detailed Census data at the track level, it’s really just speculation,” he said.(Greenspan did note, that Middletown has experienced population decreases since the 1990 data.)Some of statistical surprises may be explained by human error on the part of Census workers, noted Greenspan, who said township officials had received phone calls from residents of relatively new developments who complained they hadn’t gotten their forms, leaving him to wonder if the workers had overlooked some portions of the community.In Sea Bright there was a similar situation, said Mayor Maria Fernandes, who said there were complaints about the federal Census worker, who was available for only a brief period.“I found the numbers awfully strange,” Fernandes concluded.Like has been telling municipalities within the county that they could challenge the federal findings if they think there are inconsistencies, and file appeals with the Census Bureau. Towns have until 2013 to file.Middletown, is considering it, Greenspan said, though no decision has been made. And for now, “We in Middletown are speculating what that decline is due to,” he said. By John Burtonlast_img read more

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Future looks bright for NYS boys rep program

first_imgThe future of the boys rep program for Nelson Youth Soccer should be coming up roses sooner than later.That’s all because of the focus NYS is taking with the U12 program.“The focus at this age is development,” said mentor/coach, Jamie Spendlove.“We don’t want to cut any kids and perhaps discourage them from pursuing rep soccer. “A kid that might just miss out on the team at this age, if there were cuts, might be a star player in a couple years, with the extra development.”Spendlove said NYS would enter two teams for every tournament on the schedule — the strongest players spread onto both teams.“We’re making them balanced, but not as strong as if we entered just one team,” Spendlove explained. “This weekend in Kamloops was no different where we entered two, balanced teams in the tournament.” The results were somewhat varied as a result, but overall, some strong performances were delivered from both teams and all the boys. “I was very pleased with the strong play and leadership shown by our second year players that were put on both teams,” said coach Kerry Dyck.“They lead the way.  But at the same time, several of our new players, both U12 and U11, stepped up at times with great performances as well.  I found that very encouraging. “You could see the progress even through the weekend.”The first Nelson team finished the weekend with one win and three losses. However, in two of the three losses, the team played very well, and with a bit of luck, could have come away with a tie or even a win. The second Nelson team finished the weekend with two ties and two losses. Again, they played very well in three of the games and could have won both of the games they tied and even in one of the losses.Leading the way for Nelson from both teams with goals was Ezra Foy with four, followed by Angus Paterson with two and singles by Keanu Tromans, Jesse Thurston, Jesse Harold, Dylan Luscombe, Bradey Sookero, Max Spielman, Josh Schacher, Thomas Baxter and Jaden Dyck. Jesse Thurston, Max Spielman, Sam Foy, Jaden Dyck and Bradey Sookero won game MVP honours.The U11/U12 Selects’ next action is June 2-3 in Kalispell Montana.last_img read more

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