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“To those who tell me to leave to win more things, I tell them that what matters is feeling”

first_imgGiménez is not a player from Atlético’s youth academy, but due to his behavior and the young age he reached many times it seems so. The Uruguayan defender exhibits a great sense of belonging and is another one who has long since been able to pack his bags to embark on another adventure and preferred to continue wearing the red and white. In fact, one of the teams that approached was Real Madrid, but Giménez preferred to extend his link with Atlético. At 25, if it wasn’t for injuries, his career would have stood out even more. This season he has suffered a couple of problems that slowed his projection at the best time. But his value is beyond doubt at Atlético, as is his leadership. Godín left, but could not have a better heir. Giménez learned from his compatriot and inherited the same feeling of belonging. This has been made clear again in an interview he has conducted through Instagram with the Uruguayan Football Association. For him, Uruguay and Atlético are almost the same. “I always compare it to Uruguay. It is a humble team, that works, works, works, works very hard and that’s how it gets things done,” he says. Giménez also sees similarities in terms of the game. “I compare it to Uruguay because it is a team that has always been characterized for defending well, that when it has opportunities it tries to make them, and people here always go with Atlético. It is like when they always go to Uruguay, because it is the selection of three million inhabitants, the one that has more history than many countries in the world, “he says.He also referred to those other major clubs who were interested in him, but who never managed to change his mind. “A lot of people tell me if I would not like to go to a team to win things, and I tell them that life is not based only on winning things but on feeling what you do. And many times, like when we had to win the Super Cup, it is five times more than it can be to win in a team that is used to winning every year, “he reasons.He also had words for the departure of Godín, his captain both in Uruguay and Atlético. The farewell was something that moved him. “That is something that you don’t see every day or with any player. At that moment, I wondered: something had to have been done and quite a lot was done. Those things generate so much pride and joy that it is difficult to describe it, but it is more than deserved, he earned it and people recognize it, “he added.last_img read more

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