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BLOG: Governor Wolf joined by Villanova Coach Jay Wright to Spread Awareness of “It’s On Us” Campaign Against Sexual Assault (Round-up)

first_img By: Eryn Spangler, Press Assistant PennLive: Gov. Tom Wolf, Villanova Coach Jay Wright team up to address sexual assault in Pennsylvania“We need to treat sexual assault in Pennsylvania as the big, serious problem it is. We are not going to put up with it anymore, anywhere…” [Governor] Wolf said. “Safety is a fundamental civil right and sexual assault is in clear violation of that civil right.”CBS Philly: Jay Wright Joins Gov. Wolf In Fight Against Campus Sexual ViolenceVillanova men’s basketball coach Jay Wright was introduced by Governor Wolf, who pointed to the Stanford case, in which a student received a sentence of just six months after being convicted of sexual assault, as the need for the “It’s On Us” campaign to stop trivializing sexual violence.FOX 43: Governor Wolf joined by Villanova Coach Jay Wright for “It’s On Us” Pledge“As we all know, a man in a high-profile assault case at Stanford University was recently found guilty of rape but received as his sentence only six months in county jail with probation. Meanwhile, his victim will have to live the rest of her life with the feeling of violation and danger that he caused,” said Governor Wolf. “These kinds of leniencies send a message to the community that we are not serious about preventing sexual assault. These kinds of leniencies are unacceptable. ‘It’s On Us PA’ is delivering that message across the commonwealth.”ABC 6: Villanova pledges to help fight sexual assaultVillanova University is the first college to sign on for a new program designed to increase awareness of sexual violence on college campuses. The “It’s On Us” initiative was announced by Gov. Tom Wolf on Wednesday.PA Homepage: Governor, Villanova join forces “It’s on Us PA”A statewide campaign aimed at combating sexual assault in schools and on college campuses is underway. Governor Tom Wolf and Jay Wright, head coach of the NCAA National Championship Villanova Basketball team, discussed the importance of the effort.ABC 27: Colleges react to Governor Wolf’s sexual assault awareness campaignThe “It’s On Us” pledge by Governor Wolf is a personal commitment to help keep students safe from sexual assault on campus. It’s also a promise to not be a bystander, but a part of the solution. York College has taken the commitment very seriously.PLS Reporter: VIDEO: Gov Wolf states Pennsylvania to take a stance against sexual assaultToday Gov. Wolf and Villanova men’s basketball coach Jay Wright came together for an “It’s on us” press conference where they discussed the importance of taking a stand against sexual assault on college campuses SHARE Email Facebook Twitter It’s On Us PA,  Round-Up,  The Blog On Wednesday, Governor Wolf and Villanova Men’s Basketball coach Jay Wright held a press conference to discuss the “It’s On Us” campaign and urge Pennsylvanians to stop sexual assault on college campuses. The national “It’s On Us Campaign” was launched by President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden in 2014. Pennsylvania was the first state in the nation to launch an “It’s On Us” campaign of its own.“Pennsylvania must take a stand against sexual assault, and that’s what the ‘It’s On Us PA’ campaign is all about. We, as a commonwealth, must make clear that sexual assault is completely unacceptable and goes against our ideals as Pennsylvanians,” said Governor Wolf. “I am determined to make Pennsylvania a shining example to the rest of the world of what committed citizens can do to make our world better. It is truly on all of us to accomplish this goal.”“It’s On Us PA” is a statewide campaign that invites everyone to play a role in ending sexual assault. The campaign encourages education leaders from school superintendents to college presidents, as well as students, teachers, faculty, staff, civic leaders, families, and communities, to make a personal and public pledge to play a role in preventing, addressing, and responding effectively to sexual violence.“At Villanova University, love and respect are essential to the life of our community. We believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to create a safe and caring community and prevent sexual violence,” said Villanova Men’s Basketball Coach Jay Wright. “This means that we step up and step in during the moments that matter. It’s on us, Nova Nation!”Since the campaign was launched in January, over 800 people – including representation from nearly 200 schools across Pennsylvania – have taken the pledge and signed on to the campaign.Take a look at the additional coverage below Like Governor Tom Wolf on Facebook: Facebook.com/GovernorWolf BLOG: Governor Wolf joined by Villanova Coach Jay Wright to Spread Awareness of “It’s On Us” Campaign Against Sexual Assault (Round-up) June 10, 2016last_img read more

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Home Unsweet Home—Steelers win some battles, but Baltimore wins the war, 26-14 (Oct. 3)

first_imgBALTIMORE RAVENS RB ALEX COLLINS played an instrumental role in the Ravens’ convincing win over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday Night Football, Sept. 30, 26-14. (Photos by Courier photographer Brian Cook)There was once upon a time when fire-breathing dragons roamed the earth and professional football players that wore leather helmets roamed the gridiron with names like Jim Thorpe and Red Grange. There were miniature monarchs that ruled miniature kingdoms named George Halas, Arthur J. Rooney and Paul Brown. All of these “kings” understood that when you crossed the borders of another man’s “kingdom,” the chances of exiting that hallowed ground with a victory, more often than not, were slim and none.Fast forward to 2018. The Baltimore Ravens entered the “kingdom of steel” of the Pittsburgh Steelers this past Sunday, Sept. 30. The Ravens did not place a “Trojan Horse” within the Steelers gates, only to surprise Pittsburgh as they slept. The men from B-more compromised the walls and tore down the gates, not defeating the Steelers by sneaking and attacking them from the rear, but defeating the men of steel face-to-face for the entire world to see. “General” Joseph Flacco had anticipated facing “General” Benjamin Roethlisberger in this most important battle, but the highly anticipated bloodbath was almost a one-sided battle as the Ravens began the battle slinging while the Steelers were just “singing.” Pittsburgh won a few skirmishes but Baltimore won the war. The final score: 26-14 Ravens. The Steelers now find themselves tied for last in the AFC North at 1-2-1 with the Browns.Come with me as we pause in retrospect for a moment or two. At the beginning of the 2018 NFL campaign, “General” Roethlisberger and his array of weapons were feared by many and disrespected by few. Roethlisberger could defeat you by land, by sea, above ground, below ground, in your kingdom, his kingdom or on neutral ground. It didn’t seem to matter. It was obvious to all that mattered that almost anyone that the Steelers faced were more than likely going to go down in defeat. It was not a question of why and how: the only question was when. However, there were stormy clouds gathering on the battlefront for the men of steel. The man charged with the placement and discharge of the weapons of the men of steel, “Colonel” Todd Haley, had been “exiled” from the “kingdom of steel” and took his experience to the Browns to help sculpture a new class of weaponry that the Orange and Brown team now possesses.There was now a new man in town to calculate and implement a new attack strategy for the Pittsburgh Steelers, his name is “Colonel” Randy Fichtner. “Colonel” Fichtner had been a close confidant to “General” Roethlisberger causing many to believe that the “unholy” alliance between he and the general was one of the deciding factors to “exile” “Colonel” Haley. From the beginning of his “tenure” with the Steelers, “General” Roethlisberger seemed to be dissatisfied with the battle plans of “Colonel” Haley and many times those with high stakes in the matter could see and sense a level of disdain exhibited toward “Colonel” Haley by “General” Roethlisberger at many times for no reason, mainly just because. “General” Roethlisberger did not accept or appreciate his new offensive strategist and by golly, by hook, or by crook “Colonel” Haley was going to meet a less-than-stellar end if “General” Roethlisberger and “Colonel” Fichtner had anything to do with it.They seemed to have prayed and waited, prayed and waited and now it appears as if their prayers were answered. As of this time, the walls of the steel kingdom have been breached twice in 2018 and may be breached again in less than a fortnight, as the Atlanta Falcons have been spotted flying toward Heinz Field at warp speed regarding reports that the demise of the Pittsburgh Steelers is nigh. It has been said in many circles time and time again,“Be careful what you pray for.”(Aubrey Bruce: [email protected]) Like us at https://www.facebook.com/pages/New-Pittsburgh-Courier/143866755628836?ref=hlFollow @NewPghCourier on Twitter  https://twitter.com/NewPghCourierlast_img read more

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Port of Olympia Offers Free Tours of the Working Waterfront

first_imgFacebook14Tweet0Pin0Submitted by Port of OlympiaWith the return of spring, the Port of Olympia will be resuming its popular marine terminal tour program in downtown Olympia. Tours, which are free to all, offer the opportunity to see and learn about the workings of Thurston County’s international shipping terminal.In addition to observing cargo operations, including the mobile harbor crane, log loaders and other equipment, visitors will learn about the various ways Thurston County is connected with the global trade network, and the role the Port plays in moving a wide range of goods to their final destination. Over 10,000 individuals have toured the Port of Olympia’s working waterfront over the past decade.Tour participants can expect to leave with a better understanding of the economic impact the Port has in our community as well as working knowledge of the Swantown Marina & Boatworks, Olympia Regional Airport and the Port’s Real Estate Development program.Tour DetailsReservations Required.  Space is limited. Reserve at http://www.portolympia.com/98/Port-Tours.Photo ID Required for 17+. Due to Federal regulations, the secured Marine Terminal requires photo identification for everyone over 17 years of age.Location and Duration. The outdoor walking tours begin at Port offices, 626 Columbia Street NW STE 1-B (Olympics Room) in Olympia. Tours last approximately two hours.Attire.  Because tours are outdoors, participants are advised to wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather.Children of all ages are welcome.  Tours are stroller and wheelchair accessible.A vessel in port is not guaranteed.2018 Tour ScheduleThursday, April 24, 1:00 p.m.Wednesday, May 9, 10:00 a.m.Thursday, June 21, 10:00 a.m.Wednesday, July 18, 6:00 p.m.Wednesday, August 15, 10:00 a.m.Thursday, September 13, 6:00 p.m.Tuesday, October 9, 1:00 p.m.School and Group ToursIn addition to the monthly scheduled tours, the Port also welcomes tour groups from schools or other organizations. School and group tours are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Transportation grants are available for Thurston County schools upon request.To schedule your group tour, or if you have questions, please contact Brianna Baker at [email protected] or by calling 360-528-8013.last_img read more

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