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Update Report of child being shot at appears to be false

first_imgAn apparent domestic disturbance led to a report of a child being shot at in the Hazel Dell area Thursday morning, but Clark County sheriff’s deputies quickly determined the report was likely unfounded.The initial report indicated that a gunman had shot at a child during a possible traffic-related incident around 9 a.m. in the 9800 block of Northeast Tenny Creek Drive in north Hazel Dell. The incident occurred on a residential street not far off the Highway 99 strip.Deputies arrived but found no victim, and in the first few minutes, discovered no evidence of a shooting, said sheriff’s Sgt. Fred Neiman. A man was detained for questioning at a nearby shopping center in the 1200 block of Northeast 99th Street, near Interstate 5, deputies said.So far, Neiman said, it doesn’t appear a gun was involved. “It appears to be a domestic disturbance with adults,” he said. A witness had reported the incident.Because deputies never identified a victim, they wrote a report and suspended the investigation. There is nothing more to go on, Neiman said, but the information is on file in case a victim comes forward or another incident is reported at the location. Neiman said that when someone calls 911, the information they give dispatchers is occasionally off base.When these reports come in with misinformation, Neiman said, “a lot of times, (the reporting person’s) perception of something might not be completely accurate. It doesn’t mean they’re being untruthful or exaggerating or anything.”last_img read more

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Watch Dogs has an extra hour of gameplay on PS4 and PS3

first_imgMay 27 can’t come soon enough for gamers who have been waiting to play Ubisoft’s open-world hacking game Watch Dogs since it missed its first launch window last year. But which platform do you buy the game for? PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, or PS4?It’s going to look best on PC or next-gen consoles, but Sony may have made the answer to this question much easier with that well-worn term “exclusive content.” Yes, it has been revealed that Watch Dogs on PlayStation consoles (both the PS3 and PS4) comes complete with an extra hour of exclusive gameplay as well as a couple of extra features you won’t find elsewhere.The additional gameplay on offer includes four missions centered around the DeadSec organization, although nothing is known yet about what those missions entail. The other exclusives Sony has secured include a white hat hacker outfit and a hacking boost. That boost means you’ll have an extra bar on your in-game smartphone battery, meaning less recharging will be necessary.Let’s be clear here, exclusive content for different platforms is not great for gamers. It only benefits the platform holder. And ultimately this content eventually gets unlocked for all platforms in a Game of the Year edition of the title or really isn’t worth bragging about to begin with. Gamers don’t like it because it limits choice, but it must work because Sony/Microsoft keep paying to secure this stuff.Before you rush out and pre-order your PlayStation version of the game because of this content, just consider it may be worth waiting. There’s a possibility Microsoft has done its own deal with Ubisoft and will reveal yet more exclusive content you’ll only get on Xbox 360 and Xbox One in the coming days or weeks.last_img read more

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