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Soccer continues its quest for a third championship

first_imgDefensively, USC will need to watch out for the offensive prowess of senior forward Ally Watt — who has 15 goals on the season — and junior defender Jimena Lopez, who is dangerous from the backfield with 14 assists.   The Aggies played a tough SEC schedule in the regular season. They’ve only lost once to then-No. 8 Arkansas and then-No. 10 BYU and twice to Florida. BYU is now No. 4 while Arkansas maintains the No. 8 spot. In addition, the Aggies knocked off then-No. 13 Santa Clara in their second game of the year.  If McKeown is unable to return against Texas A&M, the Trojans will need someone other than Hocking to step up offensively. Last week, that person was Hyatt, and it could be her time to shine again. Overall, USC should feel comfortable heading into this game. With Hocking on fire and the defense playing well, the Trojans will make a formidable opponent to any team they play for the time being.   Last season, McKeown played less of an attacking role, but personnel changes this offseason moved her into her more natural position, and it has paid off. Hyatt saw a similar leap in production when she was moved. Before playing Fullerton, she had been quiet statistically, but her outburst now puts her at five assists on the season.    Whoever ends up playing that second forward spot will face a tough Texas A&M defense that has been stellar all season, earning 11 shutouts on the year.   Friday’s game kicks off at 1:30 p.m. at McAlister Field. The No. 9-overall USC women’s soccer team is set to face No. 22 Texas A&M Friday in the second round of the NCAA Tournament as it looks to stay in the hunt for the program’s third national championship.   “I am glad we had that connection,” Hocking said after the win.  The 14-4-3 Aggies also took care of business easily in the first round. They took down Texas 4-1 and will have had a week to prepare for anything USC throws at them. “I think we just realize it’s win or go home,” Hyatt said. “We want another week.”center_img Hocking said the team needs to “stay focused” and “stay working together” heading into playoffs.  If USC takes care of business Friday, the winner of No. 20 Santa Clara and No. 13 Oklahoma State will provide a daunting third-round challenge.   The decision to move Hyatt was made quite late, and Hocking said she was “surprised” when Hyatt began practicing as a forward. However, the move ended up being for the best.  “It’s just important that we all work super hard,” Hocking said. “This team is really special.” The Trojans enter the game coming off a resounding 5-1 victory over Cal State Fullerton last weekend. Sophomore forward Penelope Hocking dominated the tournament opener, carrying the team with 4 goals and one assist. Her outstanding performance gave her the USC record for points in a single game with 9 and tied the program record for most goals in a game at 4. The only common opponents that USC and Texas A&M have played are Pepperdine and Florida. USC played significantly better against both opponents while the Aggies struggled against Florida, losing 3-1 and 2-1.   Junior forward/midfielder Alea Hyatt also played a key offensive role as she assisted Hocking three times to tie the program record for most assists in a game. Prior to the game, Hyatt was switched from midfield to attack, filling the role of injured junior forward Tara McKeown, who has been phenomenal for the Trojans all year.    Junior forward/midfielder Alea Hyatt had three assists to contribute to USC’s 5-1 win over Cal State Fullerton Saturday, tying the program record for assists in a single game. (James Wolfe / Daily Trojan) USC may look to exploit the same weaknesses that Florida did, but last week head coach Keidane McAlpine emphasized that USC needs to stay true to itself to make a deep playoff run. last_img read more

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Record attendance in Nashville as NCBA members elect officers

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest The 2017 Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade Show wrapped up on Saturday with the election of Nebraska cattleman Craig Uden as the organization’s new president. More than 9,300 people attended this year’s convention, shattering the previous record of 8,200, to engage in grassroots policy process, hear from industry experts and attend the expansive tradeshow. Attendees enjoyed live music all week and closed the convention with a night at the Grand Ole Opry.Kevin Kester of Parkfield, Calif., was voted to serve as NCBA president-elect. Jennifer Houston of Sweetwater, Tenn., will serve as vice president. Jerry Effertz of Velva, N.D., is the new Federation chairman and the new Federation vice chair is Dawn Caldwell of Edgar, Neb. The new NCBA Policy Division chairman is Joe Guild, Reno, Nev. and Jerry Bohn of Pratt, Kan., is the new policy vice chairman.Uden, a fourth-generation cattleman from Elwood, Neb., said he is proud to lead the organization.“It is an honor to be selected to lead the industry that my family has worked in for four generations,” Uden said. “We have a great opportunity in the coming year and sharing our story on Capitol Hill and around the country is going to be top priority.”Uden is a partner in Darr Feedlot Inc., a commercial cattle feeding operation in central Nebraska. Craig and his wife, Terri, also own and manage a commercial cow-calf operation.In addition to electing the new officer team, NCBA members voted on new and expiring policy issues, and set policy priorities for the organization that will direct the efforts of NCBA in Washington D.C., and elsewhere.“The coming year is going to be a huge one for the cattle and beef industry from a policy standpoint,” Uden said. “We are facing unprecedented change in Washington D.C., and we’re going to work tirelessly to make sure our producers’ voices are heard in Washington on important issues like tax reform, regulatory relief and international trade.”last_img read more

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Ridgemont FFA’s Empty Bowls Project fights local hunger

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Submitted by the Ridgemont FFA Chapter.1 in 5 children in the United States are hungry. The Ridgemont FFA Chapter took action in late May through their Empty Bowls Project to make a difference in local hunger.The chapter partnered with the school’s art department, as well as students in the elementary, to host a meal and art auction that will support the district’s weekend food program. Attendees were able to donate and receive a student-created, ceramic or 3D printed bowl along with a soup supper.Guests could also purchase elementary students’ artwork for a donation. The event raised $3000 that will fund a weekend food program to send meals home from school with hungry children each month.last_img read more

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Top Retailers Battle it Out With IoT in the Grocery World

first_imgRelated Posts Internet of Things Makes it Easier to Steal You… Frank is a freelance journalist who has worked in various editorial capacities for over 10 years. He covers trends in technology as they relate to business. Frank Landman Follow the Puckcenter_img In the last decade, increasing demand for convenience launched several grocery delivery services, including AmazonFresh, Postmates, and Instacart. Also known as online grocery, some retailers offer grocery delivery and pickup services to customers who don’t have time to shop. Some grocery delivery services can create shopping lists automatically, making grocery shopping even more natural.Although online grocery shopping seems convenient, it’s not a fully developed model.Grocery delivery services need IoT tech to workThe grocery delivery model is gaining popularity but hasn’t been delivering on its promises. The systems are flawed, and customers aren’t happy. Retailers are now turning to technology to save their online grocery services.For example, Kroger is using autonomous vehicles from Silicon Valley-based startup Nuro to deliver groceries to make deliveries faster and cheaper. The company was considering drones, but decided cars would be more effective. If other grocery delivery services want to be successful, they’ll need to follow Kroger sooner than later.Online grocery is strugglingDespite more retailers (and consumers) adopting grocery delivery each year, grocery delivery isn’t a profitable business model. Although grocery is an $800 billion business, it’s low-margin. Grocery stores are already barely profitable. Delivering groceries only increases the cost of doing business. It’s expensive to buy and maintain delivery vehicles, pay drivers, and keep the food cold and fresh. To make it work, retailers have to pass on the cost to the consumer. Most retailers charge a small delivery fee per order, but Amazon charges much more. For example, in 2014, it cost $299 per year to subscribe to AmazonFresh.Every convenience comes at a price, and many are willing to pay. However, the conveniences promised by online grocery aren’t being fulfilled. Even water delivery was canceled by Instacart/Costco this week. Thanks to missing items, damaged produce, and canceled orders, consumers are paying high surcharges only to be inconvenienced instead of the absolute necessity of these deliveries. Why would someone order groceries online when they don’t know if they’ll get what they ordered? If they go to the store, they’ll walk out with exactly what they need, and it won’t cost anything extra.What’s going on?Online grocery creates more problems than it solvesFor a business model to be profitable, it must solve a problem. Online grocery shopping doesn’t necessarily solve a problem since brick-and-mortar grocery stores work for the vast majority of consumers. Those who can’t shop pay someone else to do it for them. Grocery delivery is more of a convenience than anything else. However, that convenience seems to be theoretical since customers aren’t happy.What’s wrong with online grocery shopping? TABS Analytics CEO Kurt Jetta explained to CBS Sunday Morning that shopping for groceries online isn’t a personal experience, and many consumers need to see prices while looking at the shelves in person. It’s harder to make price comparisons online, even with a well-designed website. The convenience offered is excellent, but some people still prefer to shop for groceries in the store.The flaws, as seen in customer complaints, defeat the purpose of ordering groceries online. Technology is the only hope to save this business model, and retailers are starting to get the picture.IoT can solve the problems inconveniencing customersThe grocery delivery model created more problems than it solved. If retailers want to be successful with this model, they’ll need to embrace technology to solve those problems. For example, there’s no justifiable reason a customer should receive an order with items missing, and orders should rarely need to be canceled.Grocery delivery companies need a verification process that ensures every item is not only gathered but added to their bags that are then placed in the delivery vehicle. Canceled grocery orders have a significant impact on customers who sometimes rely on delivery for everything. If a company needs to cancel or reschedule orders because they’re out of a product, they need to rework the way they order and keep items in stock. IoT can help with that as well.IoT can improve order verificationThe process of verification should include manual and electronic systems. For instance, the person gathering the groceries should electronically check off each item as it’s gathered. The quantity of bags used to collect the order should be recorded and verified when loaded into the car. The bags should be marked and scannable so they aren’t confused with anyone else’s order. When the delivery arrives, bags should be verified and scanned as they’re unloaded. If the driver unloads the wrong bag, the handheld scanning device should alert them that they’ve scanned the wrong bag.It’s unclear whether any current grocery delivery services use IoT tech to verify orders, but it’s unlikely considering the vast amount of people complaining about items missing from their order.IoT can improve produce selectionThere are some items people want to buy in person without exception. Things like meat, fish, and certain fruits like avocados and tomatoes are best selected in person. However, technology can help with that.Imagine getting a Skype call from the person gathering your groceries. They’re about to pick your avocados when they call to ask you how you prefer them. Do you want them soft? Squishy? Hard? Green? Somewhere in the middle? With video chat, you can tell that person exactly how you like your produce. You can specify if you prefer firm, thick tomatoes or thin, squishy tomatoes.Having a quick video chat with the person gathering your groceries would also create a personal connection that would make the experience a touch more personal. It wouldn’t replace the experience of selecting produce in person, but it would be good enough for many people.It would be icing on the cake if grocery gatherers are trained to select ripe produce. This can be done with technology, too. They can learn from video training sessions and then go out to the produce and practice what they’ve learned. It’s surprising how hard it is to pick ripe produce without formal training.Artificial intelligence can improve future ordersOnce a customer has placed enough orders, artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to fine-tune their shopping experience. AI can gather information on purchase habits to suggest items when they might be running out, like laundry soap and trash bags. AI can also make suggestions for complimentary items a person might not realize they need.Amazon tried to do something like this when they launched “Dash” buttons in 2015. Dash buttons were Wi-Fi enabled buttons consumers could stick around the house to reorder items automatically with a single push. The buttons failed, and Amazon went to an all-digital method for automatic reordering. It was a good concept, but too cumbersome to catch on.AI can bring in money from advertisersBrands can use the information gathered by AI technology to market to customers on social media. While many people wouldn’t like the idea of getting advertisers involved, money from advertisers is often the only way to keep a business going. The trick would be to give advertisers access to consumers’ buying habits without being too intrusive.Is online grocery here to stay?It’s hard to tell if online grocery is here to stay. Retailers are following in Amazon’s footsteps with grocery delivery, but many aren’t aware of the flaws.For many, grocery delivery is a convenience. For some, it’s a necessity. It would be a shame to see the whole industry disappear due to unprofitability. Perhaps Kroger can make grocery delivery profitable with their autonomous vehicles and use technology to work out the flaws in the system. Top 5 Areas Where Companies Want IoT Solutions Small Business Cybersecurity Threats and How to…last_img read more

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Sachin is greatest; wait for more records from him: Richards

first_imgTerming Sachin Tendulkar “all time greatest cricketer”, West Indies cricketing great Viv Richards on Tuesday said the Mumbai maestro would create many more records in future.In Kolkata to inaugurate a Durga Puja pandal, the former West Indies captain said, “Tendulkar is the all time greatest cricketer. I am sure he will have more records to his credit.”Tendulkar became the first batsman to touch the 14,000 Test runs mark during the second Test against Australia.Richards though said Tendulkar does not bat he way he use to, a fews years ago.On Tendulkar’s recent conquest of the 14,000 Test run summit, said, “Only Sachin can achieve the kind of feat that he already has. Time has, however, seen a change in his willow wielding techniques and he has become more restrained in his batting style.”Richards, whose fearless batting made him a top batsman in both Test and ODI formats, finds a shade of himself in Yuvraj Singh.”I see a lot of myself in Yuvraj Singh. His style of batting is distinctly ‘Carribean’ and similar to that of mine during my playing years,” the 58-year-old Antiguan said.Richards also picked India as one of the favourites to win the upcoming ICC World Cup early next year.”Firstly, as host nation, India have a strong chance. This is not to discount the fact that they have a great batting line-up and have performed well over the last five years.”About his visit during the ongoing Durga Puja festival season, the West Indies great said, “I have a lot of memories attached with the city. Being here during the pujas only makes all the more special.”advertisementWith inputs from PTIlast_img read more

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10 months agoCeltic boss Rodgers: Liverpool sack led to hospital admission

first_imgCeltic boss Rodgers: Liverpool sack led to hospital admissionby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveCeltic boss Brendan Rodgers admits his Liverpool sacking led to admission to hospital.The Northern Irishman, now in charge at Celtic, told The Coaches Voice after his sacking he was rushed to hospital having spent time on holiday.Rodgers said: “I went to Spain for a week. Then I came back, and flew to Dubai. Within a couple of days in Dubai, I was rushed into hospital.“I went through all the tests. It was felt that I was having some issues internally, but then they got into the process of what had happened with work, with my life.“They pieced it all together, and it was simply a case of my body being so tense, so tight, from all that had happened in finishing my time at Liverpool.”It reinforced for me that it was time to find a calmness, to re-energise and make sure I was genuinely ready for the next challenge.” TagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

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Mens Basketball No 13 Ohio State dominates High Point 8264 in final

Ohio State freshman guard Luther Muhammad (1) shoots a three-pointer during the first half of the game against Purdue-Fort Wayne on Nov. 11. Ohio State won 107-61. Credit: Amal Saeed | Assistant Photo EditorNo. 13 Ohio State (11-1, 2-0 Big Ten) came back from a 16-2 run by High Point (6-6) to eventually take the lead before running away with a 82-64 win in its last non-conference matchup of the season.Ohio State secured its 18-point victory against the Panthers after shooting 70.8 percent from the field in the second half, making 5-of-10 attempts from deep.After taking a 14-6 lead early in the first half, the Buckeyes allowed High Point to score 16 of the next 18 points, giving the Panthers their first lead of the game. High Point hit from two 3s during the run while the Buckeyes were only 1-for-9 from deep.After the Panthers took a 22-16 lead, the Buckeyes responded with a 19-6 run of their own to close out the half. Freshman guard Luther Muhammad connected on three 3-pointers in the first half en route to 14 points, both career highs with a half still to play.Muhammad finished the game with 15 points on 5-of-8 shooting. While Muhammad surged offensively, he also played lockdown defense, limiting High Point junior guard Jahaad Proctor to only four points, making two of nine attempts from the field. Proctor was the Panthers’ leading scorer entering the game.Sophomore forward Kaleb Wesson also gave life to the Buckeyes’ offense with two 3-pointers during the run, finishing with 17 points, four rebounds and three assists Overall, the Buckeyes shot 43.3 percent from the field and 40 percent from 3 in the first half, taking the lead despite the Panthers connecting on 52 percent of their shots. The Buckeyes extended their lead early in the second half with seven quick points from senior guard C.J. Jackson, finishing the game with 20 points, leading all scorers. After the shaky first half, the Buckeyes only allowed 36 points in the final 20 minutes, limiting the Panthers to 37.9 percent from the field.Four Buckeyes ended the game with double-digit point totals and eight Buckeyes scored.The Buckeyes will stay home on Jan. 5 as they begin the bulk of their Big Ten schedule against No. 8 Michigan State at noon. read more

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Jones Spurs will be a good test for rejuvenated Man United

first_imgManchester United defender Phil Jones believes their clash with Tottenham will give them an indication of their current strength under caretaker manager Ole Gunnar SolskjaerThe Red Devils have won all five of their games since Solskjaer replaced Jose Mourinho last month at Old Trafford.But Jones, who has started four times under the Norwegian, warns that Spurs will likely give them their toughest challenge yet on Sunday.“Spurs is a good test,” Jones told the club website.“We are in good form and have some momentum going. We have steadied the ship a bit.“We have not done anything yet, we have not achieved anything, but we need to keep it going. Possibly Spurs will be an indicator for us and how far we can go but it is a game we need to win.Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedLiverpool legend Nicol slams Harry Maguire’s Man United form Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Steve Nicol believes Harry Maguire has made some “horrendous mistakes” recently, and has failed to find his best form since joining Manchester United.“They are in good form and doing well and we need to have a good week, train well and prepare for a tough game. Hopefully, the momentum can carry us on to win that match.”The 26-year-old insists Champions League football remains the target with United now just six points adrift of fourth-placed Chelsea after four successive wins.“Of course we should be in the Champions League next season and that is the aim but we have done nothing yet. I know it is a cliche but it has to be game by game,” said Jones.“I don’t really want to think about the top four, or the Champions League or the FA Cup.“It has to be game by game. Tottenham is tough and we aim to see where we are after that.”Jones has made seven league appearances for United this season.last_img read more

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