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Live ChCh Cartridges

first_img34 live shotgun cartridges were found abandoned in a green Nike bag in Christ Church Meadows last Friday. The cartridges were found by a resident of Oxford’s night shelter who approached a constable in Bonn Square to hand over his discovery. The man later showed the police the exact spot between Christ Church gardens and the Meadows where he found the shells in an abandoned hold-all bag. How the ammunition got to one of the most picturesque spots in Oxford remains a mystery. PC Treherne, the man to whom the shells were handed over said that in his five years of working in Oxford he had “certainly never been handed anything like this before”. There has been no sign as yet of a weapon and the cartridges’ discovery have not been linked to any other incidents or crimes so far, but the police are still investigating the matter. Anyone with any information can contact PC Treherne via the Thames Valley Police.ARCHIVE: 6th week TT 2004last_img read more

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