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New Hotel Coming to Ocean City in 2020

first_imgBy Donald WittkowskiConstruction will begin this week on an all-suites boutique hotel that its developers plan to have ready for Ocean City’s 2020 summer tourism season.Called the North Island Inn, the project will be built in a prime location at the corner of 10th Street and Ocean Avenue only a block from the beach and Boardwalk.Christopher Glancey, a Sea Isle City developer who has expanded into Ocean City with his business partner Bob Morris, said the all-suites lodging will cater to families wanting to be close to the beach and Boardwalk shops, eateries and amusement rides during their summer vacations.“You have everything Ocean City has to offer within a block away. With a family with kids, it makes your life much easier,” Glancey said in an interview Monday.Representing their first investment in Ocean City, Glancey and Morris bought the Impala Motel last year at 10th Street and Ocean Avenue. They continue to operate the Impala, but demolished a small annex of the motel across the street along with an adjacent garage to create room for the North Island Inn.An architectural rendering depicts the proposed North Island Inn.Plans call for three stories of hotel space built over a ground-level parking garage. Glancey said the project will run in the millions, but declined to divulge the exact cost.North Island Inn represents the first new hotel built in Ocean City in perhaps 20 years or more and will help update the lodging market with modern, family-friendly accommodations, according to Glancey.“There haven’t been any new hotels in a long time,” he said.The new hotel will feature 15 suites, each encompassing about 1,300 square feet of space. Glancey said the large suites will give families plenty of room and flexibility while spending their vacations at the shore.“This is Ocean City. This is America’s Greatest Family Resort. That’s the whole idea with the suites,” Glancey pointed out.The property is cleared and awaiting the start of construction this week.Featuring a beach-themed design, the North Island Inn will position itself as a “mid-market” property to make the suites affordable to Ocean City’s typical family vacationers, Glancey said.“It’s going to be nice and new, but it’s not going to be anything outrageous,” he said.The Impala, meanwhile, will continue to operate as a mid-level motel, Glancey noted. The Impala advertises itself as budget lodging, but its location at 10th Street and Ocean Avenue provides guests with a prime spot just a block away from the beach and Boardwalk.Glancey and Morris inherited the North Island Inn project when they bought the Impala last year from motel operator Anthony J. Frank and his family for an undisclosed price. The hotel project was granted Ocean City Planning Board approval in 2017 when it was being proposed then by Frank.Before expanding into the Ocean City market, Glancey and Morris spent millions of dollars to build mixed-used projects in Sea Isle City that combined retail shops, restaurants and upscale condominiums.Developer Christopher Glancey is expanding to Ocean City after making his mark in Sea Isle City.Glancey and Morris began in 2016 with their trendy Dunes development, a restaurant and condominium complex on Landis Avenue between 86th and 87th streets in Sea Isle’s Townsends Inlet section.They followed up on the Dunes with two more mixed-use projects in Townsends Inlet called the Cove and the Cape. The three-story buildings, which blend retail, commercial and condo space, are located a block from each other on Landis Avenue between 85th and 87th streets.The Impala Motel deal last year closely followed Glancey and Morris’ $7.3 million purchase of the LaCosta Lounge, a popular Sea Isle bar that has been a centerpiece of the beach town’s entertainment scene since the 1960s.Glancey and Morris plan to redevelop the LaCosta site with a new hotel, bars and a restaurant, but are holding off on construction until late 2019. This is expected to be the last year for LaCosta, which will be demolished to create room for the new development. This site at the corner of 10th Street and Ocean Avenue is being redeveloped for the all-suite North Island Inn.last_img read more

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News story: Lift-off: F-35 take-off technology site opens ahead of historic flight trials

first_img Rolls-Royce has pioneered STOVL technology through our development of the Pegasus engine for the Harrier and has now taken that capability to new levels in the shape of the LiftSystem for the F-35B. This new facility enables us to continue produce cutting edge technology to our customer while also ensuring that we are reducing their costs. As we build up to the iconic first F-35 take-offs from our brand-new aircraft carrier, it is timely to open this Bristol site which is making it all possible. The incredibly powerful systems made at this high-tech facility mean our jets will be able to operate from British sovereign territory anywhere across the world’s seas to fight any adversaries which threaten us. The F-35 programme is the biggest in the history of defence, and is supporting a hundred jobs here at LiftWorks – as well as thousands more right across the country. The LiftSystem, which has a thrust strong enough to lift 17 Mini cars and a clutch that provides enough torque to turn the London Eye, was designed and developed by teams of engineers at Rolls Royce engineers in Bristol and Indianapolis.The Bristol site is not only making the LiftFan for UK jets, but for all F-35B jets on order across the world.Production at the site has been building up since 2009, with the official opening now marking the fact that the facility is heading towards peak manufacturing levels.British companies are building 15% by value of all 3,000 F-35s planned for production. It is projected that around £35 billion will be contributed to the UK economy through the programme, with around 25,000 British jobs also being supported.The ‘Liftworks’ facility is one of many cutting-edge manufacturing sites across the UK contributing to the wider Rolls Royce LiftSystem contract for the F35 programme. 40% of the work under this contract takes place in the UK, supporting 900 jobs across the supply chain.During the visit, the Minister unveiled a plaque marking the official opening of the Filton site before embarking on a tour of the facility where he met employees, apprentices and graduates. The F-35B Lightning multi-role fighter jet is the first to combine radar evading stealth technology with supersonic speeds and short take-off and vertical landing capability.During his opening speech, the Minister also announced that the UK has accepted its 16th jet, which is now set to fly into Beaufort, South Carolina. There are around 200 British personnel at the American site testing the aircraft.The fighter jets will be jointly manned by the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy and can operate from land and sea, forming a vital part of Carrier Strike when operating from the Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers.It has been a monumental year for Britain’s F-35 jets, after the first aircraft touched down on home soil in RAF Marham in June, two months ahead of schedule. They are on track to be operational by the end of the year. There are now nine of the jets at the Norfolk base, whilst more British jets continue to undergo flight trials in the United States.Last month saw a British F-35 jet carry out its first trials armed with UK-built weapons, showcasing the major role that the UK plays in the supersonic aircraft. The ASRAAM missiles are built by MBDA, and the Defence Minister also paid a visit to their Bristol factory while he was in the region.The site is benefitting from contracts worth over half a billion-pounds for Royal Navy missile systems which will go on to protect the new Queen Elizabeth Class Carriers and the extended fleet from current and future threats.Both sites form a key part of defence’s huge footprint in the South West, where it spends £5.1-billion with industry, more than in any other part of the country, supporting 33,500 jobs. A state-of-the-art new facility making unique vertical lift technology for fighter jets has been opened by Defence Minister Stuart Andrew in Bristol. Crown copyright.Chief of Materiel (Air) for the MOD’s procurement agency, Defence Equipment and Support Air Marshal Julian Young said:center_img Rolls-Royce Director of Customer Business Defence Alex Zino said: The STOVL system on the UK’s F-35B Lightning II fleet has been performing exceptionally well for the Lightning Force. We saw this earlier this Summer when F-35s used the Vertical Landing Pads at RAF Marham for the first time. The opening of the new LiftWorks facility at Rolls-Royce promises even greater enhancements to this pioneering technology. The ‘LiftWorks’ facility, which has opened at Rolls-Royce in Bristol, makes the ‘LiftSystem’ to provide F-35 fighter jets with a fan propulsion system that allows them to take off over short distances, hover, swivel mid-air and land vertically.It is vital to the jets being able to operate from aircraft carriers, and comes ahead of the stealth jets completing their historic first trials off the flight deck of Britain’s largest ever warship, HMS Queen Elizabeth.The site will support more than 100 jobs in the area after more than £20-million was injected into transforming the former Defence Manufacturing building into an advanced facility dedicated to developing the unique technology.Defence Minister Stuart Andrew said:last_img read more

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Invitation to express interest in renting space during the 53rd Vinkovci Autumn event

first_imgThe company NOVOSTI doo, Jurja Dalmatinca 29, 32100 Vinkovci, co-organizers of the event Vinkovci Autumn, has announced a public call for expressions of interest for renting space during the event 53rd Vinkovci AutumnFor rent are available:Tent (approx. 1500 m2) – Trg Vinkovačkih jeseni – tent rental for catering servicesRestaurant space – 2 restaurant spaces – Trg dr. Franje Tuđmana (Parking lot of Hotel Slavonija)Stands and other facilities – Trg dr. Franje Tuđmana (Hotel Slavonija Parking)Exhibitors who sell handicrafts, various family farms, and other occasional sales may only exhibit at the stands. Food may not be sold at the stand on the principle of charging for food consumption. Such activities are performed exclusively in cottages. Rental prices for restaurant space, stands and other facilities refer to the entire duration of the event of the 53rd Vinkovci Autumns, ie from 7 to 16 September 2018. The houses and stands have a basic electricity connection of 5kW for restaurants, and 500W for stands and houses, and the fee for the use of electricity is 50 kuna per stand, or 100 kuna per house for all 10 days of the event. The rental price for restaurants includes a basic connection to the water supply network.”All interested natural and legal persons, registered to perform activities, are invited to submit a request by July 10, 2018 for the lease of space for catering services and rental of wooden houses and stands for occasional sale from September 07 to 16 at the event Vinkovci Autumn. ” stand out from the News.Expression of interest is done in writing and must contain a detailed description of the products and services to be offered, the designation (number) of the space for which you are applying.See the full text of the Call and the application form HERElast_img read more

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When Is a Primate a Human Ancestor?

first_imgBehold Aegyptopithecus zeuxis, an extinct fossil monkey.  It had a brain smaller than a lemon, smaller than that of modern lemurs.  Why, then, are the news media touting this as a human ancestor?    The new specimen of Aegyptopithecus is more intact and complete than previous specimens.  Two surprises were noted; the amount of sexual dimorphism (differences between male and female) was more than expected, and the brain size was smaller than expected.    This specimen, in fact, seems more un-human than before.  Despite the surprises, several news reports about this fossil are noteworthy for their degree of certainty that this particular ape belongs in the human family tree.  The surprises have not cast any doubt on the human-ancestry interpretation.    The headline on EurekAlert was perhaps the mildest, focusing at least some attention on the problems: “Brain, size and gender surprises in latest fossil tying humans, apes and monkeys.”  National Geographic was brash: “Human Ancestor had Lime-Size Brain.”  Ditto for Live Science: “Human Ancestor Had a Pea Brain.”    In these articles, one can look in vain for doubt that we descended from these extinct lemurs.  Jeanna Brynner wrote flatly in Live Science, “The skull belonged to a common ancestor of humans, monkeys and apes.”  National Geographic’s scrambled lineage confuses who begat whom: “apes, humans, and monkeys.”    How could the discovery of such a tiny brain be used as support for an evolutionary link to humans?  National Geographic explained, “The skull—of a species related to apes, humans, and monkeys—is evidence that the more advanced and bigger brains of African primates developed later than previously believed, researchers said.”You see how they do it, don’t you?  Evolution is never subject to any doubt.  Evolution is a fact.  This IS a human ancestor, got that?  Don’t even THINK of anything else.  Now that you are sufficiently brainwashed to follow the tale, uncooperative evidence can be molded to fit.  They just rearrange the plot a little: large brain size evolved a little later in the sequence that led to us.  Never would it enter their pointy-headed pea-brains that this extinct monkey, designated Human Ancestor by the Darwin Party, might be irrelevant to the family line of Beethoven and Einstein.    True to form, the news lemmings followed the script precisely (10/11/2006 commentary): (1) assume evolution, (2) observe a fact, (3) make up a story to fit the fact into the assumption.  The Darwin Party is so skilled at this fability (01/16/2007 commentary), we need to coin another new word, fogma, to describe it.  Fogma is dogma so thick you can’t see through it unless you’re outside it.  Once surrounded by fogma, it begins to represent all of reality—a shifting, shapeless mass of evolutionary change.  The only thing providing a sense of stability in all the fability is the voice of the Darwin Party announcer speaking through the fogma and interpreting the ever-shifting view.  (It is not politically correct to ask the announcer how he knows this.)    The Charlie and Tinker Bell Theater uses state-of-the-art fogma machines with Charlie’s secret recipe.  It produces the perfect colloid of mythoids (05/29/2003 commentary).  The stage hands aim the fogma so that it reveals only the things they want the audience to see – the props that fit the script at the right time – and conceals everything else.  Surprises are inserted occasionally to keep the audience awake.  After all, every good work of fiction needs a crisis.  But not to worry; the entire production crew knows how to bring the plot to a proper denouement.    This works well indoors under controlled conditions.  Take the fogma out into the real world, though, and the sunlight of evidence quickly dissipates it.  The design of the world then stands out in clear relief.(Visited 15 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

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Twothirds believe choosing their working hours would boost productivity

first_imgAlmost two-thirds (65%) of employees who do not currently have access to flexible working arrangements feel they would be more motivated and productive if they could choose their own hours, according to research by co-working organisation The Brew by rent24.The survey of 1,000 professionals also found that 65% believe that choosing their own working hours would help them achieve a better work-life balance. A further 60% felt that this would enable them to work during the times of day when they had the most energy and concentration, rising to 68% of those aged between 18 and 34.More than a quarter (27%) of respondents felt that flexibility would empower staff to better manage their mental health in order to improve motivation and productivity, while 30% stated that it would make them feel more trusted and appreciated.An additional 26% noted that flexible working hours would enable them to more easily manage responsibilities outside of work, such as childcare or dog walking, ensuring that these do not become distractions.More than half (53%) of overall respondents, and 72% of those aged between 18 and 24, agreed that flexible hours would help them get a better night’s sleep or be less tired at work.Only 18% of professionals at small and medium-sized businesses already have access to flexible working arrangements, compared to 14% of respondents aged between 18 and 34 years-old.Andrew Clough (pictured), chief executive officer at The Brew by rent24, said: “How people want to work is changing and our survey highlights that many employers are overlooking the benefits of flexible working, such as employee motivation and productivity.“Not only can it help create a better work-life balance and allow for increased feelings of being trusted and appreciated, but allowing employees to work when it suits their needs could also have a significant impact on their alertness and have important mental health and sleep benefits, which in turn yield a happier and better performing workforce.”last_img read more

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MercedesBenz gives a guy godlike powers in its 2019 Super Bowl ad

first_img Super Bowl 2019 Mercedes-Benz reading • Mercedes-Benz gives a guy god-like powers in its 2019 Super Bowl ad See All More about 2019 Mercedes-Benz A220 2020 BMW M340i review: A dash of M makes everything better Super Bowl 2019 ads so far: Watch them here How to watch Patriots vs. Rams online, start time and more Stream these football movies to kick off the big game Feb 7 • Every Avengers: Endgame character flash at the start of that Super Bowl trailer 2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class redefines entry level More From Roadshow Preview • 2019 Mercedes-Benz A220 Sedan: A class above 2020 Hyundai Palisade review: Posh enough to make Genesis jealous Feb 28 • Last chance to get 3 months of Mint Mobile service for $20 0 Post a comment Mercedes-Benz is really aiming high for the new A-Class with its 2019 Super Bowl ad spot, entitled “Say The Word,” which it released Wednesday. In it, a random guy gets god-like powers that force the world, and its people and animals, to do his bidding. I mean, MBUX is cool, but I don’t think it’s been able to find any lost cats and has yet to make Ludacris appear at any of our parties.The A-Class has been available elsewhere in the world for some time now, but 2019 is the first time that we’re getting it stateside, and to our eyes, it’s a damn sight prettier than its curvier cousin, the CLA. Share your voice As we see in “Say The Word,” the new A-Class is one of the first platforms in Mercedes’ range to get the new MBUX infotainment system, and we appreciate this more democratic approach to the dispersion of tech. Why start on the S-Class and trickle down? Give MBUX to the people!”MBUX is a game-changer and we think that once aware of the A-Class price point and technology, a lot of people who hadn’t considered Mercedes or thought owning one was still several years away will want to take a look,” said Drew Slaven, vice president of marketing for Mercedes-Benz USA. “And, given that we have some of the highest owner loyalty in the industry, once these new buyers join the brand, they’re likely to stay for quite some time.” Aug 14 • Raising the entry-level bar Tags As part of MBUX’s natural speech recognition, it uses a form of AI that helps it understand you better when you talk. For example, if you whine at it, “Hey Mercedes, I’m cold,” MBUX will turn up the heat. It’s deceptively simple, but it works, and we like it.The new A-Class starts at an eminently reasonable $32,500 for the front-wheel drive version and prices climb quickly from there, thanks to that most Teutonic of traditions: lengthy options lists. Still, I’ve been looking at the configurator for like 20 minutes and still haven’t found the demigod option. We’ll let you know if we come across it. 56 Photos • Review • 2019 Mercedes-Benz A220 review: Raising the entry-level bar More Super Bowl May 7 • 2020 Toyota Supra first drive review: More reset than reboot More Mercedes-Benz 2020 Kia Telluride review: Kia’s new SUV has big style and bigger value 2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class Sedan starts at $32,500 Mercedes-Benz Car Culture Luxury cars Sedans Super Bowl 2019last_img read more

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22nd Annual Harvest Day Health Fair

first_imgThe 22nd Annual Harvest Day Health Fair is scheduled to be held at Paramount Baptist Church, 3924 4th, SE, on Sept. 16 from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. The event will include free food, drinks, games and prizes for the entire family. Free screenings for diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose levels will be offered for adult attendees.last_img

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All for world peace

first_imgImagine going somewhere and then getting vibes from that place. So much so that your inner self gives you messages which you then transform into poetry and with some help, create music out of it? Sounds confusing? Well, that is exactly what Keiko Koma has been doing around the globe with the help of pianist Idaki Shin. And all this for greater good. The aim? World peace. And they will do it again. This time in Purana Qila. India is a huge influence on both of them. ‘Everywhere in Japan you will find temples divided into many streams and variations of Buddhism. They are not just places of worship but also libraries and museums of old culture — most of them coming from India,’ said Shin with the help of a translator.  This is their first visit to India after touring various countries across the world.   Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’‘At Purana Qila, Koma has received a strong message from the earth. It is a vision of a circle of peace. The music (by Idaki Shin) will be spontaneous and a manifestation of energies that brought us to realise the concert,’ says Shin. Nothing has been composed beforehand so rehearsals for this is out of the question. Both Koma and Shin depend on improvisations on the spot. The instruments they will use include traditional drums, electric guitars, flute instruments, saxophones and more. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixHow does Koma get this visions? ‘When she visits historic places in the midst of nature, she gets messages which are converted into poems. This is the tradition of the ancient Koguryo kingdom of which Koma is a descendant,’ said Koma with the help of a translator.And what is the consequence of the message? Does it have healing powers? ‘The messages manifest truth about our life. They may not have direct healing powers like medicine, but the power of truth is what works as the panacea. Truth is often not found in personal experiences. But without truth one cannot open up to future. Truth helps one overcome difficulties,’ she further explained.   And how does Shin come up with the music thereafter? ‘There’s no structure or prefabricated idea. You need to tune oneself to others. The outcome of the performances can be hard and integral,’ says Shin. So what is in store for Delhi? ‘Each spectator will have his or her individual experiences. We don’t have any visible intention. It is what will be happening at Purana Qila,’ says Koma.So head to Purana Qila this Sunday if you are keen to watch some ancient magic unfold among the historical greens.DETAILAt: Purana Quila When: 2 December  Timings: 6 pm onwards For Invites, Call: 08587900626last_img read more

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Parq Vancouver ready to open at months end

first_img Monday, September 11, 2017 Parq Vancouver ready to open at month’s end Tags: Vancouver Travelweek Group VANCOUVER — Downtown Vancouver’s newest entertainment destination, Parq Vancouver, is set to open its doors on Sept. 29 with “a celebratory roll of the dice” on the casino floor at 11 p.m. PST.Parq Vancouver is the largest private development in B.C., with two luxury hotels, more than half a dozen culinary venues and casino.Guests enter Parq Vancouver from its second-floor entrance at Gate G of BC Place. On the sixth floor is The Park, a 30,000-square-foot outdoor space with more than 200 native pines. Parq Vancouver features JW Marriott Parq Vancouver and the DOUGLAS, an Autograph Collection Hotel. The lobby of the DOUGLAS has 178 rooms and 10 suites located between the seventh and 17th floors, and are designed for the experiential traveller, say developers.The JW Marriott meanwhile has 281 rooms and 48 suites located between the sixth and 25th floors, as well as Canada’s first Spa by JW.For dining Parq Vancouver will have eight distinctive restaurants and lounges, with a food and beverage portfolio that draws inspiration from the cuisines of the Pacific Northwest.More news:  A new low for no-frills flying: easyJet assigns backless seat to passengerThere are also more than 60,000 square feet of fully accessible and flexible space, with 13 ballrooms, boardrooms, and meeting rooms including the 15,604-square-foot Parq Grand Ballroom, the largest hotel ballroom in the city.The second and third floor gaming levels – bathed in natural light by floor-to-ceiling windows – feature 600 slot machines, 75 table games, a poker room, and 11 exclusive salons for a private gaming experience.center_img Share Posted by << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

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