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UW defense ready for test

first_imgGREG DIXON/Herald photoFor the Wisconsin women’s soccer team, practices this week have been different, as everyone seems to be a bit looser and more energetic after the victory over Ohio State on Sunday.”The players have shown more energy and enthusiasm,” head coach Paula Wilkins said. “I think they see how they are progressing and the things that they are doing well; their energy was very good today in practice.”The Badger victory over the Buckeyes came on the heels of a hard-fought performance against Penn State that ultimately resulted in their fourth straight shutout loss.Sunday, the team bounced back, holding OSU scoreless en route to winning 1-0 on Taylor Walsh’s first-half goal.”Tricia (Krombach) played a good ball between two of their defenders; the goalkeeper misjudged it, and I just touched it right over,” Walsh said of the goal. “It felt great; we definitely needed a win.”Wisconsin (4-6-1) will look to build on Sunday’s victory by scoring early and often when it faces the Ramblers of Loyola Chicago (8-5) Thursday night at the McClimon Soccer Complex.”We know we have to keep working to get better,” senior co-captain Ann Eshun said. “We need to get numbers around the ball, defend together and bring the same energy and intensity [as last weekend].”Although they are not yet satisfied with their play, the Badgers believe their performance over the weekend has shown their true character and sent a message to their upcoming opponents.”The way we played [last weekend] is probably the best we have played all season,” senior co-captain Katy Meuer said. “The fight that we showed [Friday], never giving up, showed that we are not some team to look over. We are a team that you are going to have to fight to get a win against.”Loyola Chicago heads into Thursday’s matchup with a six-game winning streak, averaging more than 2.5 goals per game over that stretch.Leading the Ramblers offensively is sophomore Cynthia Morote-Ariza, who has scored nine goals and 24 points through 13 games this season. At her current pace, she is on track for 14 goals and 36 points — totals that would shatter her own school records of nine goals and 27 points in a single season.Although Wisconsin will focus on stopping Morote-Ariza, Coach Wilkins insists the Badgers will not forget that nine other Ramblers have scored at least one goal this season. “We are going to talk about how we want to tighten up our defense,” Wilkins said. “We always have to be weary of a team that has a star player; [however], we have to respect the ones around that star player as well.”One of the keys to stopping Morote-Ariza and the Rambler offense will be the goalkeeper play for the Badgers. However, Wisconsin’s starter in goal has yet to be determined. Against Penn State, Wisconsin started senior Lynn Murray, who started 11 games for UW last season, in place of regular starter Jamie Klages.”Right now, it’s a day-to-day situation” Wilkins said. “We have to evaluate [Lynn and Jamie] every day in practice and make sure all our goalkeepers are being consistent.”For Klages, a junior transfer from Nebraska, the situation has helped motivate her to keep improving and to play at the highest level possible to do whatever she can for the team.”It always motivates you because when you get in, you do not take anything for granted,” Klages said. “Lynn and I are very supportive of each other, and we are both going to be working harder in games and practices.”Of course, the goalkeepers are not the only ones working hard this week. Collectively, the Badgers have been working hard in practice hoping to use the match against Loyola Chicago to prepare for the second half of the Big Ten season.”It is always good to get another [nonconference] game under your belt,” Eshun said. “Getting a win on Thursday would be great for the confidence of our team going forward.”last_img read more

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Spore Game: Evolution or ID?

first_imgSpore is a highly-anticipated computer game that just came out.  Evolutionists are claiming it as a model of how life evolves – but intelligent-design advocates are calling it an ID game, pure and simple.  Who’s right?    Carl Zimmer, a science writer, is among those counting Spore points for Darwin.  His blog entry from Discover Magazine leads to an article on the New York Times sporting a large depiction of Tiktaalik, the alleged fish evolving legs (04/06/2006).  In “Gaming Evolves,” Zimmer gets evolutionary biologists to comment on the game.  The reviews are positive but mixed.  They enjoy the game, but Dr. Richard Prum commented, “The mechanism is severely messed up.”  Presumably it does not accurately depict the neo-Darwinian mechanism of natural selection acting on random mutations.  The game only touches on some of the big questions of evolutionary biology, Prum continued: What is the origin of complexity?  And how contingent is evolution on happenstance?  Nevertheless, he feels that if it helps players ask these questions, “that would be great.”    Spore was written by Will Wright, author of the popular game SimCity and its spin-offs.  Wright was motivated by the work of evolutionary biologists and prior simulations like Avida (05/08/2003) and Evarium.  In Spore, he wanted to “give players an experience of life and the universe across billions of years, from microscopic creatures to interstellar civilizations.”  So he invented a virtual landscape that allows players to create organisms that mate and evolve and deal with the unexpected.  The question remains: is this evolution or intelligent design?    The game avoids the problem of the origin of life by starting with spores from outer space.  Then, players exercise choice and direction over what happens:The game begins with a meteorite crashing into a planet, sowing its oceans with life and organic matter.  Players control a simple creature that gobbles up bits of debris.  They can choose to eat other creatures or eat vegetation or both.  As the creature eats and grows, it gains DNA points, which the player can use to add parts like tails for swimming or spikes for defense.  Once the creature has gotten big and complex enough, it is ready for the transition to land.    On land, the creatures can grow legs, wings and other new parts.  And it is at this point that some of Spore’s features really shine.  Mr. Wright’s team has written software that can rapidly transform creatures in an infinite number of ways, as players add parts and alter their size, shape and position.In other words, players don’t need to sit and wait for millions of years with hands off; the game puts control in their hands in time-lapse.  Is that evolution?  Furthermore, it is doubtful if Wright would take kindly to hear his software attributed to chance and necessity.  Nevertheless, he feels that the balance between cooperation and competition designed into the game is what drives the emergence of complexity in the wild.    Meanwhile, over at the SETI Institute, Frank and Jill and the other alien-hunters are going nuts playing Spore games during work hours, building Mr. Alien Potato-Head and other imaginary creatures.  Seth Shostak, director, is even joining in the fun.  He wrote for Space.com that it’s not only fun, it could inspire young people to become scientists (hopefully SETI members).  “When you’re young, it’s the inspiration that counts – the emotional appeal,” he said proudly.    Some evolutionists, though, have noticed the chinks in the claim the game represents evolution.  They might be worried the “design flaws” (so to speak) could be exploited by members of the intelligent design community.  They seem eager to state up front, therefore, that Spore is not quite like “real” evolution.  Zimmer explained on page 3,Even as scientists praise Spore, they voice concerns about how the game does not match evolution.  In the real world, new traits evolve as mutations arise and spread gradually through entire populations.  Winning Spore’s DNA points does not work even as a remote metaphor.    “I do hope that it doesn’t confuse people as to what evolution is all about,” said Charles Ofria, a computer scientist at Michigan State University and a creator of Avida.    Spore may also mislead players with the way it is set up as a one-dimensional march of progress from single-cell life to intelligence.  Evolution is more like a tree than a line, with species branching in millions of directions.  Sometimes species become more complex, and sometimes they become less so.  And sometimes they do not change at all.  “There’s no progressive arrow that dominates nature,” Dr. Prum said.    These caveats notwithstanding, Dr. [Thomas] Near [Yale] hopes that Spore prompts people to think about the evolutionary process.  “This may be totally off about how evolution works, but I’d much rather be dealing with a student who says, ‘O.K., I have no problem with evolution; I think about it the same way I think about gravity.’”  If it does that, it’ll be great.”This seems to imply that Spore does not have value in convincing non-believers in evolution, but only in reinforcing the convictions of those who already have “no problem with evolution.”    Another scientist who liked Spore in spite of its faults was Neil Shubin, discoverer of Tiktaalik (04/06/2006) and author of Your Inner Fish (01/16/2008)  He didn’t mind its differences with nature.  It’s only a game, he reminded everyone.  “It is not identical to nature, but it is a world that evolves, that changes and where the players are part of those processes.”  Shubin was especially pleased with the Tiktaalik that he and Wright “designed” in Spore, if one will pardon the expression.  But if players can design body parts and direct what happens, is it really a world that evolves?    Seth Shostak revealed that the game’s creator “has frequently visited the SETI Institute, and says he drew inspiration for the new game from its various research programs.”  Will Wright had a curious metaphor for his game.  He called it “manure to seed future scientists.”Since future scientists are presumably human beings and not plants, it is disgusting to spread manure on them.  Will Wright may be a clever inventor like Wilbur Wright, but in the unforgiving air of critical analysis of evolution, his invention won’t fly.  Adding a lot of hot air underneath violates the rules.    It’s no wonder evolutionists love this game.  They live in Fantasyland, where Tinker Bell helps them wish upon a star, and all their Darwinian dreams come true.  They love digital organisms, not real ones.  They flourish in a playground where imagination is king.  They don’t want students to learn about evolution; they want them to have an experience of it.  They want their minds to soar off into millions of mythical years where miracles happen, given enough time.  If they really wanted a real-world simulation of evolution, they would turn the computer off and shake it for a million years.    The perceptive onlooker sees intelligent design all over the place (cf. 11/14/2006).  It took ID to build the hardware.  It took ID to write the software.  It takes ID for the players to guide the outcomes according to their own purposes and plans.  And all the complex organs – wings, lungs and legs that Spore conjures up on demand – are conveniently pre-designed in software modules.  To really simulate Darwin’s scenario, how about we take the players’ hands off the controls and throw in a few random mutations in the code from time to time.    The awarding of “DNA points” to fake organisms unmasks the hype that somehow Spore represents evolution.  In nature, who rewards anyone?  Survival is not a reward.  The last man standing is not necessarily going to be rewarded with wings.  It’s the origin of innovative function that is the problem.  Wright designed an evolutionary algorithm to solve the problem, but it presupposes a purpose and direction that nature cannot provide.  As William Dembski proved in No Free Lunch, no evolutionary algorithm, when stripped of auxiliary information, is superior to blind search.  The giving of awards to help evolution represents the insertion of auxiliary information into the system – a form of cheating.  With deft analogies and rigorous mathematical reasoning, Dembski reduces all evolutionary algorithms to blind search, and then shows mathematically that getting complex specified information at the complexity level of life by blind search is less probable than the universal probability bound of one chance in 10-150 – i.e., it will never happen.    Evolutionists deceive themselves into thinking this game has anything to do with evolutionary theory.  Then they deceive players and students quite literally by enticing them to “think about the evolutionary process” with a game that is literally saturated with intelligent-design requirements.  Chalk this up as another example of the “useful lie” tactic with which evolutionary manure is spread on the unsuspecting (e.g., 06/29/2007).    If you’re a vegetable (e.g., a couch potato), you might enjoy the fertilizer.  Future sentient scientists, however, need nutritious food, exercise, sound reasoning, ethics and a valid education about the real world – not manure.(Visited 52 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

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Play Your Part: a TV series to inspire

first_img10 July 2012 Brand South Africa’s Play Your Part television series, featuring stories of ordinary people working to improve their communities, aims to inspire South Africans to start making those “small actions that make a big difference in the lives of others”. “Enhancing national pride, patriotism and social cohesion requires a collective effort from all South Africans, not only business and government,” says Miller Matola, Brand South Africa’s chief executive officer. “We want to encourage South Africans to play their part in community building and development, with small actions that make a big difference in the lives of others.” The second season of Play Your Part returns to the small screen on Mondays at 7pm on SABC1 from 9 July. The 24-minute weekly programme traverses the country in search of 33 individuals from all spheres of life who are doing their bit for the good of the country. Presented by Katleho Sinizasan and Mmabatho Montsho, the show gets to know these people, looking at where they work and live, and what they do. The featured folk inhabit all worlds, from high-end fashion and art to corporate success stories, inventors and athletes.Young scientist at work In the first episode, we are introduced to Palesa Masuku from North West, who won the Eskom 2011 Young Scientist award for her discovery of an alternative energy source, creating charcoal from marula nuts. When she entered her project in the Eskom Expo for Young Scientists, her ground- breaking research secured a science laboratory worth R25 000 for her school, JM Ntsime High. In addition, Masuku has been invited to the London International Youth Science Fair in August 2012, a gathering of more than 300 students from 60 countries. Charles Tau, a boxing trainer and manager from Lwandle in Western Cape, is also featured in the first episode. A former professional boxer, Tau has been running the Amandla Boxing Association from his gym for 15 years. Here he trains young boys from the age of seven at no cost as he believes he is doing his part to combat crime in his community. People such as these two are featured in each issue of Play Your Part. You will meet Tabo Mkandiwire, an acrobatic gymnast who coaches other aspiring athletes; and Claire Reid, a green inventor and the brains behind pre-fertilised seed strips that help reduce water wastage by 80% and who has created jobs for previously unemployed women. Other individuals highlighted in the season include Sifiso Dlamini, who is a self-taught takkie maker with five staff members; Tshepo Phakathi, who started a recycling business with a friend at the tender age of six; Benny Masekwameng, a celebrity chef who was inspired by his mother providing meals to construction workers; Kagiso Legobe, an adventure entrepreneur who offers learnerships to tourism graduates; and DJ Zinhle, one of the hottest female DJs in the country, who plays an active role in Fuse, South Africa’s first DJ academy.Inspiring New Ways Brand South Africa launched its new slogan, Inspiring New Ways, on 4 July in Midrand. A new television ad featuring some of the country’s most influential and inspiring people across all fields is promoting the new pay-off line. The organisation’s mandate is “to build South Africa’s nation brand reputation in order to improve South Africa’s global competitiveness”. Matola explains: “This is often about explaining and bolstering our international reputation in the world media and at various international events to drive international investment and trade.” He adds: “Firstly, let us admit that long before the theorising starts and long after it ends, already there are people who are building just such an inspiring and cohesive society, people who are playing their part to improve our communities, who reach out to fellow South Africans, and who inspire us by overcoming the odds.” One place the nation can start is by telling these stories and showing that achieving a better tomorrow and a better country is indeed possible. The people who appear in the second season give true accounts of how South Africans inspire new ways in their lives for those around them, he says. “To us at Brand South Africa, our positioning is not simply a slogan. It is an expression of our present-day reality and our future intent. It also reflects the reputation we seek to forge as citizens of a global village, as a nation that is constantly ‘inspiring new ways’ to create the society we want to live in by playing our part.”Social media tools This television series is one of many tools Brand South Africa employs to inspire and mobilise South Africans to contribute. Other tools include a mobi-site to ensure that positive stories can reach wider audiences. “Play Your Part has also developed Facebook and Twitter profiles to interact with South Africans, urging them to share their positive stories. In addition, Play Your Part clips and stories are uploaded on YouTube so that we not only engage locals, but an international audience,” says Matola. Alternatively, individuals who are willing to contribute their time, services and resources can log on to the Play Your Part website to find community projects near them. “Often people want to help, they want to give, but they don’t know where or how to do this. “Our website as well as the Facebook platform exposes South Africans to an array of opportunities to play their part in building pride and patriotism … contributing to social cohesion and living the spirit of ubuntu,” says Matola. Acting programmes manager at SABC 1 Sam Mpherwane says: “SABC 1 Mzansi Fo Sho prides itself on scheduling and producing programmes that tell local stories that resonate with our audiences. “Play Your Part is such a programme that looks at ordinary South Africans, people who have made a difference in the lives of their communities and the country as a whole . We encourage our viewers to watch Play Your Part and be inspired to do the same in making South Africa a better place.” Matola says Brand South Africa looks forward to growing Play Your Part across a number of other media channels in future and encourages businesses, organisations and individuals to take up the challenge. “We believe that as each one takes deliberate positive action to help, to teach, to grow, we are truly making ours a better country to live in.” And since July is Nelson Mandela Month, South Africans should ask themselves how they are going to contribute to their communities in honour of Madiba. Source: Brand South Africalast_img read more

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What Glee Means for Twitter & Television

first_imgRelated Posts Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro… mike melanson The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos When you watch TV, do you watch with a smartphone in-hand or a laptop by your side, so you can keep up with what everyone is saying on Twitter? One TV show, more than the rest, has captured the attention of the Twitterverse and its popularity has implications for both Twitter and television.More and more, Twitter is becoming a side dish for prime time entertainment and, as the networks catch on, it’s becoming a tool for bringing the audience back from the land of DVRs and time-shifted television into real-time viewing. But how?Twitter CEO Dick Costolo discussed the Glee phenomena earlier this month at the Consumer Electronics Show when he sat down to talk with Kara Swisher. Costolo explains that TV and Twitter have an interesting relationship because, more and more, viewers have a device in their hand while they’re watching TV.“The characters on Glee actually tweet and they tweet during the show. When Glee starts, the moment it airs for the first time on the East Coast, the tweets per second for Glee shoot up,” said Costolo. “They stay up there at a super high level at hundreds of [times] what they are before the show comes on until the moment the show ends and then they drop. […] People feel like they have to watch the show while it’s going on because the community is tweeting about the show and the characters are tweeting as the show’s happening so [they have to] watch it in real time.” Click here to view full screen.Appozite co-founder Jenn Deering Davis said that TweetReach, a tweet-tracking media analytics tool, saw the same phenomena last weekend during the Golden Globe awards. Glee not only took the award for “Best TV Series” but also for reaching the largest audience, with one “#Glee” tweet being retweeted 2,262 times, passing its nearest competition by 1,348 retweets. It seems that, by including in-show tweeting and interaction with fans when the show is off the air, Glee has managed to create a following of Twitter-dependent fans who love to tweet about it.“It’s interesting what this kind of behavior says about the growing convergence between internet and TV,” said Deering Davis. “It’s not all Google TV and Roku; it’s also taking the web tools we already use (Twitter, Facebook, IM) and integrating them into our TV-watching experience. People seem to be doing this a lot.”What does this Twitter popularity mean for the show and the networks?Costolo says that it means big things for getting viewers back to real-time viewing, rather than recording an episode on DVR and skipping the commercials, and that the networks are loving it.Deering Davis agreed, saying that the phenomenon is a sort of cultural shift in television viewing.“There is something culturally significant to the real-time shared experiences created by TV/media events like the Golden Globes or the newest episode of Glee,” said Deering Davis. “With Twitter, we now are able to collectively experience TV like never before. In the past, TV has often been a passive, even isolating, form of entertainment consumption, but with Twitter and other social media it can be much more social and interactive.”The big question now is, what form does this interaction come in? Costolo noted this point in his interview with Kara Swisher, asking if this will come as an on-screen experience or if it will remain on the tiny screens in hands and on our laps. Twitter has already made its way onto the big screen in the form of integrated TV sets and set-top boxes like Google and Apple TV, but are people using it?Whatever screen they’re looking at, one thing is certain – they’re watching TV and tweeting at the same time. During the Golden Globes last weekend, tweets reached a peak of 3,554, according to the TweetReach data, which is just under half of the 7,400 tweets per minute seen during the iPad launch last year. As networks take notice, we’re likely to see more and more in-character tweeting to assure we’re paying attention when they want us to pay attention and not on our own, commercial-free time frame.As for what all of this means for Twitter, perhaps it will end the age old question of non-Twitter users about why they would want to hear about what someone is eating for lunch. Perhaps connecting Twitter with television is just what it needs to reach critical mass.center_img Tags:#Internet TV#NYT#twitter#web Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Auditlast_img read more

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Malala Chooses Books Not Bullets On Her 18th Birthday

first_imgMalala Yousafzai turned 18-years-old yesterday, and celebrated by getting people around the world to call for education for everyone.Malala #booksnotbulletsThe activist had her supporters post photos of themselves with their favorite books as part of the #booksnotbullets campaign, imploring world leaders to understand that education is the best investment for our future.Malala chose The Diary Of Anne Frank as her favorite book, as she says it reveals the courage and strength of a young girl living under conflict.“It inspires me to believe that every child deserves the right to dream, the right to learn and the right to live in peace.“I urge world leaders to prioritize education because education is the only way through which we can defeat terrorism, fight against poverty and bring peace and prosperity. The money that is spent on just a few guns, if given to a child’s education, can change that child’s life.“We cannot stop terrorism just by killing the terrorists and people. We need to fight against the ideology of terrorism and extremism, and that can be done successfully only through education. If a child, suffering from poverty and difficulties, is not given a book, he will pick up a gun.“I call on my sisters and brothers all around the world to join me in this mission – #booksnotbullets.”Find out more here.Copyright ©2015Look to the Starslast_img read more

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Tuchel urgently needs a midfielder for Paris SaintGermain

first_imgAhead of Paris Saint-Germain’s Coupe de France match against Strasbourg, manager Thomas Tuchel called in for a new winter transfer.Paris Saint-Germain’s midfield problem reached a whole new tipping point this past weekend, as manager Thomas Tuchel just lost Italian Marco Verratti due to a nasty ankle injury he suffered against Guingamp.This situation has taken the club to act under extreme circumstances, mainly because Adrien Rabiot is also officially out of the club and won’t play more for PSG after deciding to not renew his contract.The situation has taken a whole new level after Verratti’s incident, it has pushed manager Thomas Tuchel to emergency mode and to publicly beg the PSG board of directors to act quickly before the winter transfer window ends.The major urgency is obviously for a new midfielder, but the market is not as accommodating as it may appear for a club like PSG.Chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi has always been a tough negotiator with other clubs, which means that they tend to return the favor and make things very difficult for when he is the one in dire need of new players.Tuchel is aware of this and he is scared that things won’t go his way before the window closes, this may leave PSG very exposed for the rest of the season as they won’t have a proper replacement for their absentee players.It is very, very serious for us – PSG boss Tuchel wants midfielder in January window https://t.co/xRoyA1tV5R pic.twitter.com/pmXKJ4DQus— Goal Ghana (@goal_ghana) January 22, 2019“It’s January 21 and we have needs,” Tuchel revealed to reporters ahead of a Coupe de France home match against Strasbourg on Wednesday via Goal.“We lost Adrien Rabiot, Lass Diarra and Marco Verratti, the situation has not improved. We stay with our decision [on Rabiot] because Marco returns in a few weeks. We stay with our basic choice.”“We have recovered Dani Alves in this role but it is very, very serious for us. Who do I want? Yeah, yeah, I know. Unfortunately I cannot tell you!”“Julian Draxler has the quality to play with us because he can adapt and he is very, very reliable in many positions.”“Dani Alves will play in the middle against Strasbourg, with his quality and mentality he has done incredible workouts. Draxler has a more offensive profile than he and Marquinhos.”“I have already talked a lot about Adrien and this subject. I can only repeat that it’s a thing between the club and him.”“This is the second-best attack in Ligue 1, they are also very strong in the defensive game, they are in a phase with four wins in a row away,” Tuchel added.Opinion: Neymar needs to apologize to PSG’s supporters Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 After such a dramatic summer during the transfer window, Neymar truly needs to apologize to all the PSG supporters this weekend.When Neymar finished last…“It has been experienced there [in Strasbourg] that they are very serious and aggressive. It was very difficult to have opportunities and score.”“It’s a big challenge to play against Strasbourg. We must play at a top level,” he concluded.Tuchel on Borussia Dortmund’s Julian Weigl: “I cannot talk about players who play for another club. Julian was a player of mine, but he is still a Dortmund player today. We are working hard to bring in a defensive midfielder.” #PSGEAG— Jonathan Johnson (@Jon_LeGossip) January 18, 2019For PSG things are very clear, they are currently fighting against Barcelona to sign Dutch midfielder Frenkie de Jong but the negotiations are proving very difficult.There are very few other options that the French club is actually considering, they wanted Denis Suarez to be part of the deal with Adrien Rabiot but Arsenal seems to be getting in the way of that negotiation.Paris Saint-Germain’s clock is ticking, they are quite desperate to get this new midfielder as soon as possible and not finding one could mean that they won’t be able to compete in the Champions League against Manchester United.This might be the very last chance that manager Thomas Tuchel has to prove that he is the right man for the job, because getting eliminated by the Red Devils will bring about his dismissal and quite possibly the exit of either Neymar or Kylian Mbappe.The most immediate worry for the French giants is Strasbourg, they don’t want to get eliminated from this tournament as they did from Coupe de la Ligue last week against Guingamp.📰 [SPORT] | Tottenham ready to bid for Rabiot in January.🔶According to Mirror, Spurs has joined the list of bidders for the PSG midfielder which includes Barça.🔷He finishes his contract in June 2019 and has already rejected the last offer of PSG despite Tuchel’s praise. pic.twitter.com/qWflq5zzX4— BarçaTimes (@BarcaTimes) October 3, 2018Which midfielder would you like PSG to sign during this winter transfer window? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.last_img read more

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Repeat DUI offender sentenced 20 years to life for fatal drunk driving

first_img CHULA VISTA (KUSI) — A repeat DUI offender who drove drunk and hopped curb on a Chula Vista street, killing a man sitting on a bus bench, was sentenced Friday to 20 years to life in state prison.Nicholas Ruben Ramirez, 29, was convicted in December of second-degree murder, vehicular manslaughter while impaired, hit-and-run and DUI with injury. Judge Dwayne Moring sentenced the defendant to 15 years to life on the murder charge and an additional five years for leaving the scene.Chula Vista police said Ramirez had just left a bar in the 1400 block of Third Avenue in Chula Vista about 6:30 p.m. on Dec. 4, 2016, when he crashed his car into a parked vehicle and drove off.Ramirez returned a few minutes later, and witnesses to the non-injury accident confronted him, police said. He then sped off again and lost control of his car, which hopped a curb on Third Avenue near Orange Avenue and struck 65-year-old William Gerling, severing one of his legs. The victim was pronounced dead at a hospital.Ramirez has two prior DUIs from 2009, according to Deputy District Attorney Cally Bright. KUSI Newsroom, Categories: Local San Diego News, Traffic & Accidents FacebookTwitter April 13, 2018 KUSI Newsroom Posted: April 13, 2018 Repeat DUI offender sentenced 20 years to life for fatal drunk driving crashlast_img read more

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KPBSD Reports Increase In OCS Referrals

first_imgMandatory reporting applies to people who have reason to suspect the abuse or neglect of a child, but it can also apply to people who suspect abuse or neglect of a dependent adult or the elderly, or to any members of society. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Superintendent Sean Dusek told the borough assembly at their meeting on Tuesday that the district has seen an increase in referrals to the Office of Children’s Services for abused or neglected children. KPBSD Superintendent Sean Dusek: “So far this year 109 referrals to the Office of Children’s Services. We’re mandatory reporters, and if we suspect any abuse of any kind we are required to report.”  Once a teacher or advisor sees something, they’re required to say something, either by phone or in person, with a written report to follow. Reports are going up each year for the district. Dusek: “Last year in total we had 226, so we are a little bit ahead of pace there. The year before that in 16-17 we had a total of 138, so we are well beyond the pace of two years ago. So, we are seeing more mandatory reports.”last_img read more

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