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Govt attempting to use criminal justice system as a political instrument

first_img…former PPP MP to be charged for sexual assaultThe David Granger-led Administration is attempting to use the criminal justice system as a political instrument against their political opponents.This is according to former People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Member of Parliament Alister Charlie.Former PPP MP and Central Committee Member, Alister CharlieCharlie, who is also a Central Committee Member of the PPP, made the statement on Monday evening after he was told that sexual assault and attempting to pervert the course of justice charges will be filed against him. The charges stemmed from an accusation made last year.“Expectedly, as it is becoming clearer with every passing day that the coalition Government will lose the March 2, 2020, National and Regional Elections, they are becoming progressively more desperate and vindictive,” Charlie said.He added, “we have already witnessed their acts of vandalism against our party’s flags and other campaigns paraphernalia. We have also witnessed their acts of thuggery and intimidation against our party’s activists as they move around the country to spread the message of the PPP/C.”According to Charlie, after applying tremendous political pressure upon members of the Guyana Police Force, “they have finally succeeded in getting me charged with the criminal offences of sexual assault and attempting to pervert the course of justice”.It is to be noted, he said, that the initial police investigation concluded the matter as being resolved with the Virtual Complainant retracting the complaint after confessing that he was forced to make that complaint by someone “who is a known PNC activist” in the area. It is also important to note, he said, that the incident in question was made since July 31, 2019.“Subsequently, Vice President Sydney Allicock visited the police station with a delegation and, as a result, a special team of police officers, centrally directed from Eve Leary, Georgetown, was dispatched to reopen the investigation. As a result, these charges emerged. It is not without relevance that PNC activist, Carl Parker, the ex-Regional Executive Officer of Region Nine, was charged with attempted rape.”“I maintain that I am innocent of these charges and these charges are instituted against me because I was a Member of Parliament and a Central Committee Member of the PPP,” Charlie stated.last_img read more

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Cabinet’s increased gender balance welcomed

first_img27 May 2014The increased proportion of female ministers and deputy ministers in President Jacob Zuma’s new Cabinet is a move in the right direction, the Commission for Gender Equality (CGE) said on Tuesday.“The CGE believes although 50/50 gender parity has not been reached, it is within reach and should be possible to reach in the next election,” CGE spokesperson Javu Baloyi said.The new Cabinet, announced on Sunday, includes 15 women out of 35 ministers in total, meaning women constitute about 40% of the Cabinet.“Given that in the previous Cabinet, woman ministers constituted about a third of the members … the CGE is pleased to note this as a significant step in the right direction,” Baloyi said.He added that the commission was also pleased with the increase in the proportion of woman deputy ministers; there are 20 male and 16 female deputy ministers.The CGE also commended the creation of the new Ministry of Women in the Presidency – to be headed by former Minerals Resources Minister Susan Shabangu – saying it was an indicator of the importance of solving gender issues in the country.“The political clout that comes with the Office of the President should be an important resource for the new ministry,” he said.“The CGE can only hope that this new institutional development comes with renewed political commitment and willingness to use the positive lessons derived from the experiences of the former OSW [Office on the Status of Women] to ensure a more effective ministry, with the space to make a difference in terms of leading gender transformation in the country.”Source: SAnews.gov.zalast_img read more

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A Home Where the Digital Wallpaper Changes When Grandma Visits

first_imgRelated Posts 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Digital wallpaper in a teenage boy’s room can change when Grandma comes to visit and the room becomes hers. Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Microsoft Home is designed to be the model of what a home may look like in five to ten years. It’s a home that has the elements of touch and gestures to to display contextual data on walls, counters and tables. It is an example of the connections between devices and physical objects. It shows how intelligent systems change the reality for how a room functions and people interact. It’s an environment that has a deeper relationship with data which in turn affects our preconceptions about reality.I took some notes using Google Docs on my Android. Gave me a bit sense for this house as I tapped as best I could on the micro tap keyboard of the MyTouch 3G that I find increasingly unsatisfying. The experience helped me realize that no one could live in such a house now if dependent on a smartphone with a poor interface. It would be unmanageable. The home is connected and managed by machines that use the physical objects in the home to display what the homeowner wants to view, engage with or display.For example, In the area adjacent to the kitchen, a picture cabinet uses object recognition to scan 3D pieces. The cabinet then displays correlating images that appear in window panes. For example, a souvenir piece of the Eiffel Tower triggered a search to display images related to a vacation in Paris. The tour went on to show a dining room table that doubles as a visual knowledge base. alex williams A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Tags:#cloud#cloud computing Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting I went on a home tour at the Microsoft campus in Redmond yesterday. I saw a plant with a sensor that notified our guide it needed a bit of water. The plant delivered the information to our guide’s smartphone which she then placed on a platter by the front door. The platter became a digital screen that displayed the news about the plant and other little things that people check when they walk into their homes.I rang the doorbell but no one was home. The doorbell took my picture. My guide saw the image of me on her smartphone. She was right there but might have been at Pikes Market. In this home you don’t need to be there to let someone in. 3D glasses were provided for us to view art and other objects at a gallery that we enter seemingly as if we were there visiting.Throughout the tour we were accompanied by Grace, a virtual assistant that takes commands and performs tasks.Much of this home did not feel too futuristic. It all seemed plausible to some extent. It’s a reminder of the compute capability that comes with cloud managed systems that can control the experience and command physical objects to do tasks whether with people are there or not. It’s a home that I’d like to live in. But first I’d have to get a better smartphone.last_img read more

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BCCI to screen all officials attending AGM

first_imgA stricter Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) doesn’t want to leave any loophole to be exploited during its 82nd annual general body meeting in Mumbai on September 19 and 20, especially if an election to any post takes place.It is for this reason that the president-elect N Srinivasan, who succeeds Shashank Manohar, is keen to know who all will be attending the meeting.The BCCI has asked its constituent units to authorise a representative for the meeting and the names in writing should reach its headquarters in Mumbai ” not later than 4pm on September 17″, two full days before the AGM, as no change will be allowed after that.”The BCCI has asked all its members to send a copy of the associations’ constitution along with the names of the persons being authorised,” an association official told MAIL TODAY .The Board has also told all the members – 30 full, four associate and three affiliate units – that the officials’ authorisation should be in ” accordance with the constitution of the member association”.”According to the Board’s intimation, the names will then be scrutinised and the final list of valid authorised representatives of the associations would be put up in the conference room of the BCCI headquarters at 6 pm the same day, September 17,” the official said.A strict procedure for elections has also been put in place. The filing of nominations for the posts of five vice-presidents, one secretary, one joint secretary and one treasurer should be made between 10 am and 3 pm on September 18.advertisementThe valid nominations, following scrutiny of the names, will be displayed at 4 pm the same day and the candidates can withdraw their names by 6 pm. The final list of candidates will be published at 7 pm.A candidate will have to fill a form and he should have a proposer and a seconder, both of whom should be eligible to attend the AGM and vote. A person can contest more than one post. The term of all the posts is two years, with a provision for a year’s extension if no one opposes the incumbent.”If no election takes place, it means the election form is redundant. But election takes place, then several people would use this form,” said a Board source, referring to the ongoing behind-the-scenes parleys.However, sources say elections to any post are highly unlikely this time as all posts are expected to be filled unopposed.Current secretary Srinivasan was chosen president unopposed at last year’s AGM, as per the established practice.last_img read more

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9 months agoWife of Man Utd, Arsenal target Carrasco: Many clubs interested

first_imgWife of Man Utd, Arsenal target Carrasco: Many clubs interestedby Paul Vegas9 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveThe wife of Dalian Yifang winger Yannick Carrasco admits offers are arriving this month.The Belgium international is being linked with Manchester United and Arsenal.And Carrasco’s wife Noemie told RTBF: “There are a lot of things going on. “He has been called by many clubs. Many clubs are interested. Now nothing concrete, nothing has been signed yet.”Carrasco’s deal at Dalian Yifang runs to 2021. TagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

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About Those Falcons Play Calls …

Related: Hot Takedown Even if the Patriots had stopped Freeman short of the sticks on 3rd-and-1, it would have run 30 more seconds off the clock, and an average Matt Bosher punt would have placed the Patriots inside their own 20-yard line with less than eight minutes to play. Instead, the Falcons’ only turnover of the game gave the Patriots the ball 5 yards from the red zone with 8:24 left on the clock. Even an unsuccessful run and decent punt at this juncture might have been enough to win the game, considering that the Patriots would go on to score the game-tying touchdown with just 57 seconds left. (Then again, having one fewer minute may have just meant that the Patriots would have scored even faster.)Incredibly, Shanahan and the Falcons later doubled down on their mistake.On the ensuing Falcons possession, Ryan gripped it and ripped it. The Falcons moved from their own 10-yard line to the Patriots’ 22 with a 2-yard run sandwiched between two deep passes. They then ran once, for a loss of a yard, shaving 44 seconds off the clock. Then, Shanahan dialed up another pass — and Ryan took his fifth sack.“You don’t think, just run the ball and make your guy kick a 50-yard field goal,” Shanahan told reporters after the game. But wait — why wouldn’t you think that?Running two more times, even for no gain, would have forced the Patriots to burn two timeouts. The Falcons were on the Patriots’ 23-yard line; a field-goal attempt from there would have been 40 yards, not 50. Falcons kicker Matt Bryant has made 78.2 percent of his career kicks from between 40 and 49 yards. With the score 28-20, going up by 11 with less than four minutes to play would likely have been as effective a dagger as going up by 15.In the end, Shanahan, Ryan and the Falcons offense can point to just about any metric and say they put together a masterful offensive game. They averaged a whopping 7.5 yards per play over the course of the game, far more than the Patriots’ 5.9, or even the Falcons’ league-leading regular-season average of 6.7.But sometimes the best performance in a vacuum isn’t the optimal performance in a game situation. That’s something Shanahan, reportedly set to become the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers, is going to have to learn. Every Super Bowl loser wants a do-over, but no team has had as disastrous an ending as Atlanta had in the final nine minutes of Super Bowl LI. If the Falcons were given 1,000 do-overs, they would have been expected, according to ESPN’s win probability model, to win the game 996 times.All the Falcons needed was one more point, one defensive stop or perhaps even just one more minute of burnt clock to zero out the New England Patriots’ 0.4 percent chance to surmount a nigh-insurmountable lead.Why didn’t they?“I think we ran out of gas,” Falcons head coach Dan Quinn said at his post-game press conference. Even so, Quinn’s offensive machine should have been able to coast to the finish line after being up 28-12 with possession of the ball and less than 10 minutes to play. Instead, bad decision-making turned domination into capitulation.The Falcons, as I wrote one FiveThirtyEight’s Super Bowl live blog, had been stunningly effective on the ground all game. The Patriots’ rush defense ranked fourth in Football Outsiders’ Defense-adjusted Value Over Average (DVOA) this season, yet the Falcons had piled up 94 yards and a touchdown on just 14 carries.Starting at the 9:40 mark, Falcons running back Tevin Coleman ran on first and second down, getting injured on the latter play but setting up 3rd-and-1 from the team’s own 36-yard line. Rather than dial up another clock-eating run, offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan called a pass play. Coleman’s backfield partner, Devonta Freeman, whiffed on his blocking assignment, and Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan was strip-sacked.After the Patriots capitalized on the turnover with a touchdown, the Falcons ran 11 offensive plays — and only two of them were runs. Despite needing more than anything to wind the clock down to zero, Shanahan gave only two more carries to Freeman, who’d been averaging 8.2 yards per carry until that point.This is where football coaches, who spend numerous hours micro-analyzing schemes and matchups as they build out their game plans, can lose the forest for the trees. It may well be that Shanahan had a perfect play called up for that situation, or a matchup he knew Ryan could exploit. Ryan, after all, had completed 13 of 16 passes to that point; another short completion seemed like an easy ask. But the Falcons needed to maximize their chance of finishing the game with more points, not their offensive efficiency. Should Terrell Owens Be In The Hall of Fame? read more

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All for world peace

first_imgImagine going somewhere and then getting vibes from that place. So much so that your inner self gives you messages which you then transform into poetry and with some help, create music out of it? Sounds confusing? Well, that is exactly what Keiko Koma has been doing around the globe with the help of pianist Idaki Shin. And all this for greater good. The aim? World peace. And they will do it again. This time in Purana Qila. India is a huge influence on both of them. ‘Everywhere in Japan you will find temples divided into many streams and variations of Buddhism. They are not just places of worship but also libraries and museums of old culture — most of them coming from India,’ said Shin with the help of a translator.  This is their first visit to India after touring various countries across the world.   Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’‘At Purana Qila, Koma has received a strong message from the earth. It is a vision of a circle of peace. The music (by Idaki Shin) will be spontaneous and a manifestation of energies that brought us to realise the concert,’ says Shin. Nothing has been composed beforehand so rehearsals for this is out of the question. Both Koma and Shin depend on improvisations on the spot. The instruments they will use include traditional drums, electric guitars, flute instruments, saxophones and more. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixHow does Koma get this visions? ‘When she visits historic places in the midst of nature, she gets messages which are converted into poems. This is the tradition of the ancient Koguryo kingdom of which Koma is a descendant,’ said Koma with the help of a translator.And what is the consequence of the message? Does it have healing powers? ‘The messages manifest truth about our life. They may not have direct healing powers like medicine, but the power of truth is what works as the panacea. Truth is often not found in personal experiences. But without truth one cannot open up to future. Truth helps one overcome difficulties,’ she further explained.   And how does Shin come up with the music thereafter? ‘There’s no structure or prefabricated idea. You need to tune oneself to others. The outcome of the performances can be hard and integral,’ says Shin. So what is in store for Delhi? ‘Each spectator will have his or her individual experiences. We don’t have any visible intention. It is what will be happening at Purana Qila,’ says Koma.So head to Purana Qila this Sunday if you are keen to watch some ancient magic unfold among the historical greens.DETAILAt: Purana Quila When: 2 December  Timings: 6 pm onwards For Invites, Call: 08587900626last_img read more

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