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Am I entitled to see my references?

first_imgIhave had an interview recently and was turned down. The organisation hasoffered me feedback but I want to know what was said in my references. Where doI stand?JoSelby, associate director, EJ Human Resources, writes: Youare understandably frustrated that you did not get offered this position.However there could be any number of reasons, and references are only one.  Seeing your references is not astraightforward process and so I would recommend you rule out other reasonsfirst.Ithink it is important that you accept the organisation’s offer of feedback asthis will give you an indication of how they perceived your interview and otherpossible reasons for you not having been successful.  It may also provide you with areas to focus on for the future.PeterLewis, consultant, Chiumento Consulting Group, writes:Gettinggood feedback from a recruiting organisation is crucial for refining your jobsearch, so grasp the opportunity. Your approach should be along the lines of “Iparticularly wish to move into this field; how can I improve the presentationof my experience, or what further experience would improve my chances of doingso?”. This is a marked improvement on “Why didn’t I get the job?” which cansound like a disgruntled challenge to the decision. Yourright to know the content of your reference is a grey area.. References arenormally asked for and given on a confidential basis, though case law (and theHuman Rights Act) imply that you may have a right to know if a reference isderogatory, hence the increasing trend for bland written references, confinedto length of service and job title.Sowhile you could ask whether the reference weighed significantly in thedecision, think about what signals you are sending if you start to insist ondetails. Be aware, too, that some companies will ask for a standard writtenreference but follow up with an informal telephone chat with the referee “offthe record”. So even if you saw the reference, there is no absolute guaranteethat it would tell you everything. Am I entitled to see my references?On 11 Sep 2001 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

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