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Dembélé’s injury causes a witch hunt at Barça

first_imgIt goes without saying that the worst part was taken by the player himself – right now absolutely sunk -, mainly because they had assured him that it was a minor mishap and that in fifteen days he would be recovered. Things like this generate an absolute distrust of the players to the doctors. Nevertheless, Dembélé called the delegate worried the next day: He was still hurting his thigh a lot – he was already cold – and he could hardly support his foot because his leg was not supporting him. The doctors got down to work and they did more tests again, with the surprise, tinged with disbelief, that the ultrasound now showed a total rupture of the proximal tendon of the biceps femoris of the right leg. An injury that they did not know to see in the first tests and that leave in a very bad place the medical leaders of Barcelona. And we are not talking about a small break, which can escape in the diagnosis, but a complete break. Apart from the doctors, the recuperators are also indicated. And once again there has been a relapse in a rehabilitation. Do not forget that Leo Messi this season was a month off due to poor recovery management. And now it has happened again, in the case of Dembélé, a similar situation, but it is even more serious.And also him communication department is under the shadow of a doubt because it has gone from issuing concise and clear medical statements to others that are much more diffuse and sometimes provide more misinformation than information.It cannot be ruled out that in the next few hours there will be some movement in the area of ​​medical services because its head of responsibility, Ramon Canal, has more than one open front. In fact, on Tuesday afternoon there was a medical summit where there was more than one reproach. It remains to be seen if finally his own Josep Maria Bartomeu Take action on the matter bound by the events.center_img The Dembélé case perfectly exemplifies the degree of bewilderment and folly that has taken over the club in recent months. One of the departments of the club that was the jewel in the crown of the entity, the medical services, has led to a series of errors and erratic decisions that are putting in breach the prestige that had been forged over the years.Last Monday, during morning training, I trembled He retired before the end of the session when he noticed a puncture in the back of the right thigh. Evidently all the alarms jumped on ‘Can Barça’: It was the same area where the player had been injured two months ago and from which he was about to recover and be discharged. The first tests that the player underwent – an ultrasound scan in the Ciutat Esportiva – ruled out the breakage and simply indicated some discomfort from “muscular fatigue”. So that, the club issued a statement in a reassuring tone, ensuring that the player would continue “with his recovery.”last_img read more

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