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Siri hack running smoothly on the iPhone 4 but dont get too

first_imgSay you’re halfway through a two-year iPhone 4 contract, and have no upgrade in sight. You like the iPhone 4S, but not quite enough to pay full retail ($700) or early termination fees to switch carriers. You’re almost content to wait out the next iPhone with your iPhone 4. But then there’s that whole Siri thing. “Apple just had to make that A.I. assistant exclusive to the new iPhone,” you grumble. If only you could somehow get it running on your current iPhone, you’d be completely content for the next year. Well, some hackers have already made significant progress on this front, but don’t hold your breath for a fully-working Siri on older devices.Headlines saturated normally-dormant blogs this weekend that “Siri has been ported to the iPhone 4.” It’s a nice, sexy, traffic-bringing headline, but it’s only half true. The client-end side of Siri has been fully ported, and that’s no small feat. I tip my hat to Steven Troughton-Smith for a speedy port.The only problem is that this iPhone 4 Siri port isn’t likely to function like it does on the iPhone 4S. The reason is that it can’t access server-side functions. Voice dictation may work (?), but not much else. Siri’s “brain” lives in Apple’s servers. And Apple isn’t allowing devices that aren’t called the iPhone 4S to access that data.Full port would require piracySo surely there must be some further hack that can be done to “trick” Apple into thinking that you’re on an iPhone 4S, right? It’s possible, but it would be considered piracy. So yes, with some serious low-level exploits, it could eventually happen. But using it will be the equivalent of downloading cracked versions of App Store apps.According to a tweet by hacker Musclenerd, who is about as respected a figure as there is in the jailbreak community, there are two options. Either piracy (as already mentioned), or the difficult feat of getting the FS keys through identifying a low level exploit.In other words, getting access to Apple’s servers for Siri will be a difficult task that, even if completed, may require an act of piracy. As most of the developers at the forefront of the jailbreak community are adamantly against piracy, the top talent won’t likely be working on it.Why exclusive?While fully-functioning Siri on older devices isn’t looking too promising, this port does confirm that older devices are fully capable of running Siri on a hardware level. This, once again, begs the question of why Apple held it exclusively to the 4S. Marketing is a distinct possibility, but there are other scenarios.One of the smartest explanations I’ve heard was by John Gruber of Daring Fireball, who speculated that Apple wanted to spare their servers from overload. Siri is still described as Beta, and there could well be 100 million iOS 5 users by now, next to “only” 4 million or so iPhone 4S users. I have a hunch that this could be part of it, as I have gotten a “can’t connect to servers” response every time I’ve tried to activate Siri this morning. If the strong launch of the 4S is taxing their servers, imagine multiplying that user base by 25.You can see the video of the client side hack of Siri on an iPhone 4 below:More at PC Mag, via 9to5Maclast_img read more

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