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Dean Ween Recruited 30 Of His Favorite Musicians For A New Solo Album

first_imgAfter a weekend spent jamming with Les Claypool and Sean Lennon, beloved Ween guitarist Mickey Melchiondo Jr., aka Dean Ween, has made an exciting announcement. Deaner will release a new album on October 11th called The Deaner Album, according to a post he made in the WEEN Appreciation Group.Watch Dean Ween Join Claypool Lennon For The Best ‘Southbound Pachyderm’ EverThe Deaner Album is a 15 track, 57-minute album, which features “everyone in the entire world that i ever wanted on my album… like 30 people.” Little else about the album including its artwork and contents, has been revealed.Check out Dean Ween’s statement about his new solo release, below.i have a new album coming out on ATO Records on October 11th called “the deaner album.” no artist, no title. it is 15 songs and 57 minutes and it is awesome. i don’t wanna share any of it for once—not even the artwork, which is super-dope.everyone in the entire world that i ever wanted on my album plays on it. like 30 people.last_img read more

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Mother Shares Story Of Dave Matthews’ Kindness To Her Daughter With ALS

first_imgIn one of the more heartwarming stories we’ve come upon, a mother wrote an open letter to, sharing the story of how Dave Matthews took the time to provide support to her daughter. The daughter, named Kristen Kawa Caron, had late stage ALS, and Matthews agreed to a meet and greet with Ms. Caron despite his usual hesitations for these types of encounters.The meet and greet was particularly meaningful for Caron, as her mother tells the tale:My daughter, who was in the final stages of ALS, had put together a beautiful book to leave behind for her children using some of her favorite quotes, many from Dave’s songs. She could no longer speak but had come prepared to the concert with questions and of course, this book of remembrance. He and his staff were really taken with Kristen and spent quite a bit of time with her before they took the stage.What followed was a lengthy email correspondence through Caron’s final days, and they sent each other books throughout it. She sent Dave Matthews a copy of The Great Gatsby, for example.“His generosity meant so much to my lovely daughter who kept this connection close to her heart. So thank you, Dave, and all your staff, who were so very kind,” Sharon Kawa writes in the letter. You can read the full note here.last_img read more

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My Morning Jacket Shares New Song, ‘Magic Bullet,’ Inspired By Recent Violence

first_imgWith tensions continuing to heat up in America, the band My Morning Jacket has taken steps towards peace and love with a brand new song. Titled “Magic Bullet,” MMJ sings poignant lines like “There’s got to be a better way” and “Ain’t no way to solve a problem of the streets with an itchy trigger finger.”The band has shared some eloquent words describing the track as well, which you can read below. Here’s “Magic Bullet,” from MMJ…violence is never the answer. only love. we all need to be a part of the discussion. part of the solution. how long will it take before we realize-we are all the same. this is not idealistic dreaming. this is a fact-we all want only to love and be loved. to nuture and protect those we love.hate comes from the illusion that we are separate and cut off fromone another by factors like race and religion but this simply is not does not matter your race/creed/sexual orientation we are all filled with the same beautiful blood- a mix of old and new generations… past present and future…we are all in there somewhere…in the blood lines together…all of humanity.a beautiful mix of male and female and all the colors rolled up into this wonderful gift we call life. a gift that should be celebrated like the beautiful rainbow that it is- not riddled by bullets and cut to pieces spilling and wasting that precious blood.I don’t pretend to think that a song can fix or change the world instantly, and I don’t pretend to know the ins and outs of the political landscape and proper gun control legislation- BUT if we say nothing then nothing will ever change.and things have got to maybe if we all sing out-if we all speak out- for peace. for equality. for justice. for an end to the violence…then perhaps we can together change the world for the better-create a world of true peace, love, and acceptance where our differences are celebrated because we realize they are in fact all just shades of the same wondrous human rainbow.dare to dream. dreams can come one said it better than Dr. King:“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”here is a wish from us to you for peace,love, understanding, and an end to the violence.we hope you enjoy this song that basically says there can be a solution… but none of us can do it alone. we have to get together.peace and love,my morning jacketLYRICS:AIN’T NO MAGIC BULLET COME FROM MAGIC SHELL.NO OTHER WAY TO PUT IT. FAR AS I CAN TELL.AIN’T NO WAY TO SOLVE A PROBLEM OF THE STREETS.WITH AN ITCHY TRIGGER FINGER…SERVANT OF DISEASE.I MEAN COME ON…HEAR IT FROM THE PEOPLE. READ IT IN THE PRESS.LEARN IT AT THE STEEPLE. FORGET IT IN DISTRESS.LOOKIN FOR SALVATION…JUST A LITTLE HELP.BUT IT NEVER SEEMS TO FIND ME…I’M GONNA TAKE IT FOR MYSELF.I MEAN C’MON….(THERE’S GOT TO BE A BETTER WAY)THAT LOW FEELIN STARTS TO GET TO ME- NEED TO FIND ESCAPE.SO SMOKE IT FILLS THE LUNGS…AND DRINK CORRUPTS THE BRAIN.AND MORALS GET CONFUSED…IN A DESPERATE MIND.AND THERE AIN’T NO WRONG OR RIGHT… IN A DESPERATE TIME.BUT I KNOW THERE’S A SOLUTION- DEEP WITHIN MYSELF.BUT I AIN’T NEVER GONNA REACH IT…WITHOUT SOMEBODY’S HELP.I MEAN A COME ON…last_img read more

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Beck Rolls Out New Fall Dates Ahead Of Upcoming Album

first_img2016 could use a little bit more Beck. With the promise of a Talking Heads and The Strokes-influenced record coming out in October, Beck has certainly brought us closer to an exciting follow-up to his 2014 Grammy Award-winning “Album of the Year.” With last month’s release of the new song and music video for “Wow,” it’s safe to say the rocker is ready to share some of the work he’s been working on.Today, we’ve been graced with five dates in September. The tickets go on-sale this Friday, July 22, with provided links below:9/15 – New Orleans, LA – Saenger Theatre9/19 – Charlottesville, VA – Sprint Pavilion – with special guests Peter Bjorn and John9/20 – Columbus, OH – Express LIVE 9/22 – Bloomington, IN – Indiana University Auditorium9/23 – St Louis, MO – Peabody Opera Houselast_img read more

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Members Of The Allman Brothers, String Cheese, & More Form “The Allman Brothers Family Incident” At Peach 2016

first_imgAt the 2016 Peach Music Festival, the String Cheese Incident were scheduled to play an “Incident” with Gregg Allman, when the Allman Brothers man fell ill and had to cancel all of his upcoming tour dates. Instead, members of Allman’s solo band, members of Les Brers, and members of the Allman Brothers Band were all on-site to save the day, and they joined SCI for a set dubbed the “Allman Brothers Family Incident”.The show was wildly successful, as the band and their guests, led by musical director Scott Sharrard, and featuring two original members of the band – Butch Trucks and Jaimoe – along with Oteil Burbridge and Marc Quiñones, ran through versions of Allman Brothers classics like “Midnight Rider,” “Melissa,” “Ain’t Wasting Time No More,” and “Jessica,” while including fun covers of “Statesboro Blues” and “Mighty Quinn The Eskimo,” and a rocking version of SCI’s “Outside and Inside.”Now, thanks to Jam Buzz, we can re-live the glorious set in full. See below for full setlist details, and listen to the set for more than an hour of classic Allman Brothers material!You can also purchase the soundboard version of the set, at higher quality, via!The Allman Brothers’ Family Incident @ Peach Music Festival 8/12/16:Statesboro Blues w/ JaimoeMidnight Rider w/ Jaimoe, Marc QuiñonesTrouble No More w/ Jaimoe, Lamar Williams Jr., Bruce KatzSweet Melissa w/ Bruce KatzOutside And Inside w/ Marc QuiñonesAin’t Wastin’ Time No More w/ Butch Trucks, Oteil Burbridge, Jack Pearson, Bruce KatzQuinn The Eskimo w/ Butch Trucks, Jack Pearson, Bruce KatzJessica w/ Butch Trucks, Oteil Burbridge, Jack Pearson, Bruce Katzlast_img read more

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Watch Chick Corea Join John Mayer Trio For “After Midnight” In 2014

first_imgThe John Mayer Trio is truly awesome, and we can’t wait for them to return this fall. The band will be reuniting on October 27th to play a benefit concert at the Apollo Theater, and, if the rumor of a new album is true, we can’t wait to see what Mayer, bassist Pino Palladino, and drummer Steve Jordan have in store.With that in mind, let’s take a look back at this awesome performance from 2014. The John Mayer Trio came together for a special performance on Late Night With Seth Meyers, and Mayer invited some jazz icons to play with them. Manolo Badrena joined the band on percussion, Wallace Roney played trumpet, and, of course, the legendary Chick Corea added piano and synthesizer. The band turned in a bluesy, jazzy rendition of JJ Cale’s classic “After Midnight” that really soars. They were able to pack three impressive solos into the short four-minute-and-thirty-second frame allotted. Mayer seems at home on stage when he’s surrounded by icons, as we’ve seen in his time with Dead & Company, and hearing him solo after Roney’s beautiful trumpet solo and Corea’s note-bending synth solo is truly special.Check out the video below, and experience the awesomeness for yourself!last_img read more

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Snarky Puppy’s Michael League Talks GroundUP Festival, New Projects And More

first_imgEarly next month, Grammy-winning jazz-funk collective Snarky Puppy and GroundUP Music will host the first-ever GroundUP Music Festival. The festival will take place on the waterfront in sunny Miami Beach, FL from February 10th – 12th, and with a diverse lineup of performances and only 1500 tickets being sold, the inaugural event is sure to be a unique, intimate, and unforgettable experience.Snarky Puppy was formed in Denton, TX in 2004, and has since grown into a one-of-a-kind musical enigma, defying conventions every step of the way. What genre are they? Tough to say: there’s elements of jazz, funk, fusion, pop, world, soul–it’s all of these genres, and none of them. Who’s in the band? Well, that depends on the night: they draw from an ever-growing pool of virtuosic musicians from every corner of the globe, changing the lineup for each performance. Aside from the fact that they are all incredible musical experiences, no two Snarky Puppy shows are quite alike.The one constant in the world of Snarky Puppy is bassist, composer, and bandleader Michael League. From steering the Snarky ship, to running the band’s label GroundUP Music, to producing and promoting new artists from around the world and across the musical spectrum, this incredible artist is in a league of his own. We spoke to the maestro about Snarky Puppy, his loaded new band Bokanté, and all the reasons that the inaugural GroundUP Music Festival is not to be missed.***You can find tickets and more information about GroundUP Music Festival here!***Live For Live Music: Considering the overall collective, collaborative nature of Snarky Puppy and GroundUP Music, it seems like it was only a matter of time before a festival like this was organized. Can you tell us how this new event came to fruition? How long has this idea been in the works? And how did you decide on the intimate Miami Beach location?Michael League: The idea of starting a music festival has been in my mind for many years, but I never really thought of it as realistic until Andy Hurwitz, who’s the president of our record label GroundUP Music, suggested it last year. He seemed confident and comfortable and felt like this was the right moment in the band’s career where we could host something like this. So, I rolled with it. We don’t know exactly how it will be other than there will be a lot of great music, but we will do our best to create the perfect environment for this kind of event.It was our Executive Director Paul Lehr’s idea to do the festival in Miami Beach. We wanted to do it in the off season and in a warm, beautiful place for people to escape the cold winter months. Paul is from Miami and very plugged into the scene and of course it’s always best to have someone on their own turf to enhance the festival experience. The weather’s perfect, it’s right on the beach, we have Miami super-chef Michelle Bernstein doing all the food, we have great music in an intimate setting with great acoustics–I think he’s done a beautiful job of organizing it all. Hopefully it will provide this kind of musical paradise in a beautiful climate for people who are trying to escape the cold or locals just wanting a great musical experience unlike any other, we hope.L4LM: Of course, the centerpiece of GroundUP Music Festival is three nights of Snarky Puppy on the beach. Do you have anything special planned for these shows? Which members of the Snarky family will be on hand that weekend?ML: Pretty much every member of Snarky Puppy will be at the festival, so about 20 people. The cool thing about the Snarky Puppy performances during this festival is that each one will feature a different lineup. So you’ll see Snarky Puppy play three nights in a row, but it will be a different drummer each night, a different percussionist each night, a different guitar player each night. We have so many members in the band that we can actually turn it over three times. It’s really fun, I think, for us not only to keep the lineup different so the music stays fresh, but also for the guys in the band to see how the other guys in the band play. It’s just going to be a big hang for us, and we’re really excited about that.  L4LM: Artists like David Crosby, John Medeski, Esperanza Spalding, Chris Thile and so many more are sure to make this an eclectic, diverse weekend of music. How were you able to put together such a well-balanced lineup? What acts are you most excited about?ML: Our listening tastes are so diverse, so it was very easy to put together a lineup of artists from all over the world that are playing different kinds of music. It’s not like we had to stretch ourselves to create a balance diet for the listener. It was more like we had to cross names off of a list. We couldn’t invite everyone we wanted to the party, but I think the balance in the schedule will keep the listeners stimulated throughout the whole weekend and always hearing something fresh.Watch Snarky Puppy And David Crosby’s Magical Musical Fusion On ‘Somebody’s Home’Because we handpicked every single artist on the festival, I would say that I’m equally excited about everyone. I’m not just saying that to be diplomatic. The thing that all of these artists have in common is not only are they great musicians, but they’re great live performers. I think there are a lot of different ways of making music, you know? You could be great at making records but not great at playing live. All these artists are so great live and there really isn’t anyone that I’d rather see more than anyone else. I think for me, it’s all just great music. L4LM: One of the most exciting things on the docket for GroundUp Music Festival is the live debut of your new project Bokanté which, in true GroundUP fashion, boasts a pretty mind-blowing lineup. Tell us about this new project! How did it come together? ML: Bokanté is a band I just started that features musicians that I’ve met throughout a variety of settings of my musical life. From Jamey Haddad, who has been playing with Paul Simon for decades, to André Ferrari from the Swedish band Vasen, to Malika Tirolien who was on [Snarky Puppy’s Grammy-winning 2013 album] Family Dinner – Volume 1. Then there’s Roosevelt Collier who we have been playing with at jam band festivals for years, and two guys from Snarky Puppy. It’s a very cumulative project for me, and we have our very first performance at this festival, so I’m very excited about that. Watch Roosevelt Collier Lead Members Of Snarky Puppy, Dopapod, & Kung Fu At Brooklyn Comes AliveL4LM: Do you have further plans for Bokanté in 2017 beyond GroundUP Music Festival?ML: Yes, absolutely. We are going to Australia in March to play The WOMAD Music Festival. We’ll be playing in North America and Canada in June, as well as possibly Japan. We’ve got some really great shows set up in the US including Red Rocks with Umphrey’s McGee, and also some major festivals that we can’t announce just yet. In July, we’re spending the whole month touring the European festival circuit. There’s also the possibility of a South American tour in the end of August, so it’s going to be a busy first year for the band–all of this following the release of the band’s debut album in May, which is called Strange Circles. L4LM: What else do you have in the works (with Snarky Puppy, Bokanté, GroundUP, and beyond) that fans can get excited for as we dive into 2017?Oh man, there are so many great records coming out on GroundUP Music this year. We have the newest one from Becca Stevens, Regina, and from Banda Magda, Tigré. We also have Bokanté’s debut album Strange Circles, a new record from FORQ, two records from young vocalists Alina Engibaryan (who won the Montreux Vocal Jazz Competition in 2015) and Tippan Phasuk (who’s a half-Swedish, half-Thai singer). I’m doing a lot of producing–I’m producing those records, I’ll be producing Roosevelt Collier’s record, and I’m producing the newest record from guitarist and singer Eliades Ochoa. So really, it’s just a lot of music, a lot of producing, a lot of records coming out and a lot of gigging. It’s going to be a really fun 2017. I’ll have to do something to stay cheerful, I think.With all the incredible music on its way from League, Snarky Puppy, and the rest of the GroundUP family, music fans surely have plenty to be cheerful about in 2017. Find more info about the upcoming GroundUP Music Festival here.Enter to Win Tickets:last_img read more

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Wanee Announces Pre-Party Tribute To Butch Trucks With His Freight Train Band & Special Guests

first_imgWanee Music Festival is the annual gathering of Allman Brothers Band family and friends at the amazing Spirit of Suwannee Music Park in Florida. When the band called it quits in 2014, the festival continued with headlining slots from members of the band and their respective groups. Butch Trucks & The Freight Train Band were scheduled to perform at the Wednesday pre-party, with Les Brers in a headlining slot over the weekend. With the sudden passing of drummer and bandleader Butch Trucks, fans wondered who would replace the two slots.Now, the festival announces that The Freight Train Band will perform their previously-scheduled slot with special guests and brothers Luther Dickinson and Cody Dickinson from North Mississippi Allstars. The band will close out the night after the New Orleans Suspects, Crazy Fingers, Ben Sparaco Band, Matt Reynolds, and Brothers & Sisters start the party.While no announcement has been made about the continuation of Les Brers, which features Jaimoe, Oteil Burbridge, Marc Quiñones, and other ABB-family members, we expect, and hope for, an appropriate tribute for all attendees to enjoy.The festival will run from April 20th through the 22nd, at the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, FL. Wanee will see headlining sets from Bob Weir (2 days), Widespread Panic, Trey Anastasio Band, Gov’t Mule and Dark Star Orchestra (2 sets).The full lineup includes Dr. John & The Nite Trippers, JJ Grey & Mofro, Les Brers, Jaimoe’s Jasssz Band, Blackberry Smoke, Leftover Salmon (music of Neil Young), Matisyahu, The Greyboy Allstars, Keller Williams’ Grateful Grass, Papadosio, Turkuaz, Pink Talking Fu (music of David Bowie & Prince), DJ Logic, Kung Fu, Pink Talking Fish, Bobby Lee Rodgers Trio, Devon Allman Band, Marcus King Band, Yeti Trio and Brothers & Sisters.last_img read more

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R.I.P., MP3: The Ubiquitous Digital Audio File Format Is Officially Dead, According To Its Creators

first_imgWhether or not you knew what they stood for, everyone who listened to music in the earliest days of the 21st century is familiar with the characters “MP3.” MP3 files were the new standard that began to make your CD collection obsolete. With the rise of iTunes (and illegal file sharing platforms like Napster and LimeWire), MP3 and Digital Rights Management became hot-button topics in the media, as the market for music shifted from the “physical” to the “digital.”While the MP3 held strong as the leading format (at least in terms of prevalence) for many years, as the music industry has moved away from downloads and toward streaming, the ubiquitous file format has become increasingly obsolete. This is in addition to the rise of high-fi streaming services like Tidal, which cater to listeners who desire the highest possible sounds quality (the MP3 coding format is notorious for degrading the audio quality of music files).Last week, the “death” of the MP3 was made official by The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits, a division of the state-funded German research institution that bankrolled the MP3’s development in the late ’80s. The company recently announced that its “licensing program for certain MP3-related patents and software of Technicolor and Fraunhofer IIS has been terminated.”Bernhard Grill, director of that Fraunhofer division and one of the principals in the development of the MP3, told NPR over email that another audio format, AAC — or “Advanced Audio Coding,” which his organization also helped create — is now the “de facto standard for music download and videos on mobile phones.” He said AAC is “more efficient than MP3 and offers a lot more functionality.”Of course, referring to Mp3 as being “dead” is something of a misnomer. Just like when the CD was declared “dead” at the height of MP3 and digital audio downloads, virtually everyone out there still has a bunch of Mp3s on their computer that they listen to, and will continue to do so for some time. But with those who peddle the audio format closing the pipeline, this is the beginning of the “phasing out” of this era in music consumption.The MP3 may be “dead” but its effect on the digital landscape is profound. It enabled easier downloading of audio files during the broadband days of the internet and drove technical newcomers to join the cyber age. MP3 players exploded in popularity and led to the iPod and iTunes, which in turn fueled the mobile technology-oriented world we live in today.[h/t – NPR]last_img read more

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The Main Squeeze’s Reuben Gingrich Releases Video For Song Featuring MonoNeon Off Debut Solo Album

first_imgReuben Gingrich, the drummer from The Main Squeeze, just released a brand-new solo album on Monday titled Blue Island, which also marks his debut as a solo artist. Across the album, Gingrich channels The Main Squeeze’s funk vibe, though he frequently twists it with more contemporary jazz stylings, creating a spacious and thrilling work of jazz-funk fusion. Blue Island is an exciting debut for the drummer, which features a bunch of other talented musicians and highlights the breadth of Gingrich’s sound.Watch The Main Squeeze Get Stuck In Traffic Jam, Set Up Drum Kit, And Rock Out On The HighwayTo coincide with Monday’s release, Gingrich has just released a music video for Blue Island’s newest single, “Emerald Flames.” The song also features the eccentric bass wizard MonoNeon, the last bassist for Prince before his untimely death last year. As Gingrich said of this latest release, “This is the third video from my album Blue Island. For this one, we recorded the initial sessions in Chicago at Rax Trax Studios and in LA at Reubotech Studios. A few weeks later, I sent to MonoNeon who absolutely crushed the bass and a solo on it!”Spafford, The Main Squeeze, Aqueous, And More To Play First Ever Canyon Jam At The MishawakaYou can listen to “Emerald Flames” below. If you like what you hear (and we think you will), you can also check out the rest of Reuben Gingrich’s debut solo work, Blue Island, on Amazon, Spotify, or Bandcamp. You can also learn more about Gingrich on his website here, or head over to The Main Squeeze’s website here to catch him on the road with the Chicago funk pioneers.[Photo: Phierce Photo] Reuben Gingrich’s Blue Island Track Listing: SunEmerald FlamesAwakenKokederaMystiqueGolden CastleSecret Of The ForestThis Comes To An EndMoon MachinesHopeBeyond The Futurelast_img read more

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