Madden 21 must be joking with its QB ratings of Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady

first_imgJust two QBs over a 95. Rodgers outside the 90s club.Here are the top 10 Madden QB ratings. Thoughts? 🤔— ESPN (@espn) July 13, 2020MORE: “Madden 21” rookie ratingsHere’s a look at the numbers between Rodgers, Brees and Brady:PlayerGQBrecCmp%YdsTDRateLngIntY/ADrew Brees118-3-074.3297927116.36147.9Aaron Rodgers1613-3-062.040022695.47447Tom Brady1612-4-060.840572488.05986.6Fans made sure to call out EA Sports after the ratings reveal:lol rodgers should never be below a 90 wtf— Pete (@LejionHoops) July 13, 2020The disrespect to Rodgers is unreal— Taco TJ 🌐 (@TacoTjYT) July 13, 2020Brady higher than Rodgers is laughable— Sam Oakley (@soakley24) July 13, 2020Good lord. The disrespect to Aaron Rodgers, DeShaun Watson and Carson Wentz. All 3 should be MUCH higher in rating and higher on this list.— Faizan Qurashi (@FaizanQurashi) July 13, 2020Aaron Rodgers isn’t a 89 🤦🏾‍♂️ madden is terrible— Errol Rogers Jr. (@cantguarde) July 13, 2020 There’s a good case for Brees to have a better rating than Rodgers given his success when healthy in 2019, but a four point difference might be too extreme and it’s likely a drop-off in play is imminent. Brady though? That’s a joke. EA Sports disrespected Aaron Rodgers in its initial “Madden 21” ratings reveal this week, giving him an 89 overall mark just behind Tom Brady (90) and significantly behind Drew Brees (93).The Packers quarterback is six years younger than Brady and four years younger than Brees, and he worked behind a worse offensive line last year while outplaying TB12 and showing more durability than Brees. He also posted the best regular season record and reached the NFC championship game.last_img

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