Govt attempting to use criminal justice system as a political instrument

first_img…former PPP MP to be charged for sexual assaultThe David Granger-led Administration is attempting to use the criminal justice system as a political instrument against their political opponents.This is according to former People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Member of Parliament Alister Charlie.Former PPP MP and Central Committee Member, Alister CharlieCharlie, who is also a Central Committee Member of the PPP, made the statement on Monday evening after he was told that sexual assault and attempting to pervert the course of justice charges will be filed against him. The charges stemmed from an accusation made last year.“Expectedly, as it is becoming clearer with every passing day that the coalition Government will lose the March 2, 2020, National and Regional Elections, they are becoming progressively more desperate and vindictive,” Charlie said.He added, “we have already witnessed their acts of vandalism against our party’s flags and other campaigns paraphernalia. We have also witnessed their acts of thuggery and intimidation against our party’s activists as they move around the country to spread the message of the PPP/C.”According to Charlie, after applying tremendous political pressure upon members of the Guyana Police Force, “they have finally succeeded in getting me charged with the criminal offences of sexual assault and attempting to pervert the course of justice”.It is to be noted, he said, that the initial police investigation concluded the matter as being resolved with the Virtual Complainant retracting the complaint after confessing that he was forced to make that complaint by someone “who is a known PNC activist” in the area. It is also important to note, he said, that the incident in question was made since July 31, 2019.“Subsequently, Vice President Sydney Allicock visited the police station with a delegation and, as a result, a special team of police officers, centrally directed from Eve Leary, Georgetown, was dispatched to reopen the investigation. As a result, these charges emerged. It is not without relevance that PNC activist, Carl Parker, the ex-Regional Executive Officer of Region Nine, was charged with attempted rape.”“I maintain that I am innocent of these charges and these charges are instituted against me because I was a Member of Parliament and a Central Committee Member of the PPP,” Charlie stated.last_img

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