Repatriation Begins of Undocumented Moroccan Migrants Stranded in Libya

Rabat – The repatriation of undocumented Moroccan migrants trapped in Libya has started.  Tripoli’s Illegal Immigration Agency announced the repatriation of 14 Moroccan nationals to Morocco starting Tuesday.The Agency wrote on its official Facebook page that the operation will be carried out via daily flights to Morocco and will run until next Saturday.The repatriation will take place from the Mitiga Airport via Tunis-Carthage Airport. The Moroccan migrants then will be sent to Casablanca’s Mohammed V Airport. The agency has also shared the names of the Moroccan migrants repatriated on Tuesday morning. The list includes: Mustapha Amouri, Noureddine Hessou,  El Houssine Amsdel, El Mehdi Smlala, Mohammed El Berkadi, Omar Bouktib, Ourouss Houssi, Said El Hmami, Bouchra Ammar, Fatima Habibi, Houda El Bourfi, Raghda El Jabli, Souad Fertaji, and Ayoub Azmour.In May, 60 undocumented Moroccan migrants began a hunger strike to protest delays in their repatriation to Morocco.A massive number of North African migrants have found themselves trapped in detention centers across Libya following their illegal attempt to cross the Mediterranean to Europe.The number of irregular migrants in Libya reached 700,000 by the end of 2017.Several Moroccan migrants shared videos in 2017 and early 2018, urging the Moroccan government to bring them back home.Dozens of families of Moroccan migrants, who are missing or detained in Libya, protested in late November in Rabat, calling for authorities to repatriate their relatives, whose number was estimated to be between 200 and 700 persons.

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