Deep Exploration Technologies Cooperative Research Centre delivering some exciting developments

first_imgAMIRA reports “the Deep Exploration Technologies CRC (DET CRC) is fast building a reputation as one of the most successful CRCs with some potentially game changing research activities and outcomes.  The aim of the DET CRC is to deliver cheaper and safer ways to drill, analyse and target deep mineral deposits.” The centre recently commissioned a pre-commercial prototype data logging system on a drill rig at Telfer mine in Australia.  The system records rig parameters including rotation pressure, pull down pressure, hold back pressure, micro feed, water pressure, drill head extension and system hydraulic pressure. To complement this hardware, a software ‘App’ has recently been developed which provides a remote graphical dashboard with gauges and history plots for the drilling parameters recorded by the data logging system.  The App can run on notebooks, iPads and iPhones and is designed to allow the user to easily add a gauge/graph and configure alarm set-points for a particular rig instrument.This is one just many potentially valuable developments which include the trialling of a smaller diameter PGNAA Geochemical Logging Tool; novel 3D seismic acquisition in hard rock environments; demonstration of  the existence of kilometric-scale mineralogical and chemical halos in the Gawler Craton, just to name a few.  “AMIRA is proud to be associated with the CRC and which will no doubt bring about some major step changes in exploration practices and technologies.”AMIRA International is managing the Affiliate program of the CRC. Opportunities exist for suppliers, and junior explorers to join the program.  Smaller exploration/mining companies, mineral exploration product/service providers and Geological Surveys are eligible to become Affiliates of DET CRC at low cost (A$10,000/y).  The objective is to involve as many Affiliates as possible because they provide an opportunity to broaden the experience and expertise base, providing valuable input on project scoping.  Perhaps more importantly, product/service provider Affiliates will play a key role in commercialising DET CRC research outcomes and making them, in due course, accessible to the industry at large.  Affiliates are grouped into three colleges (the Junior Explorer College, the Supplier College and the Geological Survey College).  Currently there 36 Affiliate members from around the world. For more information please contact Joe Cucuzza [email protected]last_img

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