Funnie the Delivery Bot Can Fetch Pizza and Beer

first_img What’s better than ordering snacks, pizza, and beer? I can personally think of several things better than beer (or alcohol for that matter), but if it’s beer and pizza you want without having to get out of bed, have I got a robot for you.Little Funnie is a robot who just made an appearance at the Software For Artists event in Brooklyn, New York this past Sunday. Funnie made its way to a pizza store in the area and delivered both pizza and drinks to the guests at the nonprofit foundation Pioneer Works in what is possibly one of the most charming ways ever.Funnie is a Fundroid or a special delivery bot that can order and pay for food on its own. That’s more than some of us can do, and we’re human (I get lazy too!). Funnie isn’t going to be planned for a wide release for everyone to utilize, but you’ve got to admit it’s one heck of an awesome idea.via will get inside a store, and people can press its “Proceed” button so it can order pizza or beer. It’s absolutely adorable, especially when it orders using words like “pizza pie.” You have to keep pressing its buttons to complete an order, and it will continue to interact with you in meaningful ways so it can finish the order out. It even has thumbs and money box to keep the money in which it’ll pay for its order. Honestly, it sounds like one of the cutest things that was ever made.Hopefully, this is the prototype for more adorable little beer and pizza robots in the future, and we’ll see a rise in products like these going forward. Can you imagine taking an order for this little guy? It’s almost too adorable to take. Stay on target Review: ‘Daemon X Machina’ Has Big Robots, Small Fun on Nintendo SwitchThis Robot Is Equal Parts Lawnmower and Snow Blower last_img

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