Countys fireworks survey shows ruralurban divide

first_img Your feelings on fireworks could likely depend on where you live in Clark County.That’s one of the central takeaways from an opinion survey conducted by Clark County of 7,628 residents. The results, released last week, show that generally residents in more rural areas are more likely to include fireworks in their Fourth of July celebration and are less worried about their accompanying fire hazard than their more urban counterparts.The survey was administered by Marilee McCall, Clark County Neighborhood Program coordinator. It asked residents how concerned they are by the fire hazards, garbage and noise associated with fireworks, the three issues county staff receives the most complaints about. Residents were also asked how important personal fireworks are to their holiday. Residents were given the choice of responding with “very,” “mildly” and “not.” The results were broken down by ZIP code — there are 20 in or partly within the county.Survey respondents in the 98674 ZIP code, which includes Woodland and surrounding areas, were the biggest fireworks enthusiasts, with 66 percent saying that personal fireworks were “very” important to their holiday.“Woodland is a very patriotic city,” said Woodland Mayor Will Finn. “We love America; we love our freedom and everything that comes along with it.”That includes fireworks, he said.The result found that 63 percent of respondents in the ZIP code were not concerned about noise produced by fireworks. However, nearly 59 percent were mildly or very concerned about fire hazards. Nearly 58 percent were concerned about garbage. click to enlargelast_img

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