From the station to talk about the mentality of website of Shanghai dragon and keyword ranking

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1, Website Title: site title should be streamlined, do not stack keywords and add descriptive words; the title is a page (site) of the soul, a lot of people love.

I contact network time is not too short, is the second ten year plan, for the website optimization and Shanghai dragon is a small, early no attention, suddenly look back, ‘Baidu’ smiles to me; this year began a systematic study of Shanghai dragon, never to a prison.; in order to have a good ranking, must have a good attitude, I am here to say is a mentality of the problem.


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3 layout: first of all to the user experience as the center, the important content on the front of the minor in the back, and the physical layout, try to avoid a picture of the big picture, slow to open, is not conducive to the user experience; the choice of procedure be firm, this early to fully consider well, the website change program is a taboo, a program path and directory sites have changed, have become a dead link, angry spider, the consequences will be grievous. You know

website optimization]

website Shanghai dragon Optimization: search engine optimization, is to let the website design for search engine retrieval, satisfy the search engine ranking index, thus obtained in the search engine ranking, enhance the effectiveness of search engine marketing. Generalized site optimization factors taken into consideration not only the search engine, but also fully meet the needs of users, clear site navigation, perfect online help, here I share some experiences of my

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Shanghai Dragon

1, preliminary considerations: if you are determined to begin to do a website, you must first of all you have to do the website industry to conduct a comprehensive market survey, do not blindly do well before data analysis; can make a comparison table, data, lists the key data of competition the work of these data on the later there will be a great help! Called known itself, baizhanbudai; some might say, the website does not have competition, I also like this very simple to think so? The fact is not so ah, if there is no competition, "Baidu" why there will be a key promotion service

2, the domain name and space domain name: try to choose a brief note spelling domain name in the economic conditions permit, are used in industry to buy some positive correlation, in the provisions of the station, to avoid security problems; the purchase of this space is very important, if the space is not stable will directly affect the site the conditions can be included and ranking their own servers, do not ask, how good! If the condition is not allowed, then flat-share or buy virtual host, usually a few days, uninterrupted test days, good with bad, don’t, don’t do it!

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