Shanghai dragon DestoonB2B website optimization method

, a strategic acquisition. If you need to collect all don’t fall directly, directly, can be all collected, and then selectively, also must pay attention to the standard format, according to the website, the simultaneous removal of the chain, the picture also want to add anchor point ALT.

will do a diligent webmaster, communicate with customers, understand customer’s idea, not behind closed doors "station", the core is a member of the B2B site

three, many small B2B platform does not have the technical strength, can only use the official default template, or others online open free template, this template each is widely used, when spider collection found that each site structure is the same, easily judged as spam sites.


to solve these problems, we should take what measures?

two, in addition to most enterprises will release a message to a website. Even with the mass software group, is a direct result is not ideal.

three, must develop their own templates, if you want to do a website, at least need to develop a template, the cost is not the development of a DESTOON template, even if the development template is not willing to spend money, I think your site didn’t do the need to go.

two, a multi station information sending enterprises, to suggest the change of content, not entirely appropriate to do as like as two peas, some change. At the same time to try to pay attention to the format

Destoon B2B system is the most perfect, but also the amount of use of the B2B system, the largest after investigation, the 92% B2B sites are using this system. We all know B2B included the most important, but because of the use of DESTOON platform, the website structure assimilation also bring you some serious problems:

In addition to these

, a website first due to the similar structure of DESTOON, acquisition and acquisition is very convenient. Lead acquisition station can easily collect web content using the system, a large number of acquisition without editing on the line, the contents of a large number of manufacturing waste, resulting in search engine punishment, then drop right even K station.

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