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general flow is higher, the greater the competition, we have to pay Shanghai dragon is more expensive, but often the greater the flow of words, the conversion rate is not high, so sometimes we found the target keywords have no chance to do it, there is no need to be sad, when you do go up and found can’t give you much transformation. A key flow we can love from the Shanghai index can be very intuitive to see, as we view the sprinkler love Shanghai index:


positioning is directly determined by the cycle of our Shanghai dragon, or may directly determine the success or failure of our Shanghai dragon. The reason for this is because some keywords is very fierce competition, we must do when doing keyword positioning, in manpower and under certain conditions, we can not make up the key words don’t touch, otherwise it will hurt your confidence. So the keyword positioning is very important, so we should choose the suitable keywords to slowly accumulate, when you have some resources on hand, we can further develop, rather than just give yourself an impossible goal. So what should be how to locate the key words? Here I come with you on my view.


, a degree of attraction between keywords and keywords.

Keywords Keywords

for example, a user wants to search for the purchase of tablet computer in Shanghai, if the notebook computer appears the title, this is a disturbance to the user, because the relevant information to buy tablet computer might not be willing to pay attention to the notebook computer, want to buy a tablet computer users, all other information and tablet computer related we can understand the content of user interference. And if we do only the sale of a tablet computer website, which are all relevant information about the tablet computer, the title is also all users pay more attention to the content, such as tablet computer tablet computer prices, pictures, this website will get more users click, so it gets more weight high.

with this keyword of the average monthly and annual flow of water, and the sprinkler users to search the word may have many kinds of needs, some may need to see the sprinkler video, some users may want to see pictures of sprinkler sprinkler sprinkler, toys, music and so on, these do not belong to our goal customers, because it is formed.

, a web site may also want to do a keyword, but when choosing the keywords we have to consider a very important question: before the keywords and keyword link. Why do you say that, you may have never heard of this argument, then I will come to you of. I will take the computer industry as an example, please see below:

We can see from the above

two, observation and statistics of key words flow.

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