The search engine is more and more critical challenges using station search engine

stations is a website, but must be unified, classification management, information sharing, single sign on can. The first station group proposed by the government, now has a wide range of application areas, such as government portal group, large enterprise websites and industry website group etc..

station group profit orientation:

third: standing group of way to do in the boutique boutique industry station, station for customers to advertise monthly fee charged. For example: we can do N on steel station, the station provides the chain for the master station, the flow of import etc.. And then we can master it to put advertisement let you know some industries, iron and steel, machinery and other station advertising but great oh.

station group definition:

A collection of

second: their products into selling products, the first method that Taobao customers in fact we still do the wedding dress for others. The excessive stage only belongs to a personal profit, when you are in the Taobao customer profitable enough to find a product to your agent, you can do it yourself, create a number of product promotion Keywords optimization to love Shanghai home, your products will Everfount sold out. A lot of money will brush came, the profit is higher than the Taobao customer.

fourth: advertising alliance. At present, the domestic good alliance is Google and Shanghai love alliance. We can use the station to create a number of small flow station, to apply for Google and love Shanghai alliance is put up, wait for the money is.

network promotion in the station group, refers to enterprises or individuals to establish a website at the same time, website optimization and promotion, so that the enterprise information coverage increase, network marketing competitiveness is stronger, easier to get orders.

definition: the so-called standing group, is a unified standard, unified planning, based on the unified standard, based on the unified technical architecture on the basis of classification management, classification and maintenance, high coupling degree, information can be presented to the site collection based on shared specific permissions. Do not put a lot of websites together can be regarded as a station group, must be unified, hierarchical management, information sharing, single sign on can. Station group achieved a unified technical standards, to implement interoperability, cluster management, consistent website operation and service specification.

: the first domestic stations the most profitable to the number of Taobao customers, is the most famous of all know the elder brother. Like the original brother left in a very short period of time to L-carnitine love Shanghai home occupy more than half of the position, although it was later dropped but the artificial love Shanghai, he also earned not a small sum. In fact, Taobao passenger stations do not have to be slimming products, slimming products are popular keywords, we can properly reduce the difficulty, so it is relatively easy, as long as we do in the station group to minimize the cost of execution, as long as you are strong enough, there are still a lot of room for profit.

Definition two:

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