Wuhan the entrepreneurial mentality of a city entrepreneurs and investors can not see each otherDog

in addition to the school itself has three outstanding entrepreneurial training team team, ice rock workshop, LIAN, entrepreneurial atmosphere and the power of the circle is the driving force behind, data show that more than 70% years, China graduates have participated in innovation and entrepreneurship training program to experience during the reading.

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national square dance founder Hui volunteers when summing up the characteristics of HUST entrepreneurs, and reliable is their low-key label. "If China students said to do a app, so that by the time he can come up with something."

is constrained by Wuhan’s wage levels, with data showing Wuhan’s programmer gap has reached 100 thousand. In this case, either cultivate their own, or high wages to dig people. One needs to spend a lot of time and one must have a large sum of money. These two points, for start-up companies, are no small challenge.

investment ecology

talent Guaixiang

as a vigorous growth of entrepreneurial city, Wuhan entrepreneurial ecology how? In this trip to Wuhan, saw more than 10 point technology entrepreneurs and investors, they have the right to speak.

Abstract: a local media friend at the dinner table summed up this phenomenon: Wuhan entrepreneurs and investors can not see each other. Entrepreneurs believe that local investors do not understand the Internet project, and investors also feel that many start-ups do not fly.

, a local media friend at the dinner table, summed up this phenomenon: Wuhan entrepreneurs and investors can not see each other. Entrepreneurs think that local investors can’t read it

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in random 10 entrepreneurs in five from the Huazhong University of Science and Technology: National square dance, school board games, micro Uland heart, Jane, to find celebrity friends. This ratio may be a coincidence, but the business circle "Huake system" is a big group. The father of WeChat Zhang Xiaolong do not have to say, the Dolphin Browser, volume leather mesh and so on these get good financing of the company, have students from china.

what about the investment climate in Wuhan? The conclusion may not be as good as the outside world thinks. One data illustrates the fact that only one of the 10 startups I’ve been talking about is actually taking money from a local investor.

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Wuhan universities, university graduates each year are numerous, but many entrepreneurial team has complained in the recruitment of talent. It is very simple for interns Guaixiang, recruit people can use immediately, but difficult.

: http://s.cop.my.xunlei/action20080801/

"the line of Internet practitioners of Wuhan, many want to come back, this is our chance." Send micro games founder Tang Luyao said, nostalgia and equity into their advantages to attract top talent.


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