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has not put forward a lot of answers in before they have a heart of the results, as for why question, whether anti Web2.0 anti spam Raiders down what? What is love Shanghai and give away? Imagine if an enterprise independent website search their own business name search not to the company’s website, it is convenient for users to provide better service quality? The answer is negative, change an angle to think, if the search keyword that can search relevant information of the company, or that can be directly generalized to search user meaningful and have a direct role in guiding the company information. Then love Shanghai will lose his existence value for


2. Shanghai station!

3.web2.0 anti spam anti down exactly what? Most of my customers even search company name station can not search, instead of location is mostly without authorization of enterprise acquisition and generation of local yellow pages, classified information


1. enterprises have engaged in optimization traces by K in the enterprise customer site in his hand.

black June, July has passed, love Shanghai innovation is to engage in the industry of Shanghai dragon had a naked Er blow, pseudo original will be K, long-term not update will be K, friends of the chain in question will be K, K K,  collateral damage ! Well, the face of the enterprise, the love of Shanghai really a pain killer song and various K! Haven’t write blog, it is a relatively recent busy time and energy really are placed in the process of observation and research in enterprise ranking algorithm, the two it is to optimize maintenance station is many enterprises love Shanghai malicious K off, need to do a lot of remedial measures, including a series of excellent and soft start, I like a refugee in Shanghai dragon! I stand down the right according to their own user made a basic summary of the love of Shanghai continuous K, specific analysis is as follows: " /p>Most of the original

sex for promotion of the site without a K, is a coincidence? Or to the auction page to show the word is a direction of the high quality


4. enterprise Web2.0 station is your mouth? Love the sea is not clear what concept of corporate websites and Web2.0

reform is inevitable, and the platform will, before the anti love Shanghai, I said, when the anti love Shanghai Comrades back and ask yourself if there is no mobile or Unicom today calls this price? Competition will have a mutual benefit, finally consumers and users will get the final the real benefits and convenience! This time the reform of the old Shanghai dragon can only say is advancing more power, because there is a lot to be followed, stop doing business friends and I have found as a new algorithm, and for those who cried every day, the chain, may also be a bad news. Such a person, not what the industry quality, not what the industry ethics, nor what their upbringing, only at the time of the failure of high abuse, everywhere.

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