Love Shanghai for prompt on line meaning is worth discussing


user experience is the most fundamental problem is to improve the quality of their SERP page, rather than by the record to remind that, I believe that many people think so, because you remind, eventually allowing users to choose, eventually allowing users to click which I should consider? And the most the key is the number >

The two


don’t know love Shanghai why not all of the pages for the record label, is unable to determine, or do not want to mark? Do not know, here, can only be understood as the record that is too confusing, some do not indicate, some of that, it is to show what? What specific markers, which we can not. You go to check Oh, and if the website

b) for the record "enterprise website" or "website" or "institutions for the record"

in 11.13, Shanghai issued a message of love "love Shanghai search on-line ICP record information display to help users select safe results", the explanation for this line fell in love with the sea this data is intended to allow users to have more information, improve the user experience, reduce user selection risk. The current record information in the relevant part of the hospital in search results show, follow-up will be extended to the maintenance, customer service phone, a number of possible financial risk within the industry. The future will also support the record information display results more abundant, please the webmaster friends and subsequent user attention "is this love; Shanghai gave us the answer, however, with 360 search is approaching, this change is 360 search came after it appeared, it gave us more thinking so, love Shanghai, what is the significance of on-line filing tips worth discussing

: one of the record reference, for the user experience to improve the relevance of

a) record too confusing


why do you say that, because the love of Shanghai shows the record of the site to distinguish, we can clearly see as shown in figure

display to show what? Mark "is to improve the enterprise website" hits, "or personal website hits, or" record "institutions hit it, I don’t know, just know, the idea is to let more people know the record of information, after can expand to more areas, such as maintenance, customer calls, the financial sector, and let more people understand, but, what is the purpose? In the end is to allow users to click on where? You can think of

yes, if the website appears below record information, you can quickly identify which is the enterprise website, which is personal information site for the record, in the user to determine the site is can get some good promotion, but the record shows that I still have some problems that this shows the problem about

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