To get a better ranking of keywords by trimming

The benefits of

four, trimming

is now a Jingdong, Suning, and other famous sites are beautiful with fine tune this method. In the case of Jingdong, the Jingdong of the related products recommended to change according to the user preference and recommend the following figure, for example:

on the page page conversion rate fine-tuning to ensure

Through the

tuning is modified and adjusted based on existing pages on the site, update is a new page. Update the site generally do not need fine-tuning, the best adjustment section.


of the high conversion rate of the page, sorting and editing, improve the user demand and information.

can analyze data through several means to fine tune:

; Two, why should

, what is fine

the user’s needs are constantly changing, we need to improve the conversion rate of fine-tuning, such as thematic pages;

page of the continued good click through fine-tuning to maintain user;

on the local fine-tuning: home page link remove and replace operations.



three, trimming and updating of the difference between

is for a long time without fine-tuning change page, the website of local changes, the adjustment of the text, pictures, layout and section position.

No need to click The

, six case

can be driven by fine-tuning the update site, promote ranking.

This is the recommended

five, the fine tuneThe

also, from search engine angle, search engine may not unlimited crawl the Internet all site data, thereby reducing the probability of "we will search to long-term changes and click" no difference in the old database. That is to say, in the search engine database is limited, and the search engine in the preservation of new data, will continue to remove old data, so we use fine tune a good solution to this problem. The following picture we often see is the result of omitting the love of Shanghai, belongs to the category of old data:

website click rate is very low, analyze the needs and preferences of users, and for the forum and navigation adjustment, but also fine-tuning.

page click on the map (thermodynamic diagram) analysis on the website of the forum, the user clicks, demand, thus positioning section and forward operation.

change with the change of user demand.

for long-term change page, we need to adjust the page, which led to the site updated by 304 status code;

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