The traditional stall transition to the nternet using the nternet 90 thousand rural young man


remember in June 10 years after college entrance examination, I have no concern about the results of the things, because my family conditions I know, I never intend to go to university, but when I received the admission notice, I have no previous surprise, the mood of the day is very dull, because I feel the college notice for me it is just a piece of paper for me is not essential, meaningless.

window under the sparse rain, every day was chased out of nowhere, I want to talk to you, look at the impulse, all the way through their bitter history, so I decided to use my own experience written down, not for anything else, just to record my true portrayal of life.

come to school when I was looking for my father had a talk, with three thousand dollars to sell rice to me, let me in any case to the university to complete, because they are not read many books, but chose to keep at home in a lifetime, so they all hope lies in the next generation of us, let us go out of the countryside, break a piece of their own business.

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that time I was going to do a part-time job, come up with a business idea, then I scare myself to live, because the hand is only one thousand dollars. I also need four months, I hesitated for a few days, but also around the school to a few days, after the most promising a good small product — small fan, because of military training during the hot weather, lying in bed at night can not sleep, a small fan can easily fix the problem, but also do not worry about the problem of cold, so I took the cruel two months of living expenses 500 yuan try not to eat instant noodles after two months spent, so I put down the so-called face, the first step to set up a stall, the first day I share with each lower than near the store price of 5 yuan to sell two a small fan, earned a total 15 dollars, at that time.

in September, I have my father gave me three thousand dollars for the poor students, student loans, smooth came to a university in Pingdingshan, gave me the most profound influence is, the first day of school, in front of the campus dormitory is full brother and sister who sell things in our lives, then what did not feel strange, familiar in the school after a few days, but I gradually found in front of the school on the street every day there are a lot of people selling things, people are early to account for the location, some people even for a position and a quarrel, like that gold position be taken.

I am a 90 poor boy, I was born in a small remote rural family, parents are honest farmer, because we that remote places are poor, so I better than children as early as the "home", because of this kind of environment makes me not to endure hardship, not afraid of dirty. Not afraid of tired character, so also the achievements I choose from the flea market started to resolve now.

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