Don’t be afraid of face down the right site recovery ranking method

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, according to their own once be right down to the recovery site, with practical experience to share with you.

QQ is one of the artistic conception of Xuan hand site which is based on QQ personality category of words in one plot site, each keyword is 10000 index, so competitive as can be imagined. Because I do stand time is very long, a lot of big words in the second, third page, many of the long tail word on the first page, the content is excellent compared with the site, and the chain has been doing.

chain check, believe a lot of experience.

this is the station of the situation at that time, after a stable period of time ranking, a big update suddenly, overnight website search engine drop right, regardless of the subject or the long tail word, ranking two hundred away. At this time the reason the first thing to do is to find the site down the right, change the algorithm of search engine, this is certainly not, because before the ranking is very stable, if the change of words will only drop some rankings to not more than two hundred. Then from the website to find their own reasons, first look at their website content, this is absolutely no problem for the site, because the stick with the original. So I started from the chain to the friends of the chain, to whether the site was linked to malicious software and the like, so I would like to say here is that when we site is down right must calm down right to find out the reasons, so as to solve.

first, we must clear the site keywords is right down to the ranking did not, or because of their own website weight instability leads to decline in the rankings, so there is no ranking. Then you can change the reference to related sites, whether it is caused because the search engine ranking algorithm change right down. As everyone knows, with the search engine more and more humane, the user experience is undoubtedly become one of the key search engine rankings, so we do our own, should go to the good intentions of the user experience, this is very necessary. At the same time also lack some sites because of changes in sea algorithm mistake some existing site cheating leads to right down, it can only blame bad luck. I have talked so much in fact, the main point is to clear their own website because what leads to keywords ranking fly.

for Adsense website, keywords everyone to see the site’s ranking, because we all know that the rankings determine traffic flow of income, so the keyword ranking is undoubtedly the most concern for the owners. But we face a small update love Shanghai every Monday, a big update every month, with a time of update, the algorithm also varies along the adjustment, perhaps a certain time to adjust, we site keywords ranking will fly out of 200, then we will undoubtedly have a great stimulation, this is the author have the experience, so today I will solve this problem to share with you one of these following the how to quickly and effectively to enhance the recovery of keywords ranking.

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