Google is Google Shanghai Longfeng supervisor should learn to do their own product optimization love

engaged in website construction and website promotion of the circle of friends recently rumored that Google began recruiting Shanghai dragon optimization of executives, this is a very interesting thing, Shanghai dragon is to discern the search engine optimization idea, then there is a good ranking site made by certain means, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners and search engines is the opposite relationship, and the search engine for Shanghai dragon head, "this is singing what play?"

Google search engine has been dominated by the boss’s position, although in the Chinese market once lost love Shanghai, but in the global market, Google boss can not shake the status, with nearly 700 million Chinese Internet users, Google has been trying to enter the China market again, and this news will appear from time to time, after all Chinese market has development potential. Infinite then, Google once again into the Chinese, they will reflect the reasons of failure, or dig some desirable things in love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon optimization love Shanghai has been doing very well!

The Google

is fair in some aspects, but this is fair but China in the search engine market to love Shanghai, love Shanghai why victory? In fact, Shanghai has always been in love by Shanghai Longfeng optimization methods to optimize their products, such as Shanghai, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love love quiz, love Shanghai library, recently appeared again love the experience of Shanghai, originally the search engine home page space is limited, these products love love Shanghai + Shanghai, for users to search the target site, need to love their own products from Shanghai, users have to spend a lot of time searching and identification, the user experience is not good, but for the love of Shanghai, as long as just click on their own user accidentally which product, from the rule of the search engine will determine the site visits, the His self-evident.


used to have professionals to love Shanghai Shanghai dragon and Google Shanghai Longfeng optimization, there are some strong love Shanghai, the famous Shanghai dragon optimization expert Lu Songsong author said that the original Shanghai love recognition degree is very bad, for example, the same article, issued on its website and in some authoritative websites, judgment rule of love Shanghai "this is more important content where, as long as Sina, Sohu, NetEase, such a large site, certainly the second, and was the first in their own website, these large sites can easily be replaced, ranking fell far behind, while Google is not the same, pay more attention to Google the site builders efforts, as long as you do a good website optimization, then Google ranking rules are" where the content from". Discount website construction, website optimization Shanghai Longfeng domestic practitioners to develop such a habit, rarely do their website content updates, more accustomed to through the soft Wen, with links to news large websites so as to improve the weight of the website


recruit Shanghai dragon optimization supervisor, some owners said that this is an event marketing of Google, told the Shanghai dragon optimization practitioners engaged in the website construction and website promotion, Google very fair, we also.

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