Analysis of website snapshot is normal site page is not the first reason

first view the site is changed, I took a site to optimize it, before doing the non mainstream pictures of the keywords into May Day, although the website content or have been included, but received the contents recorded after the change began to reduce the title keywords, then second days began a snapshot and a series of problems, in fact, for this and the site itself is not much problem, but do not often go to change keywords. There is a web server is not stable, often can not open the case, when you visit the site of the spider did not get to, so the spider is unable to crawl and grab the effective content of the update, and then in the course of time leads to the site snapshot and other issues, so we suggest you must give your site buy a >

site yesterday snapshot is normal, today suddenly retreated, I believe that many owners have encountered such a problem, especially the novice webmaster would be particularly depressed, so how to solve the problem of

The first kind of ?

each stationmaster is very hard and hard in the maintenance of the website, the maintenance for second days and then update the snapshot query is normal, the content of the website is normal or not included, ranking is improved and a series of links, especially for the novice webmaster, every day there are a lot of problems need to solve, for example a snapshot of their ah, do not update the correction of a series of problems, so today I will mainly for such topic to share some personal experience with you.

The importance of

second: how to solve the snapshot

: the first to publish the content, or snapshot not update, this may be the reason why spiders don’t crawl your site, or is the site’s content and network site too much repetition, lack of quality, so in the update site at the same time, some quality problems as much as possible to ensure that the content of. There is a website title title change, when a spider to search your site keywords and collected, and then you change other keywords, it requires a new assessment to the spider to your site, it will also cause the spiders don’t visit, the snapshot will naturally not update delay. The last point is the site of the Links, a good Links not only can share the weight of the station and the station, but also the effective traction spider to help the snapshot, a bad Links will tie, so everyone in the Links at the same time we must guarantee the quality of the Links.

website snapshot I think we all know, such as the theory of time, exchange Links or test site weight whether the spider will need access to normal at the snapshot is normal or not, we all know the general high weight site snapshot is the next day, almost even for the day, and the factors affecting the snapshot normal, generally is the site of the daily updates, so if the snapshot not update how we do it

: how to solve the snapshot not update


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