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now online shopping market is more and more big, so there are a lot of stationmaster people think this is a good opportunity for business, and established its own mall, hopes to use the search engine promotion is Shanghai dragon skills to your shop mall to bring traffic, let more people to buy or pay attention to the website, so for the shop mall, this type of website how we choose keywords? First, since it is a shopping mall, shop type website, choose keywords do not choose too difficult words, and to have the product website, we select the target keywords first is difficult to optimize, second conversion rate is not high, so we can choose some keywords or long tail keywords, because there are a lot of people are the first love on the website to find the target keywords for reference, Then when something of interest, will be careful to check some detailed things, this time we can use relevant keywords and long tail keywords optimization brings us customers, so for the shop, mall website we propose to select the relevant keywords and long tail keywords to improve the conversion rate, and we choose the target keywords, we the best choice of the index between 150-3000, if the index is too high, the difficulty will improve, so not easy to select high index related keywords and long tail keywords.

, a shop, shop class website how to choose keywords

but remember, do Shanghai dragon, we should pay more attention to the difficult problems in our work, if too difficult, do keyword probability will be very small, so we in the choice of keywords when you consider, but there are a lot of people think enrichment using search engines so just what, key words will bring traffic, but not necessarily, every one of our thoughts is not the same, so customers and flow in is not the same idea, so we how to choose keywords? Then I share some experiences and views to everyone, and for different situations, I teach you how to choose the right keywords method.

is now in operation when the site of many webmaster first thought it is promotion, and now the most common way to promote and free way is Shanghai dragon, the Shanghai dragon to bring traffic to bring users to search in the search engine keywords, so the choice of keywords when it is to note that when the flow is introduced to our website, we have to consider is the keyword conversion problem, whether there is time to search keywords directly to buy our products, or to become our customers, so that in the webmaster website, selling products on the site, first we must guarantee the flow in key words, but also pay attention to keywords conversion rate, of course, some Adsense website is to do traffic, and sales of products rarely, such It is not about the choice of keywords keywords of the higher the better, of course, the higher the degree of attention to key words, more traffic will bring.

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