Enter the website page second how to quickly enter the top three

three, users on our website

When a lot of friends to communicate with the author

how to allow users to click on our website, how to let users stay in our website. The main embodiment of the title and description, mainly reflected in the relevant search inside. User search habits are not the same, the same meaning as the keyword search, when we write an article, best title related keywords layout in the description and content inside >

, a website to increase the audience

said hard to optimize the website, do second pages or do 11 is not to enter the home page, which is what causes it or what is a good way to home and into the top three? Point of view we turn to stand in the search engine, why should our website row prior to three, what is the most core factor? According to Xinhua website the operation experience of ecological wood as a case, the website to enter the home page and stable in the top three, mainly to see the site audience is click rate and return rate and meet the needs of the users and the website user experience is particularly important, here we analyze several methods.

we have to do is continue to accumulate the audience, increase user clicks and brand keyword search, 1. we can according to their own industry of soft paper published in the major portals, leave your site "brand name" to guide users to search the site brand name. The 2. love Shanghai library, Douding network, road passenger Baba, SkyDrive and other platforms, organize valuable content, release of long tail keywords is hot, will soon get ranking and very stable, brought to the site Everfount traffic. 3. is a lot of webmaster friends in a way for the nation, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, at least hundreds of thousands, if you take up this part of the audience? Just like this one, with our website as a case study, contribute to Admin5, Adsense nets, share valuable content, your peers to read this article, I feel very valuable and place of learning, he will look at you to search for the case? You can think more about.

we take the "ecological wood" in the search keywords, love Shanghai down menu and relevant search, to see if there is no good to meet in the first and second pages, we should not meet people demand the existence of a mining. Disruptive innovation. To satisfy the needs of the follow-up. After the maintenance of the website of the year, search for "ecological wood" menu and relevant search keywords, ecological wood ceiling, ecological wood specifications, ecological wood price, ecological wood texture is the largest user needs several keywords, find the first two pages of the website, not good enough. So the author of these requirements, the layout of the Xinhua ecological wood site, and the depth of excavation of the needs of users.

  two, the keyword analysis and content layout


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