Shanghai dragon love Shanghai regional changes in the ranking page second local Shanghai Longfeng si

Shanghai dragon knows keywords Shanghai dragon has very obvious regional, specifically how to do, for example, I search Shanghai dragon in Guangzhou, so the home page will appear in Guangzhou Shanghai dragon ranking the first site, while in other local search too, such as in Dongguan Shanghai dragon search page will also appear in Dongguan Shanghai Dragon ranking the first site, as shown in figure

because I make friends in Dongguan and Changsha friends help you search the Shanghai dragon, the results obtained above and the same, there are no local Shanghai dragon search site, but other non Shanghai Longfeng regional key words, although there is no local site second pages, but the page display three local sites, and this is also the regional ranking in the past the main feature, but there is concern about Shanghai Longfeng regional ranking friends should know that the beginning is not local to the home page of the site Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon ranking, but I also did not specifically observed when the local Shanghai Longfeng site, at least this is always there.


Xiao Jun recently Shanghai dragon blog appear inexplicable website right down, and also by many Shanghai Dragon Friends ditch, there are many enthusiastic friends give me give advice and suggestions in my blog, then thank you for these friends, thank you to my blog’s concern and support, you gave me great encouragement, but also to the development of the blog I insist on a new power. Although the site is down right, but the work also has attention to search engine trends and changes in the development of Shanghai dragon, for example, today suddenly found after Shanghai Longfeng regional ranking has been a new change, in addition to parts of the local site outside the home page, page second before the existence of the local site has disappear.



area of Guangzhou Shanghai dragon love Shanghai search results page second four

the Dongguan area search Shanghai dragon home top three

the Guangzhou area search Shanghai dragon home top three


I think the regional home we have seen, when you may one day when love Shanghai search Shanghai dragon found home with a local site, so that his site is Shanghai dragon home page, in fact it is the regional ranking, this is also to the local keywords ranking the first site more the opportunity to show, is combined with the user search experience to match the search results. In addition to the home page will display the number one site, before will display local keywords such as Shanghai City Longfeng ranked second in third of the site in the second page, usually appear in 12 13th or so, but now the query was found not, query a lot of regional keyword, so that.

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