Shanghai Longfeng optimization executor which can not be ignored

if a position we want to occupy in the search engine marketing is very good, so the expansion of effective keywords must not be less. You must accept this and according to carry out the work of optimization to this point. As the following operation idea:

1, to determine the main keywords, or is the core keywords, product words; 2 words: regional city across the country: 3, Shanghai: we love related search terms here in the "Shanghai dragon optimization" for this keyword * price * specifications. Love Shanghai related search term, 4, sales of Related words: * * * * company wholesale price quotation * * * which good manufacturers use it * * * * type picture of how much money that brand is good,

, the most commonly used search around the customer most familiar with the related search words, we use words sales, ZhengZhan optimization system, can match the corresponding long tail keywords; then with the local word matching. Then, out of the above program, can let your potential customers will go to search words do keyword promotion, so that there can be massive coverage of the entire site, with the longer the better, truly your industry allows you to call the shots; in this way, we can not only have the main keywords ranking, there are the massive long tail word ranking; the main keywords as a guide, the long tail word as a foil, so that potential customers can search from different angles. The massive words brought massive traffic, it also reached the purpose of rapid promotion of products.

Data analysis using

Understand the above >

Guizhou Luomeng Shanghai Longfeng optimization is one of the most understand network marketing a simple and cost less, compared with the traditional auction marketing and other online marketing way, Shanghai dragon optimization undoubtedly helped many entrepreneurs to solve the problem of the high cost of Internet marketing, but how to occupy the leading position in the company of many network optimization? Today Shenzhen high was to talk about Shanghai Longfeng network optimization executor which can not be ignored.

third, effective keywords

has a lot of website is to retain customer information, set some message boards or some pop on the website, when the customer opens the first pop, then there will be second pop pop up to allow customers to download some other software, so the customer experience is very bad. Perhaps some website optimization personnel will say: Although the sacrifice part of loyal customers, but I also left a lot of customer information, this method is in the process of optimizing Shanghai dragon very undesirable. As long as the customer gives this uncomfortable user experience, customer retention rate will be very low, for the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng unspoken rule, this is also equivalent to the network of black holes.

second, brand words and own brand promotion

The extension of


first, don’t scare to retain customers and customer

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