See the vertical search engine from fighter

two, French fighter can do

, it is necessary to search a vertical search engine?

to answer this question, we should observe from the search engine itself. We observe the love of Shanghai. 360 other search engines. In fact, the vertical search engine they have been doing, for example, map search, news search, music search. 360 also recently launched a search for a good doctor. These are the proof of vertical search, so the vertical search is necessary.

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three, we can not do the vertical search engine

I don’t understand why so many people want to do, vertical search engine, and real money investment. Do they want to know the truth even if you made?. Then the search engines do not need to do big innovation, only need to use it, you can finish you. You don’t even have explosive residue. So before we do things, we must consider the good.

Vertical search


obviously, they certainly do not, why, because the existing search engine basically can solve all the problems. If the love of Shanghai, or 360 in their search Riga, similar to the 360 doctor in this search, vertical search is a very good thing. We open the search box when we see the top physicians, lawyers, search, search search, enterprise search and other education. But this operation is too much trouble, which is currently the search engine, not so much effort to do this for each vertical classification detailed.

legal problems, the first reaction of many people is a lawyer. In the existing search engine search, information law is indeed a lot, there are many sites in the yellow pages as a lawyer. At first glance seems to be sufficient information, but if you really tried to find a lawyer or legal services through the network, then you will know the information most specious. This is the method of defining the fighter itself, which is why he practices law circles vertical search. Regardless of its service is not a gimmick. We only look at the vertical search engine

there is a case, other companies can take the industry done very carefully, but we will not buy it, the search engine, not so much energy to do detailed work, but we have to buy all the major search engines account. So, let them together, is the best way.


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