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if we want to build a Shanghai dragon blog, we want to know what love is the choice of Shanghai user experience good site to give weight before it goes up, so what kind of station user experience it?

so we want to make a new ranking in the short term, in fact, the method is very simple, we can solve how to get the weights of the Shanghai love on the line. How to get that? If in accordance with the routine, of course is the more the chain, which station accumulated more resources, the cumulative amount of more users, more content resources accumulated, which stand more dominant! In fact we can’t spend 1-2 years to do a ranking, then I will tell everyone to use the whole network marketing to achieve our goal, we modified the

Hello, glad to share an article on the new website how to quickly rank articles and all the crap. Then we cut to the chase, ask you a question: should we put a new without any advantage in the case, the dozens or even hundreds of thousands of keywords ranking how to achieve good rankings in the short term?

power network marketing, but only through the QQ group and Shanghai dragon itself technical knowledge, it is difficult to achieve great results.

1, we have to know how to resolve peer key words can not solve the problem of a user experience good site.

how to operate?

2, how to prove our site user experience is the best.

If you don’t have a strong knowledge of

then we must use a quick win: the rapid introduction of traffic, according to the statistical data of the import that search engines can actually see our user experience in the forward.

operation: for example, we built a Shanghai dragon QQ exchange group, so we want to put in the group of people into the blog, the ideal state is a link in the group of 500 (if 500 people) are to the point, the fact is not possible. Because not every person every day use QQ group, even if some people see our information is not necessarily, or some people simply do not see our information. Then we have to use the whole network marketing thinking, put every one into the group of users to join their micro-blog, WeChat, QQ space, say, character signature, QQ mail…… That is to say as long as you surf the Internet, you can see me.

? !

if we only do more basic operation, built a QQ group or WeChat to guide the group’s buddy click our website, will not find the effect is not particularly good, so I for you to introduce a new thinking of the whole network marketing!!!

if you are a Shanghai dragon er without the whole network marketing, so I can not hesitate to say you’re a disabled, because the whole network marketing is the breakthrough point in order to promote the Shanghai dragon, and technical knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng also contributed to the network marketing technology go, both of them is itself a combination.

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