Shanghai Longfeng leaders is the breadth to the depth of the technician

today is talk about this topic because some novice for the occupation of Shanghai Longfeng planning is not clearly found in the group at present, they do not know what to the diversification of network marketing is good? Or to professional is better? In fact, can not simply say which one is good, which is not well, this is the key problem of location of your own, such as you want to be a network marketing company responsible person, there is an overall planning on the whole network marketing company. You must have a very broad knowledge, you can learn what is not fine, but you must understand, and can bring these irrelevant things together, and monitoring well.

if you are a company network marketing director, if you don’t understand this, just do the Shanghai dragon, then your disadvantage in Shanghai Longfeng disciplines is also quite obvious. If you are in charge of a website a lot of people in a large network of the company, when your division is very fine, you are on a single point of ability is very important. We know that in the United States, Shanghai dragon mature country, to provide Shanghai Longfeng based company can be listed. In these in Chinese is unthinkable, the division will be very fine, such as page optimization, code optimization, keyword mining personnel, there are specialized in selling keywords of the company, if you want to follow the path of specialization, then you deep into your position will be very valuable and irreplaceable.

video marketing can bring great effect to the brand, we know the search engine judge a web user can love Shanghai index your website brand word. The higher the index represents the users of your site in the larger population, will become the future website weight only has a strong user group is higher, the formation of strong and difficult to go beyond the competition in Shanghai dragon in. And video marketing is of great benefit and promotion for the site of the brand promotion, although these have no direct relationship with the Shanghai dragon, but indirect relationship has great influence in the future, when judging force competitors, like rival micro-blog have many fans, how many brand word detection, how many of these media reports external factors will have a great impact.

simply because the Shanghai dragon now has become increasingly difficult to play a good effect, ranking for a web user group is too important. Promotion for a site in Shanghai Longfeng success more and more important, for example, like Lu Songsong with a micro-blog blog. The use of high-quality content blog user precipitation in micro-blog, micro-blog took the content synchronization to micro-blog, micro-blog users will naturally see, click on the link to its blog to watch it for the articles. This will form a flow return, this part of the data can be monitored to love Shanghai, as long as you install love Shanghai statistics.


For example,

may be the case in our country is not the same, small and medium-sized enterprises in our country a lot of people are more than one job, so you may not have to choose, choose more will be more important. But if >

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