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search engine, inevitably there are mutual learning and imitation. For this reason we can get from a famous story, the famous leading fast-food McDonald’s and KFC are two very competitive enterprises, and their manager every day will eat hamburger, but not their own point of hamburger, but opponents. Improvement of their products are absorbed from rival products. The search engine is the same. We can see the international brand as Google search search engines often lead the industry trend.

portal in SERP


: two page preview function in SERP


for us to optimize the staff, especially the Shanghai sex optimization, to understand the trend of improving search engine, make optimization strategy in order to better their own. In order to fast one step to achieve optimal results. This article from the original agricultural information network 贵族宝贝sannong.cuncun8贵族宝贝, reproduced please keep the source.


The There is a competition between the

: integrated

for this Google to pay efforts to improve the user experience, from the user’s point of view to improve. As shown above, we can see that Google will have the portal together. This not only allows users to more areas find themselves to reach the plate, but also can avoid a search results page is a portal site several plates to fill. As for the domestic search engine, the author has found that soso and Sogou also in this paper the author thinks that imitation, love Shanghai follow up is just a matter of time.

page preview function, Google is also the first to propose. Does this function has a good effect, Google launched a stage after the widespread praise. But we also see that in soso and Sogou search results on the page and found the function. Friendly experience this function can improve the user’s time is more profound. For this love before Shanghai has carried out the relevant tests, the difference is the love of Shanghai is used in the search results page preview. Of course, with the continuous improvement of search engine, the author thinks that Shanghai will love related improvement in this aspect.

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