Webmaster how to optimize a local talent website

operation personnel webmaster should know, our traffic statistics, many search are the name of the enterprise came to our site. Since the long tail word that the name of the enterprise to come to our site, so we’ll start from this point. General site personnel have a business detail page, also is to let people understand the business, many people put the name of the enterprise in the title of the page, and then is the keyword keyword. What is more in the description of the description also put a single business name, personally think that this approach is very wrong. Put the name of the enterprise title, keyword didn’t what people think of description in the empty, that is not the label description. Because the search engine when you don’t have the description tag, automatically from your content in the interception of certain content description tags as content. Also, the structure of the page, the best is about the structure of the left is the company’s introduction, the right is some relevant information, such as company, or related companies and related to the introduction of the company. The network reported articles etc.. Because the search engine spiders to index right from left our page. On the left side of the block, we also don’t forget to put the company name to the form of H1 tag placed on, tell the search engine spiders, the name of the company as a whole. At the same time, in the name of the enterprise introduction, if the name of the company, then use strong to mark. After doing so, a company name for the long tail word page layout. Imagine, if there are 1W enterprises, there are a lot of job seekers love 1W search long tail word. Why traffic is not to

optimization, we will in addition to outside I think many people would, this time to have the layout of the long tail theory, yes, this is to tell you how to use the long tail keywords to break out of a talent website.

2, the optimization of

job titleSince the

enterprise, the enterprise must have the job posting. But this position.

we all know, the local site, in addition to a comprehensive platform and regional forum. A place or a city talent network and real estate network is the most fire. However, due to local talent website in addition to the General Bureau of personnel talent network strong, and major site of substation. In Foshan talent network as an example, the top three in one is the Bureau of personnel, there is a Zhitong talent network Foshan branch. So when I want to run a Foshan talent network how to break through? I want to search engine optimization, which is one of the best Shanghai dragon very good way.

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talent network enterprises and ultimately the two guard website information flow of information, and this information in two, is one of the best mining long tail.

optimization of the enterprise name

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