Look at the key now outside the chain of love from Shanghai refused to lift outside the chain of too

anyway, I just want to show some love, more and more attention Shanghai industry related to the high quality the chain, the chain is not much but fine, as long as identify several related resources, the chain of hair is not much, can bring the objective flow, this is the love of Shanghai want the best effect.

we analyze, Shanghai launched what is love this tool, the chain process in accordance with our ideas, is the more the better, but with the love of Shanghai again and again the renewal of the algorithm, we not difficult to determine, Shanghai is love is a good habit to develop the webmaster to do step by step the high quality of the chain no, some are not related to the chain, not on the site to bring valuable traffic, there may be counterproductive, so refused to part of the garbage chain is shizaibide, if the old station in our hands have too much garbage outside the chain, so that we may wish to Shanghai with love the launch of the rejected outside the chain of tools, you can batch applications. The new station, we don’t send the chain in some unnecessary, on the choice of high weight value, the resources of the chain, is the most love Shanghai want results.

this function is more humane, we know that some chain is not garbage outside the chain, this is only for a piece of information, if we can take advantage of this resource, but also for web traffic will be of great help, home is not good, this function can help us to use effective chain.

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform each over a period of time will give us these webmaster friends bring a little surprise, have to say, Baidu very busy this year. I have gradually developed a habit is a day earlier to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform reports, access to new information, new content today is about to chain this tool, previously used several times, is also good, some of the rubbish, the existence of the chain is really a headache, to develop a website the weight has a big block, with the chain can be refused to delete a part, and today launched an upgraded version of the rejected outside the chain of tools and what

said the chain, here to learn again, the high quality of the chain, the chain resources are unlimited, but said the value chain is very few, how to make good use of them in order to give the site to bring more quality traffic? We all know that the classified network is a good resource, is the basic the chain is made up of the second, like, 58 city, the list of network, people network, Ganji several large classified sites is the high weight of resources, our webmaster frequented the so-called classification, nature, industry division to show clearly, otherwise, the information will not be passed, it is a normal phenomenon if you like these, the industry classification of network related, I suggest you find other resources, should be no effect on.

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we’ll see another highlight of this tool:


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