Mobile search business hard to break or continue to dominate APP

  due to the lack of mobile phone website, so mobile information naturally in the Internet is few, and now the development of mobile phone website is completely in the burn, simply can not make money, there is no mature form of advertising, website traffic even if there is, it is difficult to have liquidity, these have hindered the development of mobile phone website. The application of APP on the other hand, a variety of basically occupied the mobile phone desktop, what people want to play as long as the choice of the corresponding icon on the desktop can, in the mobile phone you can not allow users to watch the news every day, even if there are major news portal launched mobile phone client APP, these applications has built-in search function, it will gradually make mobile search become marginalized.

although the two mobile Internet hot, but in the traditional PC network in the world of search engine as the information status of a brother is not in the mobile search industry shine, it does make a lot of people in the industry. This is not only reflected in the love of Shanghai and Google, did not really realize the commercialization of mobile search in the mobile Internet terminal. It is also the search engine giant innovation in the mobile terminal lost power, some small search engine companies seem to see the huge potential market of mobile Internet, mobile search began a business trip, but a large number of mobile search in the small and medium-sized enterprises have been found with the entrepreneurial passion of the market was still a hard ice the ice is still difficult to block.

  APP application has become a stumbling block to the mobile search

  and PC; the traditional Internet is different, the mobile search engine contains information far less than the amount of PC information in the world, the amount of information of mobile search engines with the information and the PC end is like a drop in the bucket, is simply not worth mentioning, now if you pick up your mobile phone in the search engine to search a keyword, even WeChat. The application software is basically "information from the PC side, the mobile terminal information is almost negligible, because now the real out of the WAP mobile phone website is at least, because the mobile phone access site itself is small, and it is difficult to commercialize, so WAP has not become the mainstream in the mobile internet.

  mobile phone APP can be said to be very hot after the words appear APP intelligent mobile phone, a wide variety of applications in the app store on the stage, application of the miracle worker belongs to APP, and after the miracle was born, but shows from mobile search dark injury, because people have gradually used search engines need when the mobile internet terminal, if you really want to search what information that was in the PC terminal more convenient. On the one hand, there is no such user search habits. On the other hand, many Internet practitioners also can avoid the search engine, as the majority of the content providers want their own content to allow yourself to discover the biggest effect, if a search engine to help.

  mobile search business icebreaking difficult

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