Noble baby website ranking drop The problem of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis technology to find out

2. has lost

many companies maintain the brand image through the optimization ranking, but at the same time, don’t forget to determine whether the link can be used. The well-known enterprise Uber as an example, in early February this year the brand image makeover, design new Logo (copper shaped), but to search on the website Uber Logo pictures, can still see the old Logo, so, in order to maintain the site search ranking to maintain heat.

network messages dominate today, search engine is an important channel for many enterprises to contact with customers, and is also the key to decide the enterprise income. However, when the optimization ranking down how to do? British Ecselis operating marketing company search department leader Ian Bowden pointed out: "most of the time optimal ranking drop is a reason to follow, know the reason to take further action to solve the problem. "How to avoid becoming a search engine Lu snake, he sorted out 10 reasons for the decline:

to have less external links to the website, each external links are the key influence ranking, this kind of website if there is removed or unable to connect successfully links, may let the user to touch, causing the decline in ranking.

if the website ranking drop, it is likely that some external links influence ", this time should immediately remove the related links, to avoid problems continued to affect the ranking, or open the Search Console message and find aristocratic baby operation projects, whether informed of violations.

Many commercial terms

5. change

at this time through the use of external links to well-known tools, such as Ahrefs and Majestic, were ranked after the appearance of new lifting link, find new links really is the main cause of the decline of the.



noble baby search engine algorithm in a period of time will change, so the ranking drop may be related to the changes of the noble baby algorithm, based on the search engine ranking software, such as: Advanced Web Ranking noble of the baby calculus tools, the change trend of observation of calculus, search ranking drop is related to algorithm change.

1. new


3. update

4. manual operation in the engine or calculus of illegal

link ranking optimization brand image

website, is likely to lead to the decline in ranking optimization. According to the U.S. patent and Trademark Office announced the noble baby optimization ranking report, baby will randomly change the new aristocracy of the influence of the website link parameters, in a period of time in addition, even if the new link with the original web content, noble baby also may start "ranking regulating system".

A sudden increase in new links in

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