n the process of website optimization keywords construction strategy and external connection health

third, several common forum soft release link. In order to illustrate the forum even the construction of the best effect, the author focus on several key to their connection in the construction process and we detailed analysis, first of all, the selection of flow is relatively high, interactive forum post, can refer to in the forum post every day of the post number comparison, choose the number of high active the operation section. Second, pay attention to the post selection, selection of controversial topics, in the appropriate forum rules under the premise of compliance with the relevant anchor text or even add >

first, the chain of the core value and significance. First of all, the weight of the chain can transfer the value of the website, you can bring more traffic to the site, the site outside the chain construction site weight transfer several ways we can understand the value of regular operation, high weight website external links is the basis to enhance the weights of the website, and this is also the reason why the Shanghai senior dragon and Phoenix ER in acquiring web site in the process of love even one-way import looking for high quality connection. Secondly, in accordance with the anchor text chain related can effectively promote the website keywords ranking, this is no doubt the problem I can take you to see the screenshot for different platforms can have multiple anchor text, such as forum signature high weight, advertising area and so on, this is not in the repeat.

as everyone knows, website operation optimization of external connection construction is a lot of friends concerned about the problem, along with the search engine algorithm is improved, the quality of the external connections of the industry is also the webmaster friends calls the highest degree of concern most widely, today pens in their own enterprise website for example and do a detailed analysis of what website the chain must be key points of attention and concern in the construction process. Well we continued to enter today’s short gossip website theme, even the construction of high quality, even the way of analysis of the construction of high weight outside.

second, to enhance the construction of distribution channels and the chain of the weights of the website keywords. First of all, according to the anchor text chain construction, such as the optimization of the key is the best to lose weight, lose weight or the auxiliary words, weight loss, diet pills and so on for the expansion, each page as much as possible for the main keywords single operation, keep the keywords and website title article content highly unified, the article properly auxiliary keywords or long tail keywords related to the expansion, we then look at the picture below

is the author of how in the process of constructing web content is reflected in the keywords, keywords to do the information storage medium is the elimination of tools, we note the title contains words, pay attention to the article at the beginning and at the end of the appropriate mention again or expansion is a very good performance, for the key words in the process of the construction of foreign the way I suggest the appropriate exchange Links, related to the third party blog or classified information website and submit relevant information with the relevant and so on.

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